Code Pink Stages Massive Anti-Israel Rally Consisting of 4 People, 8 Cardboard Boxes

Apparently Code Pink protesters are outnumbered by Jewish Settlements… even in Washington D.C.

Even more disturbingly only one of the Code Pink protesters is wearing a Keffiyah. By Code Pink standards that practically qualifies as a hate crime.

Jewish houses, as envisioned by the crazy bunch of fun-loving leftist Code Pink racists, all have three stories and Jewish Stars painted on the front, so no one confuses them with human houses. They’re also only one foot tall because Jews are actually munchkins or hobbits.

Code Pink probably likes Jewish houses to be made of a size and out of a material that they can easily stomp on. Unfortunately for them they are outnumbered by their own Evil Jew Munchkin houses which are spreading all over the capital.

Another photo, also from Haaretz’s Natasha Mozgovaya, features two escaped mental patients depicting the great challenge of bypassing AIPAC’s bloodsoaked barbed wire security while carrying a cardboard machine gun. Some things even Instagram can’t fix. This is one of them.


  • Toni_Pereira

    First the occupation of Berkley by the USMC and now this…the horror! If only the Westboro Baptist Church could wear pink…

    • BS77

      Code Stink is a fringe group of deranged morons….best to ignore them.

      • Gee

        So was the National Socialist German Worker's Party

  • YS770

    They need a couple of Ku Klutz Kartel loonies to join them.

  • RUI

    Thank G-d for the first amendment. Letting the left speak is all the comedy we'll ever need.

  • JacksonPearson

    Code Pink are the hemorrhoids of the left.

    • Toni_Pereira

      No, JacksonPearson. They are their true colours.

      • JacksonPearson

        Okay… :o)

      • objectivefactsmatter

        They are both.

  • MSAMadison

    And Israel is a hemorrhoid on the world. Boycott, divest from, and sanction the Zionist state! End the Occupation, free Palestine!

    • Rebecca

      Israel is an island of sanity surrounded by a sea of irrational lunatics.

    • Toni_Pereira

      Sorry, Noam Chimpsky.Hamas comes in third on my liberation list, behind Jane Goodall Chimpanzees and the sewer worms. Maybe on St.Never-Day…

    • UCSPanther

      I'm proud to say that I will be more than happy to purchase Israel-made goods, and that was a huge factor in my decision to purchase a MAGULA pistol mag loader a few years back.

      May Palestine NEVER survive the 21st century and become no more than an entry in the history books alongside Hamas and Hezbollah.

    • LibertarionToo

      Israel is the only free part of Palestine. That's why all the gay refugees from Gaza flee to Israel. But not to worry: From the river to the sea, ISRAEL shall be free. And its capital is Jerusalem.

  • defcon 4

    Daniel hits one out of the park again. It was also very funny.

    Do they have/wear pink keffiyahs as well?

  • Germanlady

    Too bad "tar and feathering" is no longer in fashion.

  • jstan442

    God will protect His people–and it is not muslims!!! God bless israel!!! screw the arabs

  • LibertarionToo

    The mental patients have pretty impressive beards for members of a women's group.