DC Grants 9/11 Permit to Anti-American Muslims, Denies it to Patriotic Bikers


That seems appropriate enough as it neatly sums up the state of political priorities these days.

The countdown to Sept. 11 commemoration demonstrations by patriotic bikers versus a fringe Muslim “truther” group is taking shape.

Denied a permit by the nation’s capital for a special “non-stop” ride through town with a waiver for red lights, stop signs and other traffic controls, organizers of the “2 Million Bikers to DC” ride to remember 9/11 are undeterred.

The bikers were told by Sheila Gotha of the Permits DEPT. “This Ride Only event has been denied.” When asked why, her only response was “It’s a weekday and DC residents are not going to happy with you folks.”

The American Muslim Political Action Committee announced Saturday it had received a permit for the misleadingly labeled Million Americans Against Fear demonstration – formerly known as the Million Muslim March – to go ahead Wednesday on the National Mall.

It also announced it had received a commitment from U.S. Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus to speak at the event.

I guess those are the kinds of folks that DC residents are happy with.

  • Holly Ennist Stewart

    Good lord. Talk about bias! What makes you so sure the bikers are patriotic? What makes you so sure the Muslims are anti-Americans? Could you possibly being drooling more at the possible outcomes? I don’t blame DC for denying the permit. Do you have any idea what it would take to stop all the traffic lights in town so these people can ride right through?

    • Jeramy Hudgeons

      Holly, I feel sorry for you.

    • 1Indioviejo1

      Apologetics for the subversive, and bigotry against Americans. You are a tragicomediac, more pathetic than funny. Don’t worry, you seem to have lots of company and none of it good.

    • Raymond_in_DC

      What would it take? About as much as required for a motorcade or long funeral procession. Traffic lights aren’t stopped; rather, they’re preempted by a few cops manning the intersections.

    • pntxdan

      Holly…do you have any idea how many large cities and small towns all over this nation stop traffic for events such as this? …and you’re talking about Washington D.C. here!?!??…A bike ride in remembrance of those who have fought and died for our nation, those fighting islamic terrorism and those who died in the worst attack on innocent citizens in the history of our nation…!??? And you are concerned about logistics and agendas?You are either a Muslim who is practicing taqiyya or you are just very very ignorant of the facts of what Islam is, has done, and is now doing. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to the scourge of Islam in the history of humanity. If you are a liar and a perpetual victim then yes Islam is the religion for you, but as for me I’ll support even the most unpatriotic bikers and anyone else as they speak and ACT for the thinking people who will not be duped as you have!

      • Les

        Why didn’t they apply for the permit sooner??? I am not trying to imply anything, but it seems to be that AUGUST 26th is a tad bit TOO LATE to try and organize such a thing and EXPECT all ducks to fall in a row. At this point, if bikers want to be mad, they should mad at themselves and their piss poor planning.

        • Aizino Smith

          People did not find out about the outrage of the victory march in D.C. right away.

          Please do not try to appear to be so gullible and innocent.

          • Les

            Is that your perception? Interesting. Your perceptions tell more about who you are than who I am. *Yawn*

          • Les

            Maybe those people were too busy with that Kim fellow you mentioned?? Maybe?? Possibly??

          • Aizino Smith

            Next you are going to claim you do not know who Kanye West is?

            Are you an aging hipster who is a shut-in?

      • Juaniita

        Amen brother!!

      • Justin

        Having a Muslim wife, a Muslim extended family and a phone full of Muslim friends, though not one myself, I can say that nearly every Muslim I have EVER met has been nothing but kind, gentle and giving. The acts of a few does not mean the whole group is bad…

    • Ron Lewenberg

      Go look up the 9/11 trutherism, Muslim Brotherhood ties, and ant-Americanism of American Muslim Political Action Committee. This has been covered by FPM. Then be an adult and retract your comment or try to actually defend them, instead of using the victimhood trope.



    • defcon 4

      Move to any islam0nazi state and find out for yourself toots.

    • Aizino Smith

      Lets look at a similar example Holly.

      The SS were not all racist and the U.S. soldiers were not all saints, but where would you put your money and or hopes?

      This is a dichotomy. Remember to not choose is to make the default choice.

      P.S. Do you still support CAIR?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Do you know what “Nakba Day” is? 9-11 is a day that Islamic supremacists tried to attack the core of the USA. Twelve years later, other Islamic supremacists are trying to make out that they are the primary victims of 9-11 due to our response.

      That’s absolutely anti-American primarily because it uses ridiculous lies to distract us from the real dangers of their own ideology.

      My “bias” comes from discernment. Not all bias is irrational or “prejudiced.” It’s judgement after rational analysis in this case.

      “Could you possibly being drooling more at the possible outcomes?”

      Drooling at a pro-American response to destructive multiculturalism and deception campaigns? I wouldn’t call it drooling, but I’m happier than I was before. Why there might even be alternate points of view presented by the MSM. Probably not, but I’m excited at the threat of it.

      “Do you have any idea what it would take to stop all the traffic lights in town so these people can ride right through?”

      Because that’s the first and last thing you think about every time one of your victims groups wants to protest. The occupy movement, now that was tolerable because…but these guys wanting to have a structured pass through traffic lights. We can’t have that. They’re not attacking “rich bankers” as far as we know. Tell them their politics are unacceptable and not good enough to demonstrate on a national day of mourning.

    • ingodsgarden

      I imagine there were traffic jams on the real 9-11 BTW your belittling sarcastic reference to the Lord is considered taking the Lord’s name in vain, some would call it blaspheming. 1 million Muslim’s marching on the National Mall isn’t going to effect traffic? The hypocrisy of this politically correct sense gone amok country & some of it’s mesmerized populace amazes me. These bikers want to honor the dead Americans that became victims that day. I would say that was patriotic their intention is not harm or to degrade their memory.

    • DB1954

      To stop traffic in DC, for a day? I don’t really care. Do you have any idea what ObamaCare alone is going to cost this nation?

    • DogmaelJones1

      Holly: Have you any idea of the traffic jam caused on Madison Avenue and connecting streets in New York City on Fridays when Muslims are permitted to arse lift and head bang on the Avenue?

    • Valentine

      lol bias? I love your phrase “these people” ..you mean Americans??! and you don’t blame DC for denying the permit? the permit would have made it so that the bikers could simply ride striaght through, instead now you will have to deal with them clogging every block of that city. Why don’t you try researching each of these organizations before even hinting the idea that the patriotic shoe is on the other foot. moron.

    • https://www.facebook.com/duke.mantee.77 Duke Mantee

      A computer and an operator.

    • Juaniita

      these people?? sounds like bias to me. Muslims has caused harm for millions of years. Not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim

      • Les

        Millions? Really?

        • Juaniita

          Unfortunately, there are very few verses of tolerance and peace to abrogate or even balance out the many that call for nonbelievers to be fought and subdued until they either accept humiliation, convert to Islam, or are killed. Muhammad’s own martial legacy – and that of his companions – along with the remarkable stress on violence found in the Quran have produced a trail of blood and tears across world history.
          However a minority are decent people who are not racist bigoted and evil………………but that’s a MINORITY!! History does not lie my friend

          • Les

            Yes that is good and all, but are you saying these “atrocities” have been going on for MILLIONS of years is the question I am asking you.

          • Les

            I will just get to my point. You essentially preach to me that History does not lie, but then YOU LIE with the whole “millions of years” bit. How do you really expect anyone to take you seriously? Here try this: People write history. People lie. = History can lie. How is it you came to believe that Islam has been around for MILLIONS of years????

          • Juaniita

            Read my reply, and Less, kick rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Les

            Thousands. Not MILLIONS.

          • Juaniita

            Someone’s a little Anneal.

          • Les

            Oh how clever! Name calling in response to being called out on a HUGE historical exaggeration? I totally didn’t see that one coming.

          • Juaniita

            Humans make mistakes, those that think they are better than everyone else will jump at the opportunity to point it out in a rude and unprofessional manner. that is why i said you are a little Anneal. Enjoy the rest of your day,

          • Les

            That is your POV, and I respect it. I do not respect flat out lies in regards to the topic at hand. It would behoove of you to double check your rants before you hit “post;” as they have the potential to make you look rather foolish. (Not to mention destroy your credibility) You are very welcome.

          • nlcj23

            Humans have not even been on earth for a million years. I’m disgusted with how ignorant and bigoted most of these comments are from self proclaimed “true Americans”. Alot of you need to look at yourselves and reevaluate your primitive process of thinking. You people make me embarrassed to be American.

          • Les

            Well, I guess if you point out the fact that you just mentioned to Juaniita, you are called: anneal, rude, and unprofessional.

          • Aizino Smith

            Oooh 1 comment

            Very new commenter.

            It is taqiyya time.

          • Les

            Taqiyya…. Hmmm. You sure you are not Muslim? I had to Google that word to even understand your unjustified, paranoid implication.

          • Aizino Smith

            Taqiyya has entered the lexicon of people who read the news and don’t follow vacuous things like the Kim Kardashian.

            English is full of foreign words. If someone said “fini” or ‘hasta la vista” are you going to plead ignorance also?

            Les you are one coy and bashful Muslim or lefty.

          • Les

            Please, add “blase” to the list of things I am while chatting with you.
            Ps. Kim who?

          • Aizino Smith

            Blasé is a perfect description for you if you are not Muslim.

            You are playing at ignorance and at philosophical and political arguments out of sheer boredom. You are a lost soul.

            What are the odds that an American has not heard of Kim Kardashian?

            Can you try to make it real? And can you try to make a real effort at debating?

          • Juaniita

            Islam began in Mecca 610 AD. More than 500 years after Jesus. So it’s more than a Million years..my math is off. Can’t count that high

          • Aizino Smith


            Practicing taqiyya?

          • Les

            Is that what you perceive?

          • Aizino Smith

            For sure? No.

            but it is highly suspicious that a new poster as of today takes people tot takes on 911 for being upset with the numerous Islamicists attacks around the world.

          • Les

            So I am supposed to argue your suspicions now? Is that what you expect?

          • Aizino Smith

            It is called inductive reasoning. It keeps sane people alive.

          • Les

            People who think they know everything (you define that as inductive reasoning) have no idea how annoying they are. That, my friend, is some sweet sweet irony.

          • Les

            ps. “sane” people, in my opinion, do not insinuate a person is practicing some weird religious practice they have never heard of before because they posted on a forum for the first time ever on September 11th.

          • Aizino Smith

            Look up deductive and inductive reasoning.

            no philosophers do not like inductive reasoning for problems of logic nonetheless people (even animals) use it because it keeps them from harm. I mention animals because inductive reasoning isn’t some specious ideal that academics made up in their Ivory towers.

            inductive reasoning is what a person would informally use to keep prices of times they buy in the grocery store in their head. over a few months time they would notice the prices of many things they buy go up. the government would say the CPI that we fudged (we mean computed) shows no inflation. Yet the shopper knows from inductive reasoning that there is probably inflation. Like i said inductive reasoning keeps you alive.

            It of the same vein as Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

            You are trying to fool people here. I think you could not make it to today’s march in D.C.

            You are boring me. :)

          • Les

            I already called the “boring” card, bud. Trying to fool people I am not. I was simply reading. Then I saw someone write MILLIONS. Then corrected her/his mistake. Sometimes things can be THAT simple. But thanks for taking the time to teach me that which you think I know not. Pat yourself on the back. Yee-freaking-haw. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to read a book called: “The Pirate Coast.” Oh, and ps. I am as atheist as they come. You are welcome.

          • Aizino Smith

            That explains the blasé attitude. The pieces are beginning to fit.

  • Johnny Walker

    re; Holly Ennist Stewart

    “What makes you so sure the Muslims are anti-Americans?”
    Geez, I don’t know. Let me think now!!
    Oh yea; 30 years or more of organizing a fifth column.
    Holly, didn’t you find it refreshing to be sleeping for all that time a la Rip Van Winkle???

  • Deagin

    It’s another example of how stupid government bureaucrats are. They always make things worse but in this case I’m happy that they did. If they had granted a permit to the bikers they would have been able to keep them contained in a particular route away from the Muslims but now the bikers are free to “swarm” into the city and go where ever they want, hopefully as close to the Muslims as they can and disrupt them and distract them if nothing else just by the noise of the bikes.

    • Gee

      All the Bikers have to do is declare that they are part of the march right?

  • Major

    muck fuzlims. if only a 1000 show up..I hope they drown out the mohammedans …shame on America and the NPS…I hope they close down DC…they’re not doing us any good anyway.

  • GSR

    Don’t you rubes know, native born White Americans ARE the enemy!

  • Ms. America

    As a D.C. Resident I’m pissed there isn’t a federal Holliday and MORE patriotism on 9/11. For all the fear, the grief, the color coded terror alerts we lived with for YEARS, the angst felt when riding metro on the days/months after, the independence day events that people were afraid to attend….I’ll be in my red, white, blue, and stars tomorrow waiting to wave to the “Road Dogs” rolling in!

  • Rick

    Our present Government is Racist

    • Canadian

      I wish you could read these comments objectively and you might see exactly who the racists are. There is so much hatred and no love, no humanity, oh well war is good for business, right my american friend?

  • truebearing

    I’m glad the permit was denied. Now the bikers will get even more people to participate. It will also be more of a protest, and will focus the light on how our government is enabling the Islamists. If a fight breaks out, so much the better. Someone better start fighting pretty soon or we may as well all get our “I’m a dhimmi” tattoos.

    • Aizino Smith

      Sometimes Muslims did not allow people to convert to Islam because they needed a pool of people to oppress.

      So people who think they are going to convert, when the going gets tough and not before and that it would be easier to convert than to fight maybe in for a rude awakening.

      Also there is a pecking order in Islam of who converted 1st. All Muslims are not equal. Sorry Holly.

      Other cultures have done the same the Aztecs would not integrate one conquered tribe. they merely surrounded their homeland and would raid them regularly so they had captives to sacrifice at their temples.

      • defcon 4

        Timurlane slaughtered some of his fellow luke-warm muslimes because they were too addicted to jizya and disinterested in forcibly converting the najjis kuffar to islam.

        • Aizino Smith

          I had read of Muslims who refused to let people convert. I just don’t remember any specific cases.

          It calls into question the sincerity of one’s belief if they engage in such practices.

          It also calls into sincerity if one establishes or adheres to a pecking order in a egalitarian (more or less) so called religion.

      • Justin

        You’re an idiot that has no idea of how Islam works. There is no pecking order; that is Catholicism that has the pecking order…

        • Aizino Smith

          You keep believing that :)

          • Justin

            How many Muslims do you know well? How much time have you spent in an Islamic community? Likely none. I live it everyday, as my wife (I am Agnostic) and her entire family is Muslim. Plus, I lived in a majority Muslim country for the past few years. Yeah, there is no pecking order…

            Walk in a Mosque and try to find a “leader.” There is not one. The only person similar is the Imum, and he is nothing more than the man that leads the prayers. There is no Pope, no Bishops, and no Priests to tell you what is right/wrong.

          • Aizino Smith

            I read the book the Saudis to give one example. the author was shocked to find people with Mongolian features in Muslims dress while walking thru one city. Seems that their ancestors had been brought to the Saudi Arabian Peninsula as engineers or artisans. and yet they never really mixed after centuries.

            How do jihadis treat black Muslims? How do rank and file Muslims treat the people of Darfhur. George Clooney must be a liar. eh?

            Try Again Harder

          • Justin

            So you are now mistaking racism for a religious hierarchy, nice try. 40 years ago white Christians rarely mingled with black Christians. Further back, they were enslaved by white Christians. C’mon you are really stretching far.

            Plus, to even mention the word “Jihadi” shows that you have no true understanding of Islam and actually have no idea what “Jihad” really is. Trust me, it is not the bombing and killing that Fox tells you it is. And no where in the Qua’ran does it condone such behavior.

          • Aizino Smith

            That racism is still here in the Muslim world.

            I do not doubt Peninsula Arabs are better than other Arabs and Arabs are better than other Muslims. You see it in the courts.

            Then there are the descendants of Mohammed (Sayyids are whatever). They are better than other Muslims? Really?

            I’ve read the English version of the UAE newspaper. I saw how they treated people in the courts. That was decades ago. it has not gotten better.

          • Justin

            There is still loads of racism in Christianity here too. Heck, our biggest white supremacy group (the KKK) is a Christian-based organization. Religion isn’t the issue there, it is intelligence and acceptance.

            Now, I will not argue with you on the fact that the Western World (mostly Christian) has modernized at a quicker rate than Islam. Thus we see the fairer courts and such.

          • Aizino Smith

            The KKK really?

            I keep track of the gangs and racist groups. I have reason too. The KKK is not one of my concerns. Try bringing up a more credible bogeyman. I remember seeing a confederate flag taking up 1/2 the side of a house where I lived. That was 2 decades ago. That was basically the last gasp. There is also a website, but there isn’t much of a threat compared to other local gangs.

            I also remember seeing a woman who was 1/2 black in the same neighborhood. There was no fear on her face. None. If I kept to the leftist way of thinking there would be too much cognitive dissonance. The KKK was ran out. the woman was still there. Blood is thicker than the KKK.

            Look the KKK is not a problem. I would cause myself more problems taking the KKK line with other whites (no matter their political registration) than not. Blood is thicker. there are a lot of people that have a black niece, nephew or grand kid even in a town that is 99% white.

            Please try again.

          • Aizino Smith

            I did walk into a mosque near Kings Cross. The leader did find me. Good thing to as the youngster were looking at me with dagger eyes and getting a little jumpy.

            My parents took me to every ancient or famous church, ancient ruin, etc while on vacation. I just happened on this mosque. I did not want to go. but i remembered my upbringing and said if you have seen the churches (Westminister Abbey and Cathedral (RCC)) you might as well see the mosques so get over yourself.

            My 1st intuition was correct. Although it was a learning experience. the lampposts by the intersection at Saint John’s Woods was covered in screeds condemning CNN and every other Western TV network. this was a few years prior to 911.

            Then there is the guy at work named jihad, who always walks around angrier the heck.

          • Justin

            So one mosque sums up the entire religion? I see. So I guess Westboro Baptist can summarize all Christians too. Good tidbit to know

          • Aizino Smith

            Westboro Church is the result of 1 Democrat and the following 2 generations of his family. It is basically an extended family with what 50 to 100 people?

            The mosque I went to was a major Mosque in London. You know which one it is.

          • Justin

            Given it is the major Mosque in London, there may be someone there that keeps the place open (Imum), but he is still not the leader and is not viewed as a leader. It simply doesn’t exist, and if he claimed to be, then he is not following the religion in the manner that it was intended to be followed.

            Bottom line, you cannot judge or qualify an entire religion based on a visit to a single Mosque or the actions of 1% of its population.

          • Aizino Smith

            I have been to too many Muslims countries (Turkey, Egypt, UAE,Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, Indonesia) and have seen too many news reports and have read too much history, to believe differently.

            If your picture is legit, your spouse seems to be moderate. I do not see that as surviving. I see some Muslim telling her, her proper place. You might fight hard to prevent that, but it will be too little too late.

            The Saudis have too much money and they are building too many mosques. I see religious police coming to a town near you.

            One sign of hope I did see was from Saudi Arabia, when a man went up to a police officer, because he was uptight because he saw 2 or 3 women shopping in proper attire at a mall but without male escort. The police officer basically ignored him without telling the guy to buzz off thereby setting him off. that kind of told me which way the wind might be blowing. But the winds of change like that are so slight and fitful it is hard to tell. Maybe you saw that video

          • Justin

            Um, Indonesia as a whole is a moderate Muslim country, as is Turkey. Women are free to dress as they please, have the same rights as males, are not repressed (Indonesia actually has already had a woman president) and there are no Islam-based federal laws (I am not too sure on Turkey on this one, but I know Indonesia the federal government actually forbids Sharia law). Yes, some areas of Indonesia (Aceh, in particular) are conservative, but the country as a whole in moderate.

            And no, none of my wife’s friends or family will ever try to “convince” her to go conservative. She is too strong minded and has no interest in living conservatively.

          • Aizino Smith

            Um no, Indonesia is not moderate and neither is Turkey.

            Turkey is being islamicized. There are enough moderates that they are fighting back and there is some hope that they will win, but Turkey has become progressively conservative since 2000 by design. I would have agreed with you before 2000. but no longer. Erdogan is a bad man. Try again.

            The islamicization of Turkey or London is not going as fast as Iran where they went to the hijab over night but it is happening. People are being harassed until they out it on. Those acid attacks in London are a nice touch too.

          • Justin

            Maybe I am incorrect about Turkey, but per my friend that lives there, it is rather moderate.

            Now you cannot try to argue Indonesia with me. My wife spent her entire life there and I lived there with her for several years. Indonesia, as a whole, is no different than the U.S. Girls roam around in miniskirts and tight shirts, there are no laws forbidding them from going out. Alcohol is readily available at the local store, etc.

            Are there conservative areas of Indonesia? Yes, but even those aren’t too far right with exception to Aceh.

            You are likely basing you comments on the news about Miss Universe (or what ever pageant that is), but that is a single incident that involves a very small group of people. I am speaking about the government and the majority being moderate, not the select few hard-line groups…

  • Jodi Griffin

    We are prone to the same problem here in the UK – perhaps they ought to have applied under ‘2 Million ISLAMIC Bikers Ride to DC’

  • Juaniita

    Remember: every Muslim is not a Terrorist BUT ever Terrorist is a Muslim!! American freedom fighters will not getting along with American hatters.. I have spoken

    • Justin

      Hmm, really. Look up terrorism in Ireland and what about Timothy McVeigh? Jim Jones ring a bell maybe? How about the Crusades? The single biggest act of terrorism ever…

      • Aizino Smith

        Crusades were a reaction to over 400 years of attacks by Muslims. And specifically it was due to killig of POilgims in the Holy land. The Seljuk Turks as new Muslim converts persecuted Christian heavily in the Middle East and in 1009 the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was destroyed by the Fatimid Caliph al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

        What legal justification did Muslims have to attack Spain, France, Italy (all before the Crusade)?

        Why don’t you read the book “The Pirate Coast”.

        But hey given the silvering hair and the age difference and what not, I know you are whipped.

        • Justin

          Oh please… That is a very very brief summary of thousands of years of battles that involved terrorism on both sides. I was simply pointing out that Christians WERE engaging in terrorism during the Crusades. To summarize it as “a reaction to over 400 years of attacks” doesn’t change what happened at that time.

          Funny, you can comment on the one that isn’t as well documented, but you care to not even address the ones that are direct Christian terrorism. I even spared the Army of God from my argument too…

          • Aizino Smith

            Who started 1st, who fails to reconcile, how often and how bad matters.

            Say for example you start picking on me at school 1st, and over time you punch me 5 times and I reply at various times with 2 slaps, I do not buy a typical teachers logic that we are equally guilty. I hope that is simple enough and straightforward enough example for you to follow.

            The Christians in Egypt did not go to mecca to attack the Muslims. the Muslims came to Egypt and attacked the Christians. 4 centuries before the crusades.

  • herbertW

    Today should be declared burn a koran day in honor of the evil muslims

    • Yep

      I think we should spend the other 364 days burning Bibles in honor of all the evil Christianity has caused.

      • Les

        Screw it, let’s burn them ALL!!!! Rig Veda, Torah, Bible, Quran etc. etc. etc.!! Age of Aquarius baby! ^^

  • TRAV1S

    Born to be Wiiiiiiiiiiiild!!!!!

    Only the Bikers can save America, FTW!!!

    • Aizino Smith

      They have more cahones than politicians. They took action against the Westboro way before the pols did. :)

  • Justin

    Wow, “Anti-American Muslims.” And how exactly do you assume them to be “Anti-American?” Being Muslim doesn’t make you anti-American any more than being Jewish, Catholic, Athiest, Buddhist, Hindu, Agnostic or a Scientologist, it simply makes you a religion that so many people fear because of some extremist groups. What irresponsible editing…

    • Les

      I am afraid your words will be “lost” here. I will take this opportunity, though, after reading everything you wrote to ask you this: Why aren’t the Muslims in America making it clear they do not support the many acts of terrorism that have happened across the globe? I am happy they did what they did today, but MORE needs to be done.

      • Justin

        Many many many Muslims and Imums have come forward to condemn the actions. The media only publicizes the ones that do not condemn it.

        In fact Indonesia — majority Muslim — has imprisoned every Islamic terrorist it has caught and publicly condemns the actions.

        • Les

          Many Many Many, but not enough. Simply not enough. Maybe bumper stickers might help? Here are some suggestions: “I do NOT condone BENGAHZI” or “Nidal Hasan’s beard won’t get him into paradise” or “Beheading is Barbaric” or “Let’s wage Jihad on Suicide Bombers” or “Religion doesn’t make us family” etc. etc. etc.

          • Justin

            LOL, I like the way you think, Les. :)

          • Les

            haha. It might work….? ^^

        • Aizino Smith

          Ya Indonesia, which is why we hear about the horrors of Aceh province.

          • Justin

            Aceh has virtually separated itself from the country, and I already mentioned that is the one conservative area in the whole country.

          • Aizino Smith

            oh god, more taqiyya

        • Aizino Smith

          Let us see an Iman at a gay pride parade.

    • Aizino Smith

      Do you send money so Muslims can persecute Buddhists in Sri Lanka and Burma.

      how about Thailand?

      How about India?

      What is the common denominator?

      Oh right you will never admit.

      • Les

        Isn’t that what shopping at Walmart is for?

    • Delta Rain

      Thank you.I’ve been fussing with so many today? 2 million bikers gather up and ride to DC.. Not to help protest or contribute one thing to helping our country. They just wanted to be hateful. Thanks, Bikers, Real good job showing everybody what kind of American you are.

  • blakmira

    2 million bikers declaring that they actually believe the “official story” about 9-11. LOL “Da Muslims with box cutters knocked down 3 steel buildings with 2 planes. Duhhhh.” All that crystal meth must be clogging up their tiny little brains.

    • Delta Rain

      Yeah, I thought they were awake?

  • joe smith

    Nothing wrong with Muslims marching but on September 11th. Are you kidding me. It is a slap in the face to all Americans to let this happen on this day…it was an extremest Muslim group that caused so much pain and fear to our entire country so it is in bad taste (to say the least ) for this to happen…..this is what the president BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA has allowed to happen….Say it out loud everyone…..BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. That’s not a name that’s on the top million names you would name an american…..he’s Muslim people and he’s the biggest fraud of a president this nation has ever had……very sad times.