Conservative Canadian Government Presides Over 500% Higher Job Growth Than US


I wonder what Canada’s secret is, besides electing Stephen Harper instead of Barack Obama.

While the administration and media are trying their best to declare May’s mediocre job report a success, there is word up north that conservative principles at work can create jobs. This month, the United States created 175,000 jobs and its unemployment rate increased to 7.6%. While the initial number may seem at least somewhat impressive, it really only keeps up with natural population growth.

Meanwhile, on the other side of our northern border, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is providing results lacking in the states.

Canada has just over 10% of the population of the United States and economists were predicting a mild 15,000 jobs created last month.

Instead, the Great White North saw 95,000 jobs created, or over half of those created in the United States. Extrapolated for total population, this is about five times the job creation of the United States.

The Canadian unemployment rate fell to 7.1% and the Canadian Dollar surged upward.

The Canadian dollar is currently nearly even with the dollar and during the reign of O has at times even beaten the dollar.

  • Michael Copeland

    “People can help themself. If you give them the chance, if you give them
    more freedom. You know, if you give the market more freedom to create growth and job and investment people will have job and help themself.”

    “The lesson for latter days’ government to learn …. is to learn the humility in front of the people, to learn that it is the people who create wealth. Give them the freedom. ….The state has to step aside.”

    Jimmy Lai from China, Hong Kong billionaire, who started with $1,

  • CowboyUp

    Comparisons like this are a big reason, other than their basic ideology, why communist countries couldn’t allow us to exist.

  • OfficialPro

    The scary part is a good chunk of Canadians would have voted for Obama, were they able to. Fortunately, the job of Prime Minister does not work that way. Canadians simply vote for their representative to Parliament; whoever’s got the most seats in Parliament, their party leader becomes Prime Minister, whether anybody likes it or not. Of course the Party Leader must also win his seat. But the election of the Party Leader is not subjected to the whims of the entire national populace.

  • OfficialPro

    Also, our banking rules are not retarded and we don’t make banks grant mortgages to people who can’t ever pay it back.

  • WinstonCN

    Pm Harper rocks