Colin Powell Claims Calling Obama “Lazy” is Racist, but “Jewish Lobby” is Fine

Colin Powell is against certain kinds of racism. Like the vile racism of calling a top politician “lazy“. But conspiracy theories about a “Jewish Lobby” are perfectly fine.

“There’s also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party,” Powell said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities.”

Powell also pointed to former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, who was an aggressive surrogate for Mitt Romney, for calling Obama “lazy” after the first debate during the campaign.

Clearly that’s the worst case of racism, since the time someone called Obama “stupid” or “Socialist” or “incompetent” or criticized him in any way.

But conspiracy theories about Jewish control of the government are nothing to take seriously.

GREGORY: You brought up Israel. He referred to a “Jewish lobby,” saying it intimidates a lot of people on Capitol Hill. What kind of thinking does that reflect? Can you understand pro-Israel senators being concerned by that comment?

POWELL: They shouldn’t be that concerned. That term slips out from time to time… Chuck should have said “Israeli lobby,” not “Jewish lobby”–and, perhaps, he needs to write on a blackboard a hundred times, “It is the Israeli lobby.”

Everyone makes a slip sometimes. So long as it’s nothing big. If Hagel had said something truly offensive, like calling Obama lazy, that would be something to be truly concerned about.

Some “slips” are pardonable. Some “slips” are unpardonable. “Lazy” is proof that the entire Republican Party is a bunch of evil racists. Except for Chuck Hagel who isn’t a racist, but thinks the Jews should stop controlling the world.

As Lou Reed said to Jesse Jackson, “The words that flow so freely/Falling dancing from your lips/I hope that you don’t cheapen them/With a racist slip.”

  • Keiko_Infidel

    Powell showing his true Lefty-Democrat side again.

  • clarespark

    Arguably, Powell's remark is not only nasty about the Jews, but he is in revolt against the values of the American Revolution. See…. "Hate, "hard liberty," and quick fixes." Anti-Jewish statements are so much bigger than most of think

    • joanof arc

      what kind of scumbag, right wing, teapartying loser website is this?? LOL!!!!

  • JacksonPearson

    RINO Colin Powell is a class act POS. Like Barack Hussein Obama II, If it weren't for leftist propagated affirmative action, he'd probably been a private…maybe!

    • Viet Vet

      Oh yeah, he didn't get where he is by way of achievement and credentials, he's Affirmative Action all the way. And he isn't even a RINO, he's a leftist, because he has voted democrap every time beginning with Karter.

      • JacksonPearson

        He sure played the part of a RINO in the Bush admin., then quit, and he's been a twisted lefty cheer leader ever since.

        Politically, I think he's finished. However, if Hagel gets a senate confirmation thumbs down, then I wouldn't be surprised if Obama appoint Powell for the job.


          I heard a guy on a radio show say replace Hagel

          with fellow Republican and Vietnam War Vet John McCain.

          Sounds like a great idea.

        • EarlyBird

          He was politically finished when he became part of your hero, W. Bush's, administration, and advocated for W's war in Iraq which has hurt the US and Israel and increased the power and influence of Iran. You neocons taint everything you touch.

      • EarlyBird

        On this website Ronald Reagan would currently be tarred as a RINO, so far to the right you nutbags have gone.

        • Mary Sue


    • EarlyBird

      I see, Jackson, so you can say that Powell only got where he did, as a black man, due to affirmative action, but you wet yourself because he points out that the Israel First lobby is objectively a "Jewish lobby."

      You're simply a racist, Jackson.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Colin Powell Claims Calling Obama “Lazy” is Racist, but “Jewish Lobby” is Fine

    You pull the "Jewish Card" against rabidly pro Israel Christian posters when it serves you.

    Then we (multiple posters) are deleted when we confront you .

    Armed with SOLID historical facts, links and substance.

    We are on your side. Get over yourself.

    • Viet Vet

      Who are you talking to?

  • joe Evich

    What part of the word "Lazy" refers to a race?
    This is just plain stupid thinking

    • Viet Vet

      Racism, or rather the specter of racism, is a well-worn leftwing strategy. They have to keep blacks on the democrap plantation by all means and at all costs.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "What part of the word "Lazy" refers to a race?
      This is just plain stupid thinking"

      Because racists used language in the past, any language that displeases them can be dismissed as "racism." They are after all the new ruling class. What else should we expect?

    • Mary Sue

      They rely on the shopworn accusation that blacks were called lazy while they were slaves, by slavedrivers, therefore it is racist.

  • Arlie

    No longer a subscriber to cable or satellite tv. I refuse to PAY to have propaganda and corporate commercials piped into my mind. I did not even buy into the big flat screen sets. I am one who STARVES THE BEAST. There is more than enough freedom of choice on the internet and am radio. I also refuse to support Hollywierd. AMC Entertainment-one of the nations largest movie theater chains was purchased by China based Dallan Wanda Group – approved by CFIUS – jurisdiction of Treasury Department – same Dept. that is set to approve Al Jazzera buying Current TV. CNN and the rest of it is garbage. You know what they say….garbage in, garbage out. All the people on these show read talking points supplied by the WH.

    G-d Bless Israel and Frontpagemag. and truth seekers world wide.

    • Viet Vet

      Same here, I"ve seen one movie in the last 25 years, and that was The Great Raid. Hollyweird money is democrap coffers monies.


      Me too. I'm not paying $13 to see a movie that is of the current crop.

      Too much computer graphics, guns, car chases, crashes, explosions – male actors who look like they are teenagers.

      I have digital TV converter box for OTA TV and just get FREE TV – as God wanted it.

      Boycott any movie based on the subject, the politics of the people involved in the film.

      When actors, directors make their politics known, the public can use that information to decide where to spend their hard earned money.

  • atthebeach

    Seems we are left to 'best' elect those we can fairly; squarely; honestly- and openly, criticize. It is beyond tiresome; to imagine that we cannot do so; simply because our Prez has skin a few tones off of 'White'; or a 'few tones off of Black. WHATever. . .We are continually reminded by those such as Powell; that people of 'color' cannot be criticized; and are so 'immune' from differing opinions. Whites; other Races suffer no such protections (or illusions) from a specific 'critical' base; of course..

    All to say; we appear to have an 'Affirmative Action MO in place in our White House. Who Knew we must have an Obama 'Defence Team' so as to protect his feelings; his image? The more pathetic irony? No one is more degraded in their critical attacks against their opposition (Black or White or any combination thereof) ; than the White/Black Liberal 'Elite' known as Democrats. NO ONE.

    No one died – yet – and made Obama, 'King'. Though apparently; his supporters; his disciples seem to imagine otherwise. The racist log; so big in their eye. .

  • Questions

    Never really liked the guy, actually. Colin Powell strikes me as an affirmative action hack.

    • Mary Sue

      I don't think he likes Jews very much either.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "I don't think he likes Jews very much either."

        I never detected that, but it would explain a lot about when he went off the wheels some years ago serving Bush.

  • Viet Vet

    Colon Powell is a reprobate of the first magnitude. Like Obummer he owes everything he has gained to Affirmative Action.

  • Ghostwriter

    I think what Collin Powell said was extremely dumb and stupid. He knows better. He must have had an off moment.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I think what Collin Powell said was extremely dumb and stupid. He knows better. He must have had an off moment."

      I used to admire him too. Many years ago. Many years.

      • JacksonPearson

        Yes, the years have slipped by, and Powell is showing his real dark, and not so cool self.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Some “slips” are pardonable. Some “slips” are unpardonable. “Lazy” is proof that the entire Republican Party is a bunch of evil racists. Except for Chuck Hagel who isn’t a racist, but thinks the Jews should stop controlling the world."

    Jew hatred is not always racist. Powell is however, a hypocrite, big time.

  • FPF

    Since when Hussein Obama becomes a race? Becomes a tyrant maybe. But then again people are almost always offended by truth told by someone else.

  • patron

    I saw that interview. It was horrible.

    Powell said Hillary Clinton shouldn't be hurt politically for Benghazi.
    Powell said in regards to Zero Dark Thirty, "I know torture."

    So do I. It's listening to you and David Gregory for 30 minutes.


      You're lucky you didn't listen to thankfully irrelevant angry "comedian" Dick Gregory.

  • Silverio Facundo

    Inverse racism is here to stay.

    Being black, gay, hispanic, muslim or from any other accredited special-status group in the US nowadays, specially in the public eye, is one great asset. You get to say whatever you want and issue an opinion on whatever subject, whether you know a lot about it or don't know anything about it. If you're saying something that is wrong, or untrue, or plain stupid, you cannot be attacked because your immediate course of action is shouting "racist!", "bigot!", "discrimination!" at your critics. The fault or falseness of your arguments falls into a second, unimportant level, because the main issue now is that someone dared to question, or attack or "bully" a member of the special classes. Thus, starting with the father of all racists, Obama, and down to Michelle, Holder, Colin Powell, or "Rev." Jackson, you are above any scrutiny, above any criticism. You have achieved the status of untouchable, because all those bigots criticizing you are just that, a bunch of bigots.

    Pretty soon the whole US will be an affirmative action paradise, where people are selected to a job or a position based on their race and not on their knowledge, experience or capabilities. Being muslim, black, homosexual or illegal alien may soon be all the credentials one needs in order to become even President of the United States whether or not one is incompetent or unfit for the job.

    • EarlyBird

      Basically every single criticism pointed at Israel or the Israel First lobby on this website is shouted down as "anti-Semitic."

      Is that the "inverse racism" you're describing?

  • gonzo

    We should have picked our own cotton