Conservative Republican Defeats Black Politician by Pretending to be Black

This is Dave Wilson


This is Dave Wilson’s election flyer



Only in  post-racial America, folks. Only in post-racial America.

Dave Wilson chuckles as he talks about his unorthodox political campaign.

“I’d always said it was a long shot,” Wilson says. “No, I didn’t expect to win.”

Still, he figured he’d have fun running, because he was fed up with what he called “all the shenanigans” at the Houston Community College System. As a conservative white Republican running in a district whose voters are overwhelmingly black Democrats, the odds seemed overwhelmingly against him.

Then he came up with an idea, an advertising strategy that his opponent found “disgusting.” If a white guy didn’t have a chance in a mostly African-American district, Wilson would lead voters to think he’s black.

And it apparently worked. In one of the biggest political upsets in Houston politics this election season, Wilson — an anti-gay activist and former fringe candidate for mayor — emerged as the surprise winner over 24-year incumbent Bruce Austin. His razor thin margin of victory, only 26 votes, was almost certainly influenced by his racially tinged campaign.

“Every time a politician talks, he’s out there deceiving voters,” he says.

Wilson, a gleeful political troublemaker, printed direct mail pieces strongly implying that he’s black. His fliers were decorated with photographs of smiling African-American faces — which he readily admits he just lifted off websites — and captioned with the words “Please vote for our friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.”

One of his mailers said he was “Endorsed by Ron Wilson,” which longtime Houston voters might easily interpret as a statement of support from a former state representative of the same name who’s also African-American. Fine print beneath the headline says “Ron Wilson and Dave Wilson are cousins,” a reference to one of Wilson’s relatives living in Iowa.

“He’s a nice cousin,” Wilson says, suppressing a laugh. “We played baseball in high school together. And he’s endorsed me.”


Wilson’s opponent, Dave Austin, who actually is Black, responded in a predictable manner with all the class you would expect

Austin tried to answer the mailer with his own fliers showing Wilson’s face, calling him a “right-wing hate monger” and saying he “advocated bringing back chain gangs to clean highways.” But the campaign clearly caught him off guard.

“I don’t think it’s good,” he said. “I don’t think it’s good for both democracy and the whole concept of fair play. But that was not his intent, apparently.”

Probably not. But neither is racial bloc voting, especially based on the perception of the candidate’s race. If anyone needs a reminder of that, they can just look at Alvin Greene. Or 9 out of 10 Congressional black caucus members. Or Obama.

Racial voting does not produce good outcomes for anyone. It elects incompetent people and then uses race to make them immune to criticism.

That’s not good for white people. It’s not good for black people. It’s not good for anyone.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    This is great. The GOP needs more politicians willing to play down and dirty the way Democrats have been playing for ages. This guy goes to the edge, but never crosses the line over into the morally corrupt things Democrats do (like registering the votes of dead people).

  • Judahlevi

    I agree with Greenfield that “racial bloc voting” is not good for anyone, and it is in fact racist. People are not skin colors, they are individuals. You are not defined by your skin color, you are defined by your mind and character.

    The next big election will use sexism, not racism, and it will also be driven by the same political party which constantly decries racism and sexism – the Democrats. Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats, will constantly say that it is time for a “woman” to lead. This is ridiculous and sexist, but the MSM will not call them on it.

    It is “time” for a competent politician and executive to be elected president no matter what their skin color, ethnicity, or gender is. It is time to have a president who actually loves their country and does not apologize for it. It is not time to continue to play politically correct games with how we select a president.

    Nonetheless, this is what is coming in 2016.

  • Veracious_one

    more proof that that voters neither Investigate the candidates nor study the candidates platforms…they do vote based on color…

  • Jason

    That is outright deception, and is wrong. However, there wasn’t much he could do apart from lie. His opponent lied, “Right wing Hate monger”. They’re both as bad as eachother. It is nice though, to see a Republican elected to a college system, it’ll bring some balance. Just sad he had to lie to get there.

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      With the communist party, deception is only wrong when you get caught. To them it is our job to catch them and if we don’t it’s our fault and they win legitimately in their eyes. Dave Wilson finally played by the communists own rules. We need to play by their rules or continue losing.

      • Jason

        It’s a moral dilemma. We can win, but not deserve it, or we can loose fair and square. It just doesnt sit well with me, and it shouldnt sit well with anyone. Hell, if it was a black man using white people in a white area, wouldn’t you be pissed off?

    • DownTurn

      > That is outright deception, and is wrong.
      Lying is only wrong if the system at large is fair. But if you can not get a job because you have the “wrong” skin color, then the system is not fair, but fair game.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      More deceptive than an outright lie since he didn’t come out and say that he’s black

      • Veracious_one

        all he did was to put photos of black people on his campaign ad posters….the racist voters just assumed he was black…as long as they thought he was black that was good enough for them….that’s all they were interested in….

  • Aizeta

    In PC, post racial America nobody is elected unless s/he enjoys ‘endangered species’ status, that is to say: skin not white, language not english, sex not hetero, religion not christian. If you can tick all of them RUN for president, it is now or never

  • Retiredtobedlam

    In Virginia a Democrat supported “Libertarian” who believes in more taxes got 6% of the vote when the margin of Democrat victory was less than 3%. By that standard this seems fine.

  • really?

    Can you please show me the number of atheist homosexual ESL politicians in the US? Don’t worry I can wait

  • onecornpone

    Since this is in Texas, the DoJ “organizers” (Holder’s boyz) will probably show up to help the locals mount a recall. They gots to protect their low-fo peeps from heinous acts of Rightward misdirection, no matter the level of importance.

    • TexasStomp

      we’ll see.

      • onecornpone

        Due to the recent PR push coming out so many of the groups who claim to represent American Ag interests, I’m expecting the “new” and improved version of dribbled out Comprehensive Immigration Reform to have some convoluted construct whereby these amnestied illegals will be “required” to spend a designated amount of time serving in rural areas, doing jobs Americans won’t do.

        THAT will, in effect colonize rural America with philosophically anti-capitalist leaning immigrants needed to wipe out the non-urban/suburban RED parts. If what I suspect is in play, it is ingenious.

        The politically unsophisticated ag folks who need menial hand labor to pick their fruits and veg will never grasp that they are being used… since they merely need the labor to continue their livelihood. They are being used like the labor unions were to support the ACA.. Oops!!!

        Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground. We probably won’t be privy to any deets of this latest backdoor wrangling until it’s too late to a complete analysis.

  • pupsncats

    In Washington State, two dead people won elections. Both candidates died too late for their names to be removed from the ballot. Does that say something about how well informed the electorate is?

    • Notalibfool

      What can you expect from the state that keeps re-electing senator Patty Murray? You know, the one who made kind comments about Bin Laden to Columbia River High School students less than 18 months after 9/11.

      • pupsncats

        I live in Washington State and can tell you out of its 39 counties, only three, which includes the city of Seattle, control the outcome of every election because they have the highest population and the overwhelming majority of them are radical leftwingers.

        • Notalibfool

          Sadly I live here too.

        • Gee

          Much like California – the Southern 1/4 of the State has over 65% of the population

          • Notalibfool

            Oregon is in the same boat. Portland rules the state.

  • pupsncats

    I agree with you Jason. What some here are saying is its fine to be a liar and use deceptive tactics because that is the only way to win.

    I say that is exactly how we got into this mess in the first place. Until someone of good character who is honest and can’t be bought can stand up and articulate to the people why it is wrong to be a liar and a crooked politician, things are only going to get worse.

  • DilloTank

    It’s hard to feel anything but amusement. lol

    It’s hared to conclude anything but that blacks are contemptible racists.