Democratic Assemblyman Attacks Police Dog with Wrench After Expulsion from Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Sometimes it ends up in California.

Police chased a former lawmaker on a freeway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles and arrested him at gunpoint following a struggle, hours after he became the first person ever expelled from the Nevada Legislature.

Steven Brooks was jailed in California’s San Bernardino County after being subdued with punches and a Taser. Police alleged he attacked a police dog with a wrench.

Brooks’ arrest Thursday near the California city of Victorville was his third since January, and came just hours after colleagues in the Legislature deemed the Democrat from North Las Vegas too dangerous and unpredictable to serve his elected term. Lawmakers wept Thursday as they cited concerns about their own safety and evidence collected about an increasingly bizarre series of public incidents.

Police allege that Brooks threatened a Democratic party Assembly leader before one arrest and threw punches and grabbed for the gun of a police officer in his second arrest about three weeks later. He also was hospitalized for five days for a mental evaluation following another police encounter that didn’t result in an arrest.

Brooks’ first arrest was Jan. 19, after he was accused of making threats toward legislative colleagues including Assembly Democratic Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick. North Las Vegas police said Brooks had a gun and ammunition in his car when he was arrested. The state attorney general’s office hasn’t filed criminal charges in the case.

Brooks was sworn in at the Legislature on Feb. 4, but was arrested again Feb. 10 at his estranged wife’s home in Las Vegas after police alleged he tried to punch and grabbed for the gun of an officer who responded to a domestic dispute. Brooks faces a court hearing in May in Las Vegas on one felony and three lesser charges.

He was sworn in and then banished from the Legislature building as a possible security risk days after arriving in a hooded sweatshirt and ducking into an office to avoid reporters.

He posed shirtless for a newspaper photograph to show injuries that he said he suffered during his first arrest, but that weren’t apparent. He tried unsuccessfully to buy a rifle at a sporting goods store in Sparks. He bought body armor from a radio show host in Las Vegas. He lost his job as a Las Vegas city management analyst. And he reported his car stolen.

Brooks’ expulsion from the state Assembly came by voice vote following a recommendation from a bipartisan panel that met largely behind closed doors. The seven panel members voted 6-1 for expulsion after considering a more than 900-page investigative report produced by a Las Vegas lawyer hired as a special counsel.

That certainly is one long report.

  • Edward Cline

    Those North Las Vegas voters took a gamble on Brooks, and lost. What were they thinking?

  • Ar'nun

    And yet he is still not the Craziest Liberal/Progressive.

  • Mary Sue

    I feel sorry for the dog.

  • kasandra

    It's all Bush's fault.

  • slhancock

    This does not seem to be an isolated case among democrats, but when talking to democrats, you can see why. Reason and common sense have no place in their conscious views. They hate god, they hate anyone who loves God, or professes godly values. Scripture makes the strong case that those who deny God end up being totally corrupted. When your own views are based on what you alone think is right or wrong, you cannot see anything you do as wronging someone else. It's no wonder that felons and plain old despicable men and women are continually elected and re-elected by democrats. They see nothing wrong with them. If they did, it would call into question their own world-views, and we cannot have that, now, can we?

  • joe

    Another crazy lib is amusing but not unusual .
    The majority of violent criminals in the US identify themselves as democrats.