Democratic Party Prostitute May Be Next Mayor of Vicksburg

No… please… don’t pass it on

We often accuse politicians of being prostitutes, but in some cases they actually are prostitutes. For the last two years, Linda Fondren has been glowering down from inspirational posters put up by the Foundation for a Better Life campaign that boasted that she helped her town lose weight.

Somehow her weight loss campaign led CNN to declare her one of its top 10 heroes and a community crusader. Obviously the standards for heroism are really low these days.

Left unmentioned by the Values campaign and CNN was that in addition to her weight loss heroism, Linda Fondren had been a hooker and then a brothel owner.

Now Linda Fondren is running for mayor of Vicksburg, a majority African-American city, and her former pimp has come out to endorse her in the Democratic primary.

Linda Fondren and her husband Jim owned and operated The Sagebrush Ranch (a Nevada brothel that is located next to Hof’s). Before that, she was a working prostitute at Hof’s brothel who met her husband when he was her client.

Hof hopes that a mayoral term could in fact lead to state wide office for Fondren, perhaps as a congresswoman or governor, where she could draw on her past as a legal prostitute to advocate for Mississippi becoming the second state in the nation to legalize the brothel industry.

A week ago, I didn’t think the Democratic Party could get any lower, but like a circus geek, it always keeps surprising me. Linda Fondren is denying that she owned a brothel, but the evidence points to her being a liar… which is really shocking from a Democrat and a hooker.

Later that same year, the St. Petersburg Times in Florida ran a series of feature articles on legalized prostitution. One said the Sagebrush Ranch was owned by Fondren and her husband, Jim, who the story lists as “a developer and former restaurateur.” Fondren’s campaign website confirms the couple built restaurants together.

Further, Fondren’s signature on the articles of incorporation for RAHA is a close match for her signature on the articles of incorporation for Shape up Mississippi and Shape Up Sisters Vicksburg, both of which were filed with the Mississippi Secretary of State. The signature from 1987 is more sloppily written, and the F in Fondren is styled differently, but the other letters look alike.

When pressed for answers about the lies and the prostitution, the CNN hero of weight loss replied in traditional rambling liberal fashion.

“These are rumors, and politics is really a business that people do whatever it takes to get things said about people instead of discussing the issues, what concerns people the most,” Fondren said. “This does not help our children get a good education. This does not help our people get out of poverty.”

Fondren repeatedly denied any involvement with the brothel and said she was not aware of any newspaper articles on the subject.

But while Fondren denies any knowledge of the brothel, a second story by the St. Petersburg Times quoted her husband giving a reasoned defense of legalized prostitution.

Jim Fondren goes on to refer to his wife in another quote. “This I saw as a business opportunity, and we haven’t regretted it since,” he reportedly told the paper. “We’ve grown from 19 rooms to over 60.”

When asked about her husband’s quotes, Fondren replied: “I have no knowledge of any article at all,” adding, “You can give an opinion about real estate; you can give an opinion about lots of things.

“What I am going to say on all of this is that it is unfortunate that people would come out with things that will make other people judge you,” Fondren said. “This is politics, and I’m not a politician. I’ve never ran for an elected office before. What happens is when they come out (with accusations), then you spend all of your time trying to defend something as opposed to trying to deal with the issues.

“We are on the bottom of so many things,” she added. “That’s what we need to be focusing on.”

I don’t know. Linda seems like a politician to me. But why hold her time as a prostitute and the owner of a house of prostitution against her when we don’t hold Barney Frank’s gay brothel against him, Bill Clinton’s inability to keep his pants on against him and Obama’s cocaine use against him.

We’re in a post-values world where a former prostitute can be a hero by promoting weight loss and become the subject of a values campaign. Morals are also so 1950. Our heroes today are people who advise everyone to eat kale and raise taxes on the rich. It’s a brave new world and Linda Fondren is the perfect embodiment of it.

Why not Mayor Hooker or Governor Hooker or President Hooker? The future is bright with hope, change and venereal disease and the Democratic Party under the inspired leadership of prostitutes, real and metaphorical, is leading us forward.

  • kafir4life

    She looks like she could be the daughter that the Obamas never had (thru abortion).


    LOL! The last paragraph sums up today's Demonrat Party to a T! Kudos Mr. Greenfield that was genius!

  • Ar'nun

    How long until Mayor Hooker changes the name from Vicksburg to Sodom?

    I'm just shocked anyone would pay her for sex, not very attractive.

    • jakespoon

      Not Sodom,but New Gomorrah. Looks don't matter,knowledge does. It's reliably reported that she is an expert at performing " The Portuguese Slide". But I wouldn't know.

    • Scout

      Well, when your face is buried in a pillow your nothing but an ass….


    The really sad thing is that Fondren, for all we know, may actually be one of the better Democratic candidates out there. I think I'd prefer her to Elizabeth "Cherokee" Warren any day.

  • IsraelFirster

    Well, if Vicksburg votes her in as mayor, can we say they blew her, er it, er whatever.

  • Mike

    1st we have obama screwing us and now we might have Fondren screwing us and both are charging us.

  • George II

    Lots of HATERS! Your man Mr. 47% lost, maybe if "pimped" a little more, the REPUGS finest would have won.

    • Harry

      George what does this statement you just made have anything to do with the subject?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "George what does this statement you just made have anything to do with the subject?"

        In his simple world I suppose this means that 0'Bama's election results allow any Democrat to do and say what they want.

    • kafir4life

      So George….I suspect that you voted for President Stinky (bo) at least twice. Was it because he's the first openly gay president, who wears that fat beast Moochelle as his beard, or you just like the free stuff that us productive folk been buyin' ya, or do ya just like the color?

      • @WillieScrapes

        Do your comments scream "uneducated" because your parents rejected an education for you since it was free?

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    In its attempt to promote black candidates for political office, the Democratic party always seems to choose those people who most personify negative black stereotypes and demonizes those black Republicans who personify the opposite.

    • @WillieScrapes

      Aren't politicians supposed to represent their constituencies? Something tells me that black prostitutes outnumber black Republicans in Mississippi. I guess there are some things worse than being a prostitute!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Hof hopes that a mayoral term could in fact lead to state wide office for Fondren, perhaps as a congresswoman or governor, where she could draw on her past as a legal prostitute to advocate for Mississippi becoming the second state in the nation to legalize the brothel industry."

    And that's a crucial mandate once we've enacted enough "green" legislation we need to make sure prostitution is legal anywhere there are whores who need money.

    Jihad? My jihad is legalizing prostitution. What's yours?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “These are rumors, and politics is really a business that people do whatever it takes to get things said about people instead of discussing the issues, what concerns people the most,” Fondren said. “This does not help our children get a good education. This does not help our people get out of poverty.”

    Translation: Busted

  • HollyweirdRitey

    It seems only natural that prostitution would qualify one for democrat party politics

    • @WillieScrapes

      It's only natural that those evil prostitutes would succeed in corrupting a family values Republican like Senator David Vitter..

  • sid

    john 8:7 ….ever heard of it….all you christians

  • batgirl

    I pray that one day this country will move above racism. For you ones who have made posts, your hatred is just oozing through. We have had some previous presidents who have had shady characters but never has the hatred been as obvious as with President Obama. No one is perfect. As Jesus said, "Those without sin cast the first stone.' I would say instead of spreading your hatred and feeding off of one another,.spread some love and get to know your fellowman.

  • Latoya

    Well let her be the mayor she not no better than anyone else is i don’t look @ her no different what about women & men the sale there body to take care bills & so much more so everyone talking about it but people no but who cares though she human wtf i always learn if you go be a hoe be good of what u do so if she go be a mayor she go be a damn good one

  • Anon

    This story reminds me of Rahab. Similarly, she was a prostitute, but god forgave her, married a good man and she has generations of great kids.

    There are lots of "Rahabs" in this world: Delores French, Judge Greg Mathis, Cupcake Brown. I refer to these people as such because they are examples of people who had pasts but managed to change their lives and made significant differences in the lives of other people and their communities.

    Too often, we look at role models as being these flawless people being outstanding people, which is OK,but role models should also be imperfect people who overcame great obstacles to become the people that they are today. I admire this woman for doing what she is doing.

    Right now , there are people being written off because of their checkered pasts. A teacher may be telling a student that they aren't going to amount to anything because they may be a special needs kid, a class clown, the poor or kids' that want making the grades,but that isn't always the case. My former 5th grade teacher was a teen mom,but she was a great educator and my family didn't see her as a threat to my education.

    I'm more concerned about how she'll run the city of Vicksburg than about her past. In that case, there are lots of closeted politicians and civilians who shouldn't have their jobs because of their pasts..and even present.

    Linda said that she wants to use her platform not to make the same mistakes that she did. I say go for. Vicksburg needs a person who will show their strengths through their weaknesses. I really get sick of people portraying to be something that they're really not and where they will eventually have come out with their problem.

  • yours

    Wow an black woman who is are was an prostitute have a good chance to be mayor in Mississippi. How many white men and women did she beat to get this fair in the game.white hogs are losing ground fast .Your wives lust over the black man your daughters will marry one and your sons will work for one but cheer up we will take good care of them

  • sadtosee

    Thanks, Yours, well said All the so called Christians should know you "reap what you sow" and also God uses those who truly can do… not those who pretend and we know who the biggest pretenders are don't we. Do we want real experience for the future or pretense…….Hopefully she will be as great as God made the prostitutes and murderers he used to make a better world….(in what we call the Biblical days) but the so called Christians would probably, rather have a murderer as a leader rather than a prostitute who was smart enough to make money for what most men want free from women…..I think that was a good political move…and that might be the problem, she might be smarter than most….

  • Libertarian

    Daniel Greenfield must be the biggest close-minded douchebag on the planet. Talk about obfuscating the issues. Here’s a woman that, you know, CARES about her community.

    But she’s a former prostitute! Republican-2013-interpretation-of-Old-Testament-Heaven forbid!

    Crawl back into your cave you poorly evolved troglodyte. Should we elect a piece of trash like yourself for anything? Heaven forbid.

  • Lindseroo

    Saying that she IS a prostitute or IS a hooker because she was in this profession 28 years ago is as intelligent as saying a doctor IS a fry cook because he worked at McDonald’s once for 6 months in college. Man you’re shameful.

  • Suppose that she is a prostitute or a hooker, she is not good enough to be a leader. As you all know, a leader is an example for their followers to follow. If she wants people to trust her or have faith in her, she should admit her past and let the people deal with it, whether they will be on her side or not. Her denial of her past will just create suspicious rumors against her. Moreover, if prostitution is legalized, not just the sex will be performed, but drugs and other bad things will also follow. Overall it will make society worse.