College Credit for Code Pink Anti-Semitism

Lachelle Roddy is a Political Science major at Hollins University, which describes itself as a small private women’s college. Her interests include “Theater and Circus Arts” and she combined both of them when she disrupted John Kerry’s confirmation hearings by shouting about the evils of the Jewish State and Jewish villages, demonized by supporters of Jewish ethnic cleansing as “Settlements.”

Roddy interns at Code Pink, a hate group which has met with and lent support to Hamas, an organization whose charter includes a call for Jewish genocide. And as noted by Matthew Vadum, via a tweet from Jodie Evans, she does this for college credit.

After screeching “you’re killing people in the Middle East for no reason” and “We need peace with Iran”, Lachelle Roddy did an interview with Press TV, the propaganda organ of Iran, a regime that kills its own people in huge numbers and is helping the Syrian regime kill its own people as well.

Hollins University’s willingness to provide credit to Lachelle Roddy for her internship with a hate group certainly opens up all sorts of possibilities. Will the KKK, the New Black Panther Party or Hamas be next to take up HU’s generous credits policy?

Certainly if you can get college credit for interning with a group like Code Pink that aids Hamas, why not get college credit for spending six months trying to actively murder Jews with a terrorist group?

What’s the real difference besides plausible deniability?

  • Ar'nun

    I find it to be harmful to myself to wish pain and misery upon another human being. I also feel Hashem frowns upon it as well. But I think even Hashem sees these people and shakes his head when no one is willing to punch these Code Pink bigots in the nose.

  • JacksonPearson

    IMO, CODE PINK should be classified as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Why?…Call it whatever you'd like, but it's war. Code Pinkos have gone to Middle East countries giving monetary aid, and comfort to terrorist organizations that want to harm the United States, and the state of Israel. They're no different than al Qaeda, and should be treated as such.

    • BS77

      These wacko nut jobs in Code Stink are too stupid and air headed to be classified as anything other than hysterical fools. I have seen some of their demonstrations…and I think there is something wrong with these people, mentally. Lachelle Roddy is another clueless parrot .

      • JacksonPearson

        Yes they are wacko nut jobs. But they shouldn't be excused from being criminally prosecuted for traveling to, and giving financial aid to foreign terrorist named groups, that want to kill Israeli's and Americans. The laws are on the books, but like many others, they just won't enforce them.

  • Dvir Yaakov

    I don't know which is worse?! Lachelle Roddy or Hollins University. When are these anti-Semitic hate machines going to be exposed for what they really are?
    The Musims are aggressive haters everywhere but in Israel where they're sweet oppressed people whose lives are placed in danger by some of the most peaceful people in the world, the Jews, who just so happen to do a 180 in their homeland???
    Is anybody getting this?!
    Maybe Ms. Roddy would like to give a modern eulogy at Hitler's burial site to rue the day the Jews killed him!

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      This woman is a kook…a Rachel Corrie clone. America is producing them by the hundreds these days.

  • beez

    Feminist fascism. Look at these shameless harlequins.

  • Paul flaherty

    Persevere Israel maranatha amen

  • marios

    Pink code is organization established and financed by Nazis collaborator vicious anti-Semite and Israel hater George Soros. As making money is Soros passion I believe he is benefited by Islamists Oil $. Pink code relentlessly smeared G W Bush and did whatever to prevent our country to win war in Iraq and Afghanistan that time. Their anti-war demonstrations and rallies stopped when Pres. Barack Hussein Obama got into WH. Obama and Dem's party establishment covertly working on rising level of anti-Semitism. Their friends are Islamic terrorists. As Dem's/leftists long time ago seized control over US Educational system sure, we see result of it: Anti-Semitism in Universities as well anti-Americanism and very benevolent attitude toward Islam and even Islamic terrorists organization inside our own country. And it is going on after 9/11! Can anybody imagine that after Pearl Harbor US government supported German fascists or Japanese military?

  • AnOrdinaryMan

    Well, Mary Sue, you wanted to know what proof I had that Michelle Obama has a problem with Jews? Ms. First Lady is very friendly with Code Pink, and their director, Medea Benjamin. Given the activities of her POTUS husband, who regularly allows Hamas terrorists into the White House, it's more than guilt by association. Thanks for listening.

    • Mary Sue

      well, that's more than enough. :) Given that the Leftist blacks often have a problem with Jews in General (Chris Rock blackwashes it with "Black people don't hate Jews! Black poeple hate WHITE PEOPLE!" indicating that they're hated simply because they are white, their jewishness notwithstanding because blacks apparently don't have time or don't bother to distinguish various types of whitey), I am not surprised, after all.

    • Mary Sue

      btw the name "medea benjamin" gives the impression of a self-hating Jew, but I could be wrong.


    Deliver all Code Pinko ho's to Tahrir Square.

    Let's see how the boys in Tahrir Square deal with CP (commie pinkos) Ho's.


    Send Code Pinkos to Alleppo Syria for the fireworks.

  • Ghostwriter

    The people in the above photo look dumb to me.

  • Lillianne

    "We need peace with Iran" does not equate to "We support Iran's killing of it's population."
    Wanting to stop the genocide of Palestinians does not equate to wanting to commit mass murder of jews.
    Code Pink has never "lent support to Hamas," but brought in medical supplies to innocent dying civilians.

    and to the people in the comments:
    Code Pink was definitely not established or funded by nazi collaborators.
    Code Pink has been doing demonstrations daily since Obama took office, so stop trying to play off tired stereotypes.
    You can't call someone an extreme leftist AND a fascist.
    Code Pink does not give aid to terrorist groups, but innocent civilians that both terrorists groups and the USA are attacking.

    Do at least some sensible research before writing an article, eh?