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Daily Beast Blames Israel for Muslim Persecution of Christians

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 27, 2013 @ 12:09 pm In The Point | 18 Comments

Muslims not to blame. Evangelical Christians and Jews on the other hand... [1]

Muslims not to blame. Evangelical Christians and Jews on the other hand…

Diarmaid MacCulloch’s crazy attack isn’t even part of the Daily Beast’s “Open Zion” series of Anti-Israel blogs. Instead it’s a bizarre one-off claim that the reason that the West doesn’t care about the persecution of Christians is because Evangelical Christians are too interested in Israel.

There are a number of obvious things wrong with Diarmaid MacCulloch’s thesis.

1. It’s Liberal Christians who are ignoring the plight of Christians in the Middle East. And it is a liberal administration backed by liberal Christians that has significantly worsened their plight.

2. Conservative Evangelical Christians are about the only ones really interested in the plight of Christians in the Middle East

Diarmaid MacCulloch knows his thesis is nonsense, which is why dances from premise to premise leaving a huge gap in the middle. After writing briefly about the plight of Christians, he skips over to the usual “Evangelical Christians are just waiting for Armageddon” rant without really connecting it to his premise.

MacCulloch admits that the relationship between the United States and Israel is largely built on Realpolitik. And realpolitik is the same reason why the United States has mostly overlooked the plight of Middle Eastern Christians.

“Christians are scapegoated for their faith by an extremist militant minority of Muslims, who betray their own religion by intolerance, and who make other Muslims ashamed of what is happening,” Diarmaid MacCulloch writes.

But if that’s really so, then there wouldn’t be a problem. There are tiny militant minorities everywhere. Ethnic cleansing on this scale requires something far more than that and Diarmaid MacCulloch knows it. It requires either the participation or complicity of the majority population.

“I find most frustrating is precisely the lack of noise from Western Christians about the fate of ancient Christianities in the Middle East. At the heart of the problems in the Middle East is seven decades of unresolved conflict between Israel and Palestine,” MacCulloch writes, but then never bothers trying to make a logical connection to prove it.

Instead he goes on into a melange of stereotypes about Evangelical Christians without ever showing that they are silent or that they are the problem.

The real silence however is on the part of the World Council of Churches, which loathes Israel and which like MacCulloch, panders to the Muslim persecutors of minorities in the Middle East.

Evangelical Christians don’t run foreign policy. And they don’t have much political influence outside the United States. Diarmaid MacCulloch isn’t breaking the silence, he’s perpetrating the silence by further victimizing the non-Muslim victims of Muslim persecution.

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