DEA Busts Abortion Clinic for Drugs, Stealing Blood

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In the middle of April, Carolyn Payne, President of the UT Medical Students for Choice, wrote a letter complaining about the University of Toledo’s decision to cancel medical transfer agreements with Critical Care Network, formerly the Toledo Women’s Center.

“The Center for Choice and Capital Care Network provide a vital health service to the women of Northwest Ohio by providing safe pregnancy terminations,” she wrote.

“History has shown us that when safe abortion services are not accessible, this does not stop women from having abortions. They just have unsafe abortions, and at later gestations.”

But then the DEA raided Critical Care and it turned out to be quite unsafe and suffering from some unsavory habits.

Inspectors from the Ohio Department of Health visited the Cuyahoga Falls Capital Care abortion facility on February 14 and found a host of violations detailed in a 36-page inspection report [PDF]. The most serious of these violations were drug-related, which is why the DEA got involved—just as it did in the case of notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society.

A staff member told inspectors that “many of the facility’s patients underwent frequent surgical procedures at the facility.” There is so much wrong here, one scarcely knows where to begin.

One thing is certain: Capital Care was counting on these Rh- women to show up repeatedly to supply them with blood.

However, there was no doctor’s order for any of these women to have a tube to be drawn instead of just a finger stick, “nor was there documentation the patient was made aware of the blood sample’s intended use.”

In other words: Capital Care was stealing women’s blood.

If we don’t have safe abortion clinics to steal women’s blood, then what are they supposed to do; steal their own blood?

  • Rifleman

    It sounds like the 'progressive' crowd has turned the clock back to treating patients by bleeding them

    Seriously though, was this 'clinic' counting on the ignorance of the poor and uneducated to loot them of their very blood? Sure, the left is looking out for the poor and powerless, except, of course, when they're preying on them. There's nothing to low and depraved for this bunch.

  • UCSPanther

    These abortion clinics just keep getting by scandal after scandal.

    One of these days, we will have the real truth about what happens behind their doors, and it will not be pretty.

  • slhancock

    I'm wondering exactly what were they doing with these tubes of blood?

  • Rebecca Havener

    Now what? Perhaps they are joining the bandwagon of vampires VS werewolves! Thats just freaky!