Colorado Gov Suddenly No Longer a Fan of Gun Control


Wonder what could have happened last week to change his mind.

Democrats had learned to stay off Gun Control. But Obama’s arrogance really knew no boundaries and after shoving through everything from gay marriage to amnesty, he thought gun control would be easy.

It turned out to be as easy as invading Syria. Democrats in gun-friendly states are about to start retreating in a big way.

Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado defended his record on gun control after two Democratic state senators were recalled by their constituents in an election on Tuesday.

Hickenlooper admitted that the special election results were likely the result of the new laws limiting high-capacity magazines and requiring universal background checks for firearms purchases, but suggested that it was an overreaction.

“It’s worth saying Colorado has maintained people’s right to own a gun — we’ve maintained the full respect for the Second Amendment,” he insisted during a press conference on Wednesday.

One reporter asked Hickenlooper if he would sign the bills again today if he had to do them all over again.

“You know I’m not going to second guess myself … every time I do that, it invariably gets me into trouble,” Hickenlooper said as he ended the press conference.

That’s not the way he was talking a little while ago.

Hickenlooper said large-capacity magazines “have the potential to turn killers into killing machines.” He also said he realized some gun owners may be inconvenienced but that “the potential for damage seems to outweigh, significantly, the inconvenience that people would have,” he said.

But this is what he sounds like now.

He admitted, however, that he was never as “fired up” about limits on ammunition magazines.

“That was a tough one,” he said.

No the recalls were tough.

  • tickletik

    Put the pressure on and DO NOT LET UP.

    Don’t rely on the politicians. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are a special breed of vermin and we should never forget it. It’s why the constitution limits the power of those sociopathic adventurers. Let those little two faced skunks know we are going to cut their gravy trian and turn a big giant spotlight on them.

    The biggest mistake we make is that we hear the noise and barking of the leftists and we think they are far more powerful than they are. They aren’t. Leftists and liberals are weak people from the get go. These are the people who think it’s OK to steal from everyone else so they can bribe people to like them. That’s not a strong confident position. Stand up to them and they WILL back down.

    The second biggest mistake we make is in showing these people kindness. Don’t do it. You don’t show a murderer kindness, you don’t show a mugger kindness, you don’t show a pedophile trying to rape a young boy kindness, you don’t show a rapist kindness, that is what these people are. They are scum. They are garbage. STAND UP TO THEM AND LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE IN FOR A FIGHT.

    • JDinSTL

      Liberalism is their religion

      • Frank Langham

        Government is their god .

        • JDinSTL

          And politicians are their high priests

          • Iam NotaLiberal

            And we all know what priests are good at…

          • CaoMoo

            Financial sodomy?

          • Scifibookguy

            And abortion is their sacrament.

          • Frank Langham

            set … spike … score !

    • PavePusher

      Just remember, a lot of “leftists” and Democrats voted for the recall as well.

      • tickletik

        Fair enough. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

    • Tim Pearce

      Don’t forget, for a moment, that the politicians “representing” the right are not even slightly different. They’re just telling different lies to different people.
      Hold *their* feet to the fire, too. Keep *them* working for us, instead of for themselves.

      • pupsncats

        You’ve got that right.

    • lynn

      yes yes stand and fight…NO KINDNESS !!!!!!!

  • Christopher Riddle

    Once a “Weasel”,ALWAYS a”Weasel”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Davit Davison

    People need to recall the mayors of MAIG. Bet if petitions started for even a few of the mayors recall then the rest would quit.

  • USARetired

    Wanna keep your job do ya? Hypocrite!

  • PavePusher

    Perhaps Hickenlooper should focus on the real issues in front of him, like floods, fires and things that will actually affect criminals.

    The following is so appropriate in so many ways….

  • mikesbuffalo

    lets recall a few more

  • BeGe1

    The 2nd amendment doesn’t say that the people have a right to “own a gun”.

    It says that the government has no right to infringe at all on the people’s right to arms.

    That’s a big difference.

    If you banned everything except single shot .22 pistols then the people still technically have the right to those .22 pistols…so the right to “own a gun” would be maintained.

    However, the 2nd is not written like that. It says the government cannot infringe at all (infringe: to act so as to limit). That means telling me what kind of gun I can own isn’t your job, it’s my right.

    • pupsncats

      You’re preaching to the choir. Leftists never argue the clear meaning of the Constitution because they know they lose if they do. That’s why in the case of gun control, and most other Constitutional issues, they play on people’s emotions. And that is how they have gained power and will keep it if more people don’t stop making decisions by how they feel rather than what is true.

      • Bill Richardson

        Leftists don’t argue the meaning of the constitution primarily because they could care less about what our country is based on… They have their views and they must be forced on everyone else. Their views are more important than anything, including the democratic process… If a communist takeover occurred in the United States tomorrow, they would not be resisting, they would be helping set-up the new government.

        • Bill Richardson

          oops… I forgot… A communist takeover already has occurred and they are already helping… My bad.

          • Diamondback

            You beat me to correcting you on that.

          • donholmes1

            Putin owns the congress, I said this 15 years ago, now he owns the White House. He tells Obama who and when.

        • James Visentin

          True very simply

    • Picky Wassah


      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      Now read again> the right of the people to keep and bear Arms
      Keep is the same as own…stop been a communist and move to Cuba!

      • BeGe1

        Reading comprehension buddy. Read my post again.

        • Picky Wassah

          Comprehend this

          Now read again> the right of the people to keep and bear Arms
          Keep is the same as own!

          • BeGe1

            Yeah, that’s not the part you failed to comprehend.

            You’re rebuking my post as if it’s saying that people don’t have the right to own arms, when in reality my post is saying that the right to own arms is absolute and you can own ANY arms, not just the ones the government says are ok.

            What’s the difference between banning certain types being OK, and banning NO types being ok? The difference is that the 2nd doesn’t simply say you can “own a gun”, it says the government can’t interfere at all with what guns you own. In other words: you can “own ANY gun”.

            You seem to be the only person that didn’t actually get that…

          • Picky Wassah

            Then all this fighting o be right anyway…gess…

    • Tannim

      True, sorta, except the right to own a firearm is a simple part of the right to own private property.

      • BeGe1

        No other type of private property is specifically enumerated in the constitution as being a right. So no, I’d say it’s not simply a part of the right to own private property. It’s more than that.

        • Tannim

          So others aren’t enumerated. So what? They don’t have to be. See also the Ninth and Fourth Amendments,

          • BeGe1

            You don’t seem to be following the logic here very well. I didn’t say private property rights didn’t exist because they weren’t enumerated. I rebuked your claim that firearm rights were just part of private property rights by stating that firearm rights were specifically enumerated as their own right in and of themselves, not just simply part of private property rights.

    • Diamondback

      OR that i must obtain a PERMIT if I want to “bear” my arms in a particular way. NOT a legitimate power of government to determine regardless of what so many corrupt judges/courts have “ruled” in the past.

      Nooses people. Nooses are the answer.

      • BeGe1

        This is true. Everything I said applies to the bearing as well.

        If the amendment had said simply that a person has a right to bear arms, and the government then limited you to 1 form of bearing, then technically it wouldn’t be taking away that right.

        However, it doesn’t say that, it says the government cannot infringe (limit) your right to bear whatsoever. So it cannot take away ANY form of bearing arms, you’re 100% correct.

  • Rob

    Sorry, Hickenlooper. WHOSE signature is on those laws again? Right. Yours. YOU own them. And you’ll pay for them, too.

  • pupsncats

    He has to say something to try to save face. But can you imagine if Obama was in his place? He would be ranting and raving about how he was going to get gun control through no matter what the people of Colorado wanted.

  • Picky Wassah

    Democrat logic? : Large-capacity magazines “have the potential to turn killers into killing machines.”

    Reality!: Low capacity magazines have the potential to turn the good guys into easy pray and fast victims!

    • glockster68

      exactly, I hope they kick old hippofu^ker out at the next election.

    • Tannim

      To which I reply–Booth killed Lincoln with a 2-shot Derringer.

      • Picky Wassah

        As I can understand miss the point…a criminal can have a 30 round magazine because people like you only do nothing to avoid it..also support them as you want only to limit the good guys buy legally restraining them…and Lincoln was unarmed this is why he got shot.
        Keep your Flip flop democrat opinion as you proof that you have no idea about real event in this planet!

        • Tannim

          Nope, YOU missed the point, which is that firearm capacity is irrelevant to doing violence, hence limiting it to any size is meaningless.

          P.S. Lincoln was shot in the back of the head, so even if he was armed, he never saw it coming. Neither did Mrs. Lincoln or Major Rathborne, who was with them in the box (and was stabbed by Booth after he shot LIncoln and before jumping down to the stage). He had an armed bodyguard, too, for all the good that did, since he was down the street at a tavern, but Booth had all-area access by reputation anyway.

          And this libertarian is no Democrat either. To me, gun control means hitting your target lethally with the first shot.

          In short, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Picky Wassah

            Tannin.for a libertarian…you have no clue…
            so limiting the mags capacity to only the good guys will make the criminals better?
            And boss I’m a MP SGG and a trainer…

          • Tannim

            I have far more clue than you do, that’s for sure…because you don’t even get your history correct.

            You’re still missing the point about the magazines, I see. I’ll go slower this time so you have a chance to keep up. I know the MP duty of giving traffic tickets on your base must be difficult work for you and your GED.








            Now, for you on the shorter than short bus, that means that a magazine capacity limit does nothing to limit firearm violence, so—are you ready for the common sense here, Gomer?–there’s no reason to have them. Hence that means there should be NO restrictions, short of whatever a person is dumb enough to try to cobble together than eventually jams their weapon like Holmes, but that’s their decision and their responsibility.

            Now that you’ve been properly schooled on both history and firearms logic, you may return your duty station to think about it. Take your time in between tickets.

          • Picky Wassah

            Let me ….say….it …slow…..go ……fuck ….yourself……
            the point of the article is that limiting the mags does not help the good guys….and you still want to ram you stupid logic….
            and No I don’t write tickets..i have a squad that do that for me.

          • Tannim

            Apparently my impeccable and perfectly clear logic is far over the head of a mere career E-6. But perhaps I shouldn’t expect more from someone who obviously can’t read and comprehend the words in front of him, even when stated twice and explained so clear a blind man can see it…

            Ah well. Enjoy your 41, if you even know what that means…

          • Tannim

            BTW, if you think that the idea of having no magazine restrictions is “stupid logic,” then you failed Logic 101 and Reading Comprehension 001…or you’re some sort of anti-firearm statist yourself.

          • Tannim

            Oh yeah, not all Democrats are anti-firearm, as the Pueblo vote showed, and not all Republicans are pro-firearm, either, so mixing parties and ideologies is more poor thinking on your part as well.

          • Picky Wassah

            The point of the article is limiting the mags to the good guys and not doing nothing for the bad guys…and what part of your stupid logic you can comprehend.
            Can you kill somebody with ONE .22 if you place it int eh right place?. Yes…but not only still rambling about shot that is not part of the article, no respect for the people that actually know about guns, plus now drunk?…
            I’m not democrat or republican, and for sure not libertard like you.

  • Butch


  • Tumbleweed

    Time for the gun control governor to go out the door with the rest of the Socialist Democrats! Free yourselves from government tyranny!

  • lbeacham

    Colorado makes me proud to be from South Carolina.

    • Diamondback

      We’re proud you’re from S. Carolina too! Never doubt it.

  • Polymarkos

    Recall the governor in Kommierado.
    We need recalls in all fifty states, preferrably recalls of Fed level reps.

  • glockster68

    Hope he is the next one to get the boot out of office….what an idiot, he changes his tune probably more often than he changes his underwear.

  • Doc37lives

    Has anyone had the sense to tell that bastard that gun legislation is a felony and his ass is going to jail? His actions violated the Dick Act and the 2nd Amendment. Our rights clearly come from God not the government that works for us.

    • donholmes1

      I wrote Doc. Hastings (Wash State congressman) about The Dick Act and he didn’t have a friggin clue. Every one reading this needs to read it. and demand a stop is put on gun legislation . It’s a law protecting the 2nd amendment and the complete constitution . But not one of these dumb asses know anything about it. What the hell do we pay their interns for? making their coffee? How about the Firearms act in 1986?

  • Thomas Weiss

    No second chances on this issue, send the right message, get rid of him.

  • thedougbob

    Too late! He will not make another term as governor or a new one in any other political position.

  • Glen Saunders

    Politicians you still have not told me how this affects and controls the criminal element. They’re called criminals because they do not obey the law so how does new laws influence and control the criminals? Answer please………

    • Diamondback

      Chirp, chirp chirp. Chirp, chirp chirp.

  • civilman43

    I think you guys are missing the point here. Liberals want COMPLETE gun control so they can continue to destroy America with no fear of repercussions!

  • grayjohn

    Too late to lie about it dude. You are toast. Drag this puke out office and replace him with a human being.

  • obloodyhell

    }}}} the special election results were likely the result of the new laws limiting high-capacity magazines and requiring universal background checks for firearms purchases



    }}}} but suggested that it was an overreaction.

    Naw. Sending the governor’s dumbass back to private life, THAT would be a…
    No, it wouldn’t.

  • killdozerd11R

    He is a LIAR like his god OBUMMER…Boot him and everyone else who voted for those laws

  • Mark Day

    Buh Bye, Hickenlooper. If you stood for the rights of Colorado citizens in the first place, Morse and Giron might still have jobs- you signed it, you own it.

  • Boyles

    I wonder if this has anything do with the recent recall? Naw, couldn’t be so! Colorado gun owners – do not trust this governor; RECALL him!

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    It’s tough when reality intrudes upon your fantasy world.
    Hickenlooper is about to find out what happens when your were for something before you were against it, and then for it again.
    No one is going to believe anything he says in the future about anything – on the Left or Right.
    Better get that Fed appointment soon, Mr. Governor.

  • Joseph Blosch

    How do you stop these Democrats – that is the question. The anti-guns laws have to be repealed and the criminals in Colorado that pushed for these anti-American laws need to be taken out of office.

    • Tannim

      They will be. It takes some time and reclaiming the legislature and governor’s office, though.

  • Ross Long

    I was in the middle of this crap in Colorado. I am proud to say we in Pueblo got rid of Hickeyfugger’s minion Angela Giron. In a little over a year we’ll get rid of our demented governor too…. Yeah, GET OUT !!

  • Diamondback

    If a man fails to uphold his rights he cannot be surprised when the gov’t follows his example. – Author unknown.

  • Storm

    The headline is wrong according to the content of the article.

    One reporter asked Hickenlooper if he would sign the bills again today if he had to do them all over again.

    “You know I’m not going to second guess myself” Hickenlooper said

    That means he would still sign the bills into law!

  • Alex Parsons

    recall hickenlooper now!

  • odinsthunder

    Another politician who’s flapping in the breeze. I love these ah’s that pick and choose which parts of the Bill of Rights they want to support. Well, let’s just nibble a little here and a little there. How about if we do it to the 1st Amendment at the same time, a little bit here and a little bit there… How much can it hurt?

  • disqus_XeFVQf2YXo

    he picked two of the insignificant issue the recall was about.. It was about Democrats gone wild and passing laws that do NOT benefit the State. Complying with Lobbyist from New York, with New York money about laws in Colorado. I was about ignoring the district voters wishes on many bills, not just the gun control bills.. These two Democrats stepped over the line and the citizens kicked them out of office..

  • makeupdiva

    We need to rise up – soon!

  • Michael Lawrence

    I think the governor is worried about the next election. he is not going to have it easy…just my prediction….

  • xadonxander

    Frootlooper is next to be booted from office!

  • adh

    What will we do if the ones “In Command” do not honor the Recall Vote?

  • Bob

    Every now and then the dog on the end of the leash needs to be jerked to get his attention on the right track. I hope more of these recalls will take place. Far too many of these politicians seem to have it stuck in their minds that they are not answerable to the people. Every politician that appears to have gone against the Constitution or the Bill of Rights needs to be recalled.

  • shawmutt

    Obama didn’t shove through gay marriage. He recognized the movement and decided to try and increase his political capital by making it his issue. In reality he had little to do with it. This is a movement of the people. I know, I know, being anti-gay marriage is something the right is supposed to espouse, so hating Obama for guns AND the audacity of supporting gay marriage should be a gimmie. However, it’s just another easy pet issue that makes the politicians look busy and makes it easy for folks to choose “sides”.

    I don’t care if two adults get married–and as far as the “think of the children!” rant, a child is far better off in a household with a loving, caring family than with a single parent or in an abusive family. Maybe if we spent more time fostering and supporting loving families instead of letting fear run amok we might be better off as a nation. We might, just might, stop worrying about what goes on in people’s bedrooms and be more concerned with what goes on in Capitol Hill.

    And now back to our regularly scheduled gun debate.

  • Daniel Compton

    lol nice try. A day late and a dollar short to start back peddling now.

  • Say no to Communists!

    Recall all of these bottom feeding Communist parasites!