Denmark Convicts Iranian Woman of Racism for Calling Islam Mysognistic

Firoozeh Bazrafkan

The Point covered the case of Firoozeh Bazrafkan last year. Now the case has reached its final insane conclusion. What is the difference between Denmark and Iran again?

Apparently less than you might think.

The prosecutor, in his procedure, noted that the article by Firoozeh does not constitute threats against Muslims, but rather mockery and denigration of Muslims due to their faith, as clarified by the reference to the fundamental scripture of Islam, the Quran.

So it’s Islam itself that cannot be criticized in Denmark.

Danish-Iranian artist Firoozeh Bazrafkan was handed a 5,000 kroner fine on Monday when the Western High Court found her guilty of racism.

She was charged by Aarhus Police of violating anti-racism legislation, section 266 b of the penal code, after publishing a blog entry in Jyllands-Posten newspaper in December 2011, in which she stated:

“I am very convinced that Muslim men around the world rape, abuse and kill their daughters. This is, according to my understanding as a Danish-Iranian, due to a defective and inhumane culture – if you can even call it a culture at all. But you can say, I think, that it is a defective and inhumane religion whose textbook, the Koran, is more immoral, deplorable and crazy than manuals of the two other global religions combined.”

An artist with a critical focus on Iran’s Islamic regime and religion in general, Bazrafkan argues in an interview with The Copenhagen Post that Danish anti-racism legislation should not apply to the critique of religion.

What is your reaction following the High Court’s ruling?

I’m not sorry for writing the blog in the newspaper but I am disappointed and angry because I should have the right to write and say what I want. My blog in Jyllands-Posten newspaper didn’t threaten anyone, it was a criticism of Islamic codes.

Your text was very similar to what Lars Andersen wrote and which resulted in him being convicted under the racism paragraph. Why did you choose to write it?

I copied his text and made some personal additions, that I was a Danish-Iranian. I wrote it as an artistic manifesto to show that we cannot say what we want and we cannot criticise Islamic regimes. I wanted to show Lars support because, as a Danish Iranian, I know what a big problem Islamic regimes are in both Iran and the Middle East. These Islamic codes give men the rights to do whatever they want to women and children and I think it’s disgusting. They also prevent people in Iran from discussing and saying what they want. This is what I wanted to criticise.

Can you not see why the court found your blog to be offensive?

The court argued that what I wrote about Muslim men was condescending and a generalisation. But that’s unfair, because there are many Islamic codes that are being used by Islamic men to justify their actions against women and children.

It’s important to remember that I did not write that ALL Muslim men committed horrible acts and used Islamic codes to justify them, I wrote that Muslim men around the world can do these things because it is allowed according to these codes. It’s not the same thing. For example, Muslims around the world protested at the Mohammed cartoons, and doctors around the world misdiagnose patients, but not all Muslims protested, and not all doctors misdiagnose.

But there are other religious codes in the world that restrict people’s rights. Are you unfairly singling Islam out for critique?

I have also been critical of Judaism and Christianity but I was born in Iran as a Muslim. I have family members in Iran who don’t have the same democratic rights and freedom to express their anger as I do. I do my best to get the point out in my artwork and installations because I want to criticise the Iranian regime my way. If I want to be angry, I should have the right to be angry and call the Islamic regime anything I want. The state shouldn’t go in and take my rights.

My point is that I want to give men and women the rights to write whatever they want, I don’t care if it’s stupid or well formulated, people should just have the right to say what they want so long as they don’t threaten other people.

Have you been threatened?

One person said he wanted to chop me up and feed me to his dogs. I reported it to the police but they didn’t charge him because the threats weren’t threatening enough.

One country. Two sets of laws. Criticism of Islam is prohibited. Muslim death threats however get a pass.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Welcome to the world we live in which is increasingly being dominated by the Left, where the truth, especially when it regards Islam, is now hate speech.

    • defcon 4

      I’m wondering when the corrupt scumbags in the federal government will try to outlaw all criticism of islam under the guise of hate speech. Hopefully this will result in a long overdue civil war.

  • Zombee

    Denmarks descent into Dhimmitude. How sad it is that their losing their culture ,freedoms and identitiy to the heathens of Muhammad.

  • JacksonPearson

    Denmark have proven one thing, they’re dumber than rocks!

  • Abdur Razzaq bin Mohamed Ali

    I don’t get
    it! Why have you mam resorted to such a childish of reporting news or
    documentary, why to copy contents from other writers and add your inferior
    intellectual bits to it. Where is the originality in your message, and it would
    be a crime to ask you where is your statistics to claim Muslim men rape and
    subjudicate their women as per their Quraan, I repeat show me an verse which
    says to rape. Irony, to the Denmark which has become safe haven for such low
    life blogger who do this to earn money and get fame, on the expense of your
    country and its freedom, which you have to defend this intellectual terrorist and
    get bad names at the same time. You do you want to even keep them to you
    country who bring more harm to your society than bringing harmony and peace. To
    copycat mam, If Islam is defective then so be it, why do you want to bother and
    write about it, why don’t you write about your own defective attributes such

    1. How to avoid being a copyact,

    2. How to increase your Intellect and be well informed.

    3. Go and search for verses from Quraan, in which it says to rape, kill their women (I known you will have to write a new verse to prove your preposterous abuse on the teaching of God Almighty, at least I expect you to be original).

    4. Do your research and know that the combined text of other religion has more degrading verses for women than Islam, which uplifted them, this includes you too.

    And all other research work before touching your keyboard or taking your pen to write on Islam. The 1.7 billion Muslim in the world does not know you and when they look at your comment they will see a Jaahil (I hope you know the meaning of it).

    • Ash

      Even if you think she said stupid things about Islam and Muslim men, Islam/Muslim is not a race.

      Remember once a precedent is set for such vague legislation to be used,it won’t just stop at the people’s whose views you don’t like.

  • defcon 4

    Q: What do Denmark and Iran have in common?
    A: A lot more now!

  • WinstonCN

    Europe is such a tolerant place. Not!

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Only if you are a stealth Muslim jihadists raping European infidel women because they are not wearing the Islamic head covering.

  • Ron Cantor

    Tell the judge and prosecutor to see this:

    Islam is the most ant-female philosophy in the world. When do you ever hear of female suicide bombers getting Chippendales in paradise?

  • mattias

    wow Denmark is even more fucked than the U.K. with these pedo-worshippers.

    • David Whiteknight

      thankfully no one is as fucked as America though

  • GuestOfGuests

    Dhimmitude at its best.

  • Gabriel Chase

    Whatever happened to ‘Islam is a religion not a race’? Surely if she’s guilty of anything it’s anti–religious sentiment! As a supporter of free speech I don’t condemn what she did at all.

    Is this the same country that supported the Fitnah film and the anti–Muhammad cartoons?

    *head explodes Scanners–style from the sheer WTFness of it all*