Cyprus Says “No Thanks” to Syrian Attack


Cyprus’ message is that it’s happy to endorse any attack on Syria in an abstract way, so long as it’s not being used as a base for actual strikes on Syria.

100 miles off the Syrian coast, Cyprus is ideally positioned for a strike and indeed the British airbases on the island saw preparations back when it appeared that the UK would be carrying out strikes. The planes there were officially being dispatched for defense, but in practice could be used offensively as well.

Now the UK is out, so it’s easy enough for Cyprus to say that it’s opting out of any war. (Though if the US antes up a sizable foreign aid package, one suspects that the entirely corruptible Cyprus could change its mind.)

It’s not opting completely out as UK intelligence apparatus will be operating from there and participating in the war effort, despite the whole Parliamentary veto.

The UK’s intelligence-gathering assets based in the Mediterranean are to provide the US military with information, as it prepares to carry out cruise missiles strikes against President Bashar al-Assad.

Whitehall sources said Britain’s decision not to take part in attacks punishing the regime for using chemical weapons only covered its Armed Forces, and the sharing of intelligence would continue.

GCHQ’s powerful eavesdropping facilities on Cyprus, around only 100 miles from the Syrian coast, are expected to play a key role in intelligence gathering for military action.

This sounds like a bit more than just intel gathering. And it makes Cyprus a target, though Assad would have to be insane to drag the UK into the war that Cameron has been restrained from.

If all the leaks about the attacks being limited to naval cruise missile strikes are accurate, then Cyprus isn’t really needed. And Cyprus remains agreeable to being used as a port and a transition point by fighters going to other bases. So long as they don’t launch strikes from Cyprus.

  • dylnenett

    GCHQ’s powerful eavesdropping facilities on Cyprus, around only 100
    miles from the Syrian coast, are expected to play a key role in
    intelligence gathering for military action.

    Fourneau Bruleur de Graisse

  • Digli

    Why is the only option bombing people?
    Why not use our resources to help refugees?
    Send aid to Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan with codicils and guarantees that safe guard the implementation and distribution of the aid.
    Use our power to help get people to safety rather than to make them even more unsafe.
    How is nerve gas use worse in any degree than North Korean concentration camps or African slavery?
    Why is Drone strike collateral damage better than Syrian civil war collateral damage?
    Ask a grieving Syrian mother if she has a preferred way for her child to die.
    These politicians don’t have a brain between them.
    Let the Syrian innocents flee the carnage and let us use our power to help take care of them.
    Tell the countries surrounding Syria and the world that we will help get innocents out of harms way an not ourselves contribute to the violence.
    Let the violent participants slug it out.
    How does bombing and killing and ruining yet another group of people serve our interests?

    • 1Indioviejo1

      What is wrong with you? No Muslim is innocent. Why should America send any aid to people who hate us? If ever we get a government that listens to what the American people want, we probably will do away with most of our foreign aid, and not a moment to soon.

    • DB1954

      African slavery? Isn’t that getting to be old hat? Ah well, with the exception of the new African slavery practiced by Muslims right now.

  • Kyriacos Kyriakides

    SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 2013

    From Holding Hands to Giving The Finger!

    Holding hands just two years ago!Erdogan talks tough. He says a limited strike is not enough. He wants Assad to capitulate. How does Assad return the favor? By attacking “Turkey” of course. But how does he do so without risking an all out NATO retaliation? It attacks the illegally occupied, by “Turkey”, northern part of Cyprus, which is recognized by noone as being part of “Turkey”, but it is neither under the control of the Cyprus government or the EU. While at the same time he stands ready to incite the Kurdish element in northern Kurdistan (eastern “Turkey”), in case Turks think of retaliation. That should be easy to do. It is evident by now, for those of us following the constitutional deliberations, that all ethnic Turkish parties (AKP, CHP, MHP) inside the Turkish parliament want an all-Turkish “Turkey”, brushing aside Kurdish demands for political equality or even some form of constitutional cultural acknowledgement.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Why is Obama and some people in Washington so eager to intervene in a civil war were we have no friends on any side? This needs to be explained publicly in order to shame the interventionist.

  • Brent

    Wow. “Entirely corruptible!”… How easy it is for you to throw around accusations of corruption against an country I am sure you have never been to. Why is Cyprus “corrupt”? Is it because some of its banks went under? So have US banks, German Banks and British banks (with much much more serious consequences for the world economy than tiny Cyprus). Does that mean the US and Germany are corrupt?

    Or is it because you have bared witness to such “corrupt” behavior from the Cyprus leadership in the past. It would be great if you could provide us with an example where military favors of this kind were provided for 30 pieces of silver. Prey do tell.

  • andreas_1988

    Daniel Greenfield is an amateur that doesn’t have a clue about anything to do with Cyprus. A very poor article, that has not been researched, thoroughly lacks contextual detail, and is at one point, highly insulting to the Cypriot people.

  • Nixonfan

    I believe that the USAF has the right to use the BSBAs to attack Syria. They are not on Cypriot soil. Similar to using UK bases to attack Libya.