Convert Follows “Allah’s Direction” to Hardware Store, Stabs Employee to Death

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If you find yourself feeling really inspired by the Koran or a talking dog to kill some people, you should probably stop listening to them.

Daymond Agnew, a Muslim man, reportedly told investigators that “the Raiders are favored by Allah.” Agnew, 34, stabbed 51-year-old Daniel Stone because he tried to call the police after he painted his face in the back of the hardware store.

A northern California man has been charged for randomly stabbing a hardware store clerk 17 times to death with a folding knife because the clerk tried to call the police as he spray painted his face the colors of the NFL Oakland Raiders.

The Oakland Raiders are the only way that anyone has ever found to make Islam even more violent.

Mary Knox, Deputy District Attorney, said that Agnew believed he was following “Allah’s direction” in killing Stone.

According to Sfgate, “Agnew’s Facebook page, which has since been taken down, was filled with religious messages referring to his adherence to Islam as well as pictures of passages in the Quran.”

“The whole family is completely stunned. Just devastated,” said Agnew’s aunt, Rita Fortson, of St. Petersburg, Fla. “None of us believe he would just walk into a store and stab someone. We just think something might have snapped.”

Her nephew is a felon, she said, but she did not elaborate on his convictions. She also said he’d just converted to Islam and that her family does not believe he knew the victim.

Who would have ever believed that a Muslim would kill someone?

After he was arrested, Daymond Agnew told investigators that Allah told him to go to Oliver’s Ace Hardware on Sunday morning to help people, and that he spray-painted his face because he felt that “the Raiders are favored by Allah,” said Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Mary Knox.

It figures Allah would favor the Raiders. It was either that or the Saints.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Allah always favored the Raiders. It’s how Mohammad, a first-class raider, and certainly no slouch when it came to shopping for hardware such as swords and spears, conquered the Arabian Peninsula, in Allah’s name.

    • ltcdmward

      And let’s not forget about the Pirates and the Pirate motiff (Raiders’ logos, etc.) — as in Barbary Pirates.

  • glpage

    I don’t think Allah would favor the Saints. New Orleans with Mardi Gras and all that insanity would just get his knickers in a twist. With all the girls trying to get beads the drawing of Mohammed with his turban as a bomb might be a fairly accurate depiction of the Muslim attitude.