Dem Congressman Who Has Never Worked for a Living to Live on Food Stamps


If a dictionary were ever in need of a charming woodcut picture to go under the word “parasite”, it would have a tough choice between a mosquito and Congressman Dan Kildee.

Dan Kildee started in politics at the age of 18 when he was elected to the Flint Board of Education in 1977. Since then he’s held down a variety of government positions and non-profits.

When his uncle Dale Kildee, who was famous for serving 35 years in Congress (after serving 11 years in Michigan State government and for being accused of molesting his cousin) finally decided to retire at the age 0f 81, naturally it was time for Dan Kildee to succeed to his family inheritance.

A congressional seat.

Dan Kildee ran unopposed (naturally) in the Democratic Party and now hopes to retire from Congress at the ripe old age of 81 when perhaps there will be another Kildee to pass the torch of not working for a living to.

Until then, Kildee has announced plans to relate to the not working class by living on food stamps, the way that people who can’t figure out how to get elected to Congress do.

U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee said Tuesday he will be living on a food stamp budget for one week to protest potential cuts to the nutritional program House Republicans are poised to adopt.

Starting Sunday, the Flint Democrat will live on the average food stamp budget of $4.50 a day ($31.50 for the week) to shine a light on the struggles of low-income Americans who rely on the program.

“I hope to gain a better understanding of how difficult it is for many of my constituents to avoid hunger and try to meet nutritional needs,” the freshman representative said in statement.

Let me help Dan out. Don’t buy fast food. Don’t eat at restaurants. Buy cheap bread. Buy cheap fruit. Throw in some canned goods and pasta. And then get elected to Congress on your creepy uncle’s seat. Eat at the Congressional cafeteria. There, you’re done.

  • Mister007

    With a little common sense it would be easy for one person to live on that amount. I wish they would have me show them how to do it. BUY food items only no chips or Twinkies and learn how to cook from Paula Deem and enjoy life…

  • VHG1

    He’ll be taken to breakfast lunch and dinner by sympathetic parasites no doubt. He won’t miss a catered meal!

  • ebonystone

    $135/mo? Is that the standard rate for a single person? I would have no trouble eating pretty well on that budget.


    Sounds a lot like your average Flint resident. Always willing to screw the taxpayer while sitting on their ass all day.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    1 Gallon of 2% Milk — $3.50 (4 days)…$26.25/month
    I Can of Tuna — $2.00 (1 day)…$60.00/month
    1 Bottle of Apple Juice — $3.00 (5 days)…$18.00/month
    1 Can of Soup — $2.00 (1 day)…$60.00/month
    1 Box of Crackers — $2.50 (8 days)…$10.00/month

    TOTAL: Roughly $175.00/month (northern Indiana price-guesstimates).

    Not very much, but still almost 30% more than $135.00/month. I’m sure with coupons, buying bread plus turkey-slices or beef-slices instead of cans of soup, the monthly amount could be brought down. But what I listed above is not really all that much food, and would amount to perhaps roughly 1500 calories per day, I’m roughly guessing.