Colorado Gun Control Politicians Claim Women Can’t Be Trusted With Guns, Shooters Should Be Stopped With Pens

Colorado’s Democratic legislature has embarrassed itself with its assault on the Second Amendment and politicians like Joe Salazar and Jesse Ulaberri are an example of what the Colorado Democratic Party now stands for. Sexism and fighting mass shooters with ballpoint pens.

First State Representative Joe Salazar explained that women couldn’t be trusted with guns because they might just go shooting anyone that they think might rape them. It’s best to limit them to rape whistles.

“There are some gender inequities on college campuses… that’’s why we have call boxes, that’s why we have safe zones, that’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, then you pop out that gun and you pop, pop around at somebody.”

And State Senator Jessie Ulaberri suggested that people would be better off stopping mass shooters with ball point pens.

I don’t think we should take it lighthearted that when Congressman Giffords was shot and there was a shooting in an Arizona supermarket people who were unarmed took that person down when he stopped to reload.

There’s so much stupid in that sentence, that Ulaberri thinking that Giffords is a man is hardly even worth mentioning. But this is the vision of gun-controllers for an America where if someone is shooting at you, you try to hang on until he stops to reload and attack him with ballpoint pens.

These two videos would seem to deserve a third video.

  • Mary Sue

    oh yeah, the RCMP lady-cop that talked to our class about self-defense back in the 80s was telling us that defending one's self with a weapon was a bad idea because it could be used against us.

    • LibertarianToo

      Yep. I remember being told to "use my keys" -also by a lady-cop -I guess they think we'll believe another woman. I have yet to figure out how to use keys as an effective weapon.

      But you know that Salazar guy is right. Why just last night I was jogging and I "pop . . . popped around at somebody", shooting several men in the process because I "felt like" I was going to be raped and -being a woman -"don't know who I'm gonna shoot". If a Republican said that -if especially a white male Republican had said that -they would have interrupted the TV programming to show us the latest in the Republican War on Women.

    • Kat

      If you don't know what you are doing, yes it could. I carry and I will continue to carry. The only way you will get my weapon out of my hand is if I'm dead. I have to add that I am a 11 year Marine vet and have extra civilian not to mention my military training.

  • libertad financiera

    Had these laws been in place years ago, some of the casualties could have been prevented.
    States that don’t pass strict gun control laws are playing with fire, literally.

    • Edward Cline

      On the contrary: States that pass strict gun control laws are telling criminals, who don't obey laws anyway, that it's open season on the unarmed.

    • Mary Sue

      Explain Chicago, then. They have some of the strictest gun control in USA and yet 500 people are murdered by GUNS.

    • Ar'nun

      Every state with strict gun control tends to have the highest gun violence rates. Please explain.

    • zalukas

      Oh, that worked really well in Russia and Germany for a while. And then copycats in East Asia decided to
      join the parade.
      Those memorials on mass graves and some without memorials , probable mean little
      to a libertard like you. In fact one suspects you might be among those who ‘only followed orders” if asked.
      Che Guevara, the best T-Shirt salesman, liked to give lead infusions to mostly unarmed fellows.
      I suggest you visit Lenin’s mausoleum and pay homage to gun control pioneer. Uncle Adolf was mere apprentice of Vladimir and pathetic dilettante.

    • Drakken

      This is what victim identity politics with a healthy dose of PC does to your brain, oh I really enjoyed the spanish name there, please rub it in a little more.

    • brenda green


  • AdinaK

    Whatever…their inane and insane ramblings are prime fodder for the following –

    Adina Kutnicki

  • @thailawforum

    No doubt a disillusioned gun culture can be cited as the reason behind recent shootings in the U.S. But Texas is a good example of one state doing it right. Guns are embedded in the state's history, and its pro-gun population is defiant against any restricting legislation.

    • tagalog

      A disillusioned gun culture is most definitely NOT the reason behind recent shootings in the U.S. The gun culture fosters gun safety, experience with firearms, and prudent and careful use of them. It continues to do so despite the recent hysteria about gun control after the Newtown shooting and consequent disillusionment over what will happen to the gun rights of the law-abiding.

      There are many reasons behind the recent shootings in the U.S. They include: the degradation of our culture, the fostering of an attitude of entitlement and bringing up children to expect that their every desire will be fulfilled as a matter of right, the rise of the fatherless family, the rotting-away of all sense of civil restraint, painting such restraints as the province of fuddy-duddies, multiculturalism, popular entertainment that portrays the gun as a problem-solver, and many other failings that cumulatively are going to result in the death of our republic and the rise of authoritarianism.

      • Ar'nun

        I think he was trying to say that when culture tried to make guns taboo, it backfired (pardon the pun). With the stigma surrounding guns, it became less likely a criminal would run into resistance.

        • tagalog

          After re-reading his post, I think you're right.

  • RedStateVet

    "it’s why we have safe zones"

    Co-ed- "You can't rape me, I'm in the safe zone!"
    Rapist- "Curses- I hate those safe zones."

    Is this idiot for real? Safe zones, gun free zones, call boxes, whistles…. none of those mean spit. Criminals don't obey the law, genius.

    When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away. Protect yourself.

    • jakespoon

      Yes,this idiot is serious,and he is in a position to inflict his idiocy on the public. I should have written idiots, they both are.

  • kafir4life

    I suspect that Joe is concerned that when he goes out to rape a woman that she may try to defend herself, and that's just not sexy. A "safe zone" is where he feels protected to do as he wishes. Keep in mind that another democrat, teddy (the lion of the senate) kennedy has a confirmed "kill" in the war on women, and he got a pass from the left. Joe should too.

  • Ar'nun

    "First State Representative Joe Salazar explained that women couldn’t be trusted with guns because they might just go shooting anyone that they think might rape them."

    Yes, and the Kennedy family has lost enough of their sons over the last 40 years, this may make them extinct.

    Democrat Politicians/predators should at least get their lawyers a chance to get them a slap on the wrist first.

  • tagalog

    I guess Mr. Salazar hasn't read the statistics that reveal that women, on average, are better shots than men are.

    Or, come to think of it, maybe he has.

  • Gee

    As I recall both the theater in Aurora Colorado and the school in Newtown Connecticut were "gun-free" zones. Exactly how well did that work out?

  • Angie Harrison

    Here is one man’s outrage over this issue. I agree wholeheartedly with his sentiments.

  • richard johnston

    Guns don't prevent rape. Whistles do. Maybe colleges can do whistle training and put on advanced whistling conferences. Maybe they can require students take "whistling studies" courses so they can differentiate between whistles that will deter a would-be rapist and those whistles from construction workers that cause many a women to need serious psycological counseling.

    • Mary Sue

      I remember reading some idiot that claimed that only fat women wear rape whistles, and ridiculed fat women wearing them because presumably……fat women don't have to worry about being raped? Or something?

  • cxt


    Ah…..dude…the States/cities with the most "strict" gun control laws generally have the HIGHEST rates of gun violence.

    So much for the "reality based" worldview of the Left.

  • Smitty

    I sincerely believe that whistles can stop rape. I have a "whistle" that is guaranteed to stop rapes and even perpetrators who kick in my door to rob and threaten to take my life: it's the "whistle" of a .45 ACP hollow point as it speeds toward its target.

    • pagegl

      Darn, I've missed that whistle. Now I have to go to the range and listen more closely to hear the whistle when practicing with my 1911's. :-)

      • Smitty

        LOL……you have to listen v-e-r-y carefully! ……

  • bob e

    ..i'm thinkin' ..some a' these people should be shot..

  • Drakken

    What is really amazing is that people actually voted for these morons, the age of idioticracy is upon us!

  • sherrymckay

    This Joe needs to be a woman that has been raped we are not STUPID and we know when we are in harms way.

    • Mary Sue

      some libtarded women who claim to be "rape survivors" (IMO you're only a "survivor" if your life was in danger, and they include having sex while drunk in "being raped") will sometimes claim that asking a woman to defend herself with a gun is "victim blaming" because for some reason it's offensive to insinuate that a woman "didn't do enough to prevent the rape". Their solution? Some quasi-utopian "If you want to stop rape, don't rape" campaigns which although it's completely true that men are responsible for the rapes they commit, it goes into unrealistic territory and assuming criminals will actually LISTEN to women or anybody else that would tell them not to rape.

  • Terry

    Please take all politians that are this stupid, and have them de- sexed so that can't father or produce offspring.

  • James Hoyt

    Women Vote: And you Morons are history in 2014!

  • scarywomanwithagun

    The Secret Service trusts women with guns…The military trusts women with guns…Police departments all across this country trust women with guns…and guess what? Men outnumber women 1000:1 when it comes to mass shootings and "pop, popping around at somebody" (aka, shooting someone just because they got pissed off.)
    Women of Colorado, let your votes be counted in the next election! Get rid of these misogynists!

  • Kat

    I am my own safe zone, thank you. I will not trust some old fat schol guard to help me.

  • @daisyabcde

    They will be Out voted next election. Stand up for your rights. We are not that stupid!!