Darrell Issa has an Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill


I know. I know.

It’s not amnesty. It’s just a bill that legalizes illegal aliens and puts them on a path to citizenship. No amnesty to see here.

Issa’s forthcoming legislation takes elements from similar legislation he introduced in December 2003, the Alien Accountability Act. The six-year period is intended to whittle down the undocumented immigrant population into several categories, such as immigrants with family ties to U.S. citizens or immigrants who want to participate in a guest-worker program.

And you know, the vast majority that want to get as much welfare as they can and bring their relatives here and get them on welfare and vote for more welfare.

I don’t think that Issa’s party. But maybe it will be.

Bringing undocumented immigrants out “of the shadows” would also help the government identify undocumented immigrants with a criminal background, who would be deported from the United States, Issa said.

Unless the criminals stay in the shadows. Or the background checks prove to be as worthless as they have been all along. Or unless the aliens have been using five different identities.

But if we just deported illegal aliens who commit crimes and pegged funding to cities and states, particularly for law enforcement, based on whether they cooperate with deportations, the sanctuary city would vanish faster than beer for minors when Clinton threatened to hold up highway funds to Louisiana after the drinking age was struck down.

But what is this “shadows” nonsense anyway? What is the point of asking people who broke the law to come out of the shadows just to legalize their lawbreaking?

“If somebody has a nexus that would reasonably allow them to become permanent residents and American citizen, we should allow them to do that,” Issa said. He added: “Our view is that long before six years, people would be in those categories heading toward some other pathway, in a guest worker program, or of course, have left the country.”

What exactly is Issa’s view based on?
Why are these people leaving the country? Why are they choosing a guest worker program instead of sticking it out for six years followed by sixty years of food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare?

The lawmaker added that he was in talks with a “number” of other lawmakers to sign on to the legislation, but declined to provide names.

How many of them are Democrats?

  • Tupac

    I could support amnesty. I have said so in the Foxnews forums and at The Blaze.

    I just cannot support it in good conscience without border enforcement 1st.

    I have study Statistical Quality Control. It is hard to make anything perfect.

    For the border it would be enough for me, if they only had 30,000 people()or maybe 3,000) they did not catch rather than 300,000. If they would reduce the number of illegal crossing or people overstaying their visas by 90%.

    I could go for it.

    But they won’t give me a 90% solution. There is a “feasible” solution. It is not in engineering as we would say an “intractable problem”, but they act as though it is and lie about. Problems can become “intractable’, if there are “too many constraints.”‘ That is just what Washington does.

    If they continue to put too many constraints on a problem, problems will not get solved and they will get worse. Eventually the system collapses.

    The problem with Washington is that we have “larriors” and they practice lawfare. This is not about justices, consistent principles or right and wrong. It is about power.

    If a person were to make sacrifices like they did in 1776 and the Civil War, they would be stupid. Some larrior would throw those sacrifices away.

    • keyesforpres

      What good would securing the border be if you give illegals here amnesty? Don’t you get it? They can send for all their family members…..even if the border is secure…..our country would be gone.
      Deport! Deport!! Deport!!
      Research, “OPERATION WETBACK”. Deportation works.

      • tupac

        Let’s add an amendment

        No more “chaining”. You can bring you nuclear family and that is it.

        Actually I would like another law. Any time 50% of any country’s citizens are in the U.S., we annex your country and impose U.S. law. If the elites in that country are so incompetent or greedy that people leave in such great #s, then they have no right to rule.

        I believe we should annex Mexico. Look at the bright side.there would be no “Fear of a Black Planet”. All the racists blacks would be in fear like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the INDICTED Mayor Ray “Schoolbus” Nagin.

        I did not come up with the term “Fear of a Black Planet”.that was black musical group Public Enemy.

        • James88

          The chain migration would be put to an end. Categories F3 to F4 would be done with. Just immediate family, such as mother/father, son/daughter/, children under 21 would benefit.

      • James88

        No they can’t. The majority of relatives do NOT qualify for immigrant visas unless they fall under a certain category. Those categories can range from 2-20 years of process until they finally make it into the United States. This is, of course, if they have no tattoos that state they were in a gang/cartel, crime in their home country, have a sponsor in the United States that signs a contract with USCIS to NOT let the immigrant ask for public assistance for the next 10 years (Form I-864) and not have Tuberculosis. Where do you get your information from?

  • levotb

    Kudos to Daniel Greenfield for another excellent expose on a RINO pushing Amnesty!

  • ziggy zoggy

    Bring wetbacks out of the shadows? What shadows? California is a “sanctuary state.” The cops aren’t allowed to check their citizenship unless they’re caught committing another crime, and sometimes not even then. They can get driver’s licenses without having to establish their true identities. Mexican Consulates hand out fake ID cards under any name they want, so Pancho Villa and Rosarita Refried can apply for government services. If you see a bunch of them hanging out in a public place drinking and urinating, don’t bother calling the cops, because they won’t do a damn thing about it.

    And oh, yeah. They can vote Democrat under other people’s names.

    • Punchy Villa

      Pancho Villa was a bandit that joined a revolution.

      When the head of the revolution, Carranza, ousted the dictator.

      Carranza formed a government but did not give Villa a cabinet level position or any position. The Caranza government was recognized by the U.S. government as the legitimate government of Mexico. This is the sole reason for Villa’s hatred of America and the sole reason he slaughtered American civilians.

      It was a eff’n temper tantrum on the part of a grown human male. Note, I did not call him a man.

  • retro22

    One big Meme that saturates the public mind is the idea that the political class works for the people of America,this is & always has been false!Issa,like all the rest of the politicians,now & in the past,work for the rich & powerful who stay behind the curtains.These politicians are vetted by commitees like the Trilateral Commision,among others, which give them their “marching orders”.They do what they are told to do if they want to move up the political ladder.We the People are merely the oxen who pull the cart.Issa,like most of the other politicians,takes his orders from the powerful guys with deep pockets!
    It’s all a huge Punch & Judy puppet show where ALL of the politicians pretend that they work for the American People! If they did work for the people Obama would have been gone a long time ago!

  • Diversity Fatigue

    Yeah, jump right on the sellout band wagon Darrell. Being from California one would have thought you would be well aware of the devastating economic effects of importing millions of impoverished people who aren’t even literate in their own languages. Or maybe an increase in Muslim immigration is what you are really after?

  • Amiga

    Gracias Senor Issa!


  • danfan

    Oh G-d Bless you, Daniel. As one of millions of legal Citizen-Americans that is/was in the residential construction industry, it seems like ONLY those affected with the labor flood from south of the border and elsewhere are the only ones at all concerned about it. (My Jesus was a carpenter, and a noble profession up til the 70s)
    A lower to middle class lifestyle could well be earned in those years. As the democrats continued to punish their enemies in America with “compound spending” (the automatic increase in Fed. increases/spending due to their mandatory 3-8% law- payback for electing Nixon- leading towards increased taxes), carpenters weren’t replaced as necessary. Technology opportunites offered additional outlets.
    The Dems continued to punish their enemies in the middle to upper class by making law, the Comunnnity Re-Investment Act. But they had help in demands for cheap labor from the National home building enterprises who when reviewed by a 6th grader could’ve noticed the bookcooking in the forecasting of 100s of 1000s of housing units. Various builders offering their respective politicians a “campaign smoothie” that satisfiied the hunger of both with NO resulting heartburn to either.
    And with the advent of the computer, numerous handheld devices, and adolescent angst, NO one really wants a teenage boy weilding a hammer, certainly not a nailgun…
    Besides, with agenda 21 being an all-to-real possiblity, only the elites will live in 3000 sqft single family homes and the filthy, squalid rest of us will have to live in Doomsberg’s “studios’ – 12′ x 18′ with a shared hall bath
    IF I had a president, he’d sound like THIS: I’m ordering MY military to work up a plan for a 6 week Path to DEPORTATION

    Breaking the LAW NEVER deserves a reward – 1st time is a misd., all other times is a felony. When do you see ANY prosecution for using/stealing fraudulent Soc. Sec.numbers
    we haven’t even started talking about the several Trillion dollars of American paychecks and taxes we redistributed to the 3rd worlders

  • truth

    Isaa is a traitor and so is Gowdy .
    Issa was having secret meetings for Bonehead and Cantor and Ryan with the Silicon Valley leftists like Facebook crook about how to drag in more foreigners willing to work for slave wages .
    Issa and Gowdy had these phony hearings that went no where on purpose to distract the base from there real goals. Amnesty and kick backs from Billionaires !
    Issa, Gowdy, Cantor, Bonehead, McCarthy,Ryan ,King need to be tarred and feathered and dragged thru streets .
    Like Judas , Issa and Gowdy are selling us out for bag full of K street silver !