Military Training Materials Call America’s “Founding Fathers” Extremists; Like 9/11 Terrorists

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This reads like exactly the sort of propaganda that Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America have been putting out, comparing Muslim terrorists to Thomas Paine and George Washington.

The tolerance guide for Air Force students on recognizing extremism uses Southern Poverty Law Center information as a guide, which tells you where this is going.

Under Hate Groups it lists Neo-Confederate that “celebrate Southern culture” and “generally share the goals of preserving Confederate monuments, honoring the Confederate battle flag, and lauding what is judged to be Southern culture.”

There is no mention of Islam.

In the intro to “Extremist Ideologies”, it states, “In U.S. history,there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples.”

If this is the position of the new military, then why even bother defending an America created by extremists?

The guide lists Nationalism as a motivating ideology, but under Religion it perversely defines it only as intolerance based on religion. That neatly avoids having to deal with Islam.

This is how the guide describes the Oklahoma City Bombing

On April 19, 1995, a massive truck bomb exploded outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people,including 19 children, and injuring over 500 others. Timothy McVeigh was convicted for this crime, putting a spotlight on a militia movement seeking to retaliate against the U.S. government for its handling of the Seventh-Day Adventist cult near Waco, Texas.

This is how it describes September 11

On September 11, 2001,a series of coordinated attacks on America by al-Qaeda followers who hijacked planes and crashed them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon left 2,974 people dead.

There is no mention of what the motivating ideology of the terrorists was… in a section dedicated to extremist ideologies.

  • Veracious_one

    There is no mention of what the motivating ideology of the terrorists was… in a section dedicated to extremist ideologies.

    Even when the Muslims admit they were killing for Islam it is not permitted to correctly identify their motivating ideology…to do so would be ‘Islamophobic’

    How can you fight an enemy when you are not permitted to identify him…that’s suicidal…

    • Solo712

      If you have not noticed, that’s exactly the idea !

  • tagalog

    The revolutionists who began and fought the American Revolution were most certainly seen as extremists by the monarchists of the world.

    We have to judge the actions of people two centuries ago by the standards of two centuries ago, not by today’s standards.

    Today, of course, our revolutionary ancestors were the harbingers of a new world and the creators of the City on a Hill. But that world was radical and new in 1776. That’s why, had the Colonials been the ones to surrender at Yorktown, the revolutionary leaders would have swinging from the yardarms of the British fleet that evening.

    And the mainstream STILL considers the secessionists of the Civil War as extremists, don’t we?

    • GSR

      To even mention the Founders to AQ assholes is not serious sand shows that the Armed Forces, under Hussein bin Obama, are a feminized, homosexualized, wimpified joke of their former self.
      You are playing with words, just like the $PLC, who are a bunch of homely, pissed-off Marxist-lawyers, who hate the USA, hate White Americans, hate Judeo-Christian society.

      • tagalog

        You’re against mentioning the Founders to al-Qaeda?
        That’s a bit extreme, isn’t it?

        • GSR

          Maybe you have difficulty with the English language. Stick to Tagalog.

          • tagalog

            Either that or your post is pretty much inarticulate.

            I DO stick to “Tagalog.”

  • truebearing

    So, according to the Gramscian revolutionaries who wrote this seditious and idiotic guide, people who want freedom from the tyranny of a monarchy are extremists. Do Marxists prefer monarchy to democracy? That’s odd.

    These are the same people who were blathering incessantly about the “Arab Spring” — now apparently in its deep winter phase — so how can it be that the successful American Spring was accomplished by extremists? In both cases the revolutions were driven by people who sought freedom and representative governance….or were they? Maybe Obama and his minions are the radicals extremists who deserve all of the credit for the Arab Ice Age. One thing is certain: freedom for the citizens of Eqypt wasn’t one of their priorities. They just wanted to undermine our allies and diminish our status.

  • truebearing

    “A Department of Defense teaching guide meant to fight extremism advises students that rather than “dressing in sheets” modern-day radicals “will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place,” and describes 18th-century American patriots seeking freedom from the British as belonging to “extremist ideologies.”

    The guide comes from documents obtained by Judicial Watch and is authored by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, a DoD-funded diversity training center.

    Under a section titled “extremist ideologies,” the document states, “In U.S. history, there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples.”

    Read more:
    White, conservative Christians, and in particular white men, are the target of this guide. The Obama administration is making it quite clear who he will persecute and try to destroy.
    This appears to be the beginning of a government incited civil war. First, however, the government must demonize, therefore dehumanize, the victims. It also needs to inculcate gullible Americans with a rationalization for persecuting their fellow countrymen.
    Obama is turning the military against the country it took oaths to defend. The NSA has been spying on all of us, especially the people who frequent sites like Frontpage. They are building actionable databases. DHS has been positioning armored vehicles and military equipment in police forces around the US. It has been coordinating with police forces for massive civil unrest. It is buying immense amounts of hollow point ammunition — that is illegal to use in a war — therefore only useable domestically. The IRS is persecuting conservative, Christian, and Jewish groups. The FEC is cooperating. This isn’t coincidence, this is coordinated.
    Why is Obama, and the entire Left, media included, of course, so bent on riling up racial animosity among blacks? Why do they turn their heads when blacks murder whites? Could it be that, once again, the Left intends to use blacks, this time as its shock troops, or the “civil defense force” that Obama predicted would be equipped as well as the military? Meanwhile he’s working overtime to take guns away from law abiding citizens.
    Obama’s mission, from the start, was to destroy this nation, regardless of whether his ultimate loyalty is to the Left or Islam. He has put the laser spot on all of us and we better start coming together and preparing for battle, immediately.

  • Solo712

    The US military will soon be capable to combat only three enemies of the US: homophobia, sexual harrassment, and workplace violence.

  • scaupus

    Duh. There is 100% agreement that al queda is extreme, there is no need to mention it again. But, so was Sam Adams. But few Americans acknowledge that. Few even know who he was. The myth, is that British rule was intolerable. Far from the truth. Americans had a sweet deal from the English. Taxes, and more importantly, tax collection was almost non-existent in the American colonies for more than a century. When england tried, rather ineptly, to recover a bit of their enormous costs in defending the colonies from the French and Indians by enforcing some tax collection, the American extremists blew up. Is it ever taught in high schools today that the Revolution was a Civil War? That a large percentage of the American population was driven from their homes and their properties confiscated…by the REvolutionists? That there was a huge diaspora of colonists who were forced to leave their homes and country because they were loyal, faithful, and righteous subjects of the lawful government of the land? They fled to Canada, Nova Scotia, Bermuda, Jamaica, Barbados and England. No…the Revolutionists were not the Taliban, but their deeds were unlawful, unnecessary, bloody, unjust and particularly in the Southern colonies, cruel and barbaric. The way the founding of the country was accomplished is invariably taught and presented with the trumpets of heaven sounding. But America was born in blood, disloyalty, treason, injustice and misery. Let’s be real, and maybe we would handle the Taliban and Iran with better understanding than England handled America.

    • GSR

      Are you Barry Soetoro’s long lost son:? What a mis-education you’ve had. Remember, there is such a thing as “emigration”. Please utilize it.

    • Frank Ulino

      @scaupus: The Declaration of Independence clearly states the numerous reasons that compelled Our separation from the crown. It is clear that you have not read it. King George was acting above the law, just like our current president. Americans were becoming wealthy in the late 18th century because they were productive, and the king saw that as a way to fund his military expansionist Empire. Heavy taxation was also a way to prevent America from becoming more powerful. Americans did not want to separate from England, but did it reluctantly in order to maintain freedom and dignity. Today, we have come full circle and the revisionist history that you were taught is going to leave you rubbing your ass and wondering what happened. The success of America is no accident, and neither is your ignorance.

    • tryingtopickaname

      Satirical commentary, right? Perhaps a bit hyperbolic, though. What are those acts of incomprehensible violence that ‘ “real” Americans’ are being driven to commit? The Boston Marathon bombing? Ft. Hood? Do tell about the bloodless pedigree of Canadians and Frenchmen. ‘Give me liberty” is extreme…hmmm…how bout that ole Canadian anthem…

      “Our home and native land!True patriot love in all thy sons command.
      With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
      The True North strong and free!
      From far and wide,
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
      God keep our land glorious and free!
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee”

      French anthem…

      Let us go, children of the fatherland
      Our day of Glory has arrived.
      Against us stands tyranny,
      The bloody flag is raised,
      The bloody flag is raised.
      Do you hear in the countryside
      The roar of these savage soldiers
      They come right into our arms
      To cut the throats of your sons,
      your country.

    • moneekwa

      moderation, toleration, FRENCHmen??? think guilllotine.
      but ok, that was a while ago. still, just cause they’re now a bunch of weenies unwilling to defend their very lives never mind their culture from the hordes of mohammedans lifting their asses in the streets, effectively mooning all that France was or could have been, does that mean i should admire them? i don’t. they might as well roll out the old guillotines and behead their own selves now, just to get it over with. because they are laying down to die anyway, and dr. guillotine’s contraption is faster and less painful than a mobot will do it.


    If this is what the Southern Poverty Law Center and the U.S. military believes, then boycott joining the military. Or leave if you already have. I will not respect a military establishment that attacks and threatens this nation’s heritage and foundations-they are sworn to uphold them, in case they have forgotten their military oath.
    If they are being mind-programmed and brainwashed to believe this B.S., we have lost this country and its future. It is an insult to all those veterans, past and present, that have served throughout this nation’s history, preserving, protecting, and defending its principles and proud heritage, including many members of my own family. Labeling our Founders people comparable to the likes of Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah is about as low as you can go. Heck, why not compare them to Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan, and Attila the Hun. I would love to have the SPLC flogged and crucified, publically.

  • yerfackingmammy

    talk about The Enemy Within.

  • DogmaelJones1

    So, terrorism “just happens.” “Extremists” are to be avoided like the plague. Unfortunately, political correctness is an intellectual and moral plague that stultifies all thought. Thus, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Monroe, et al. are all to be deemed “extremists,” no better than the 19 Muslim hijackers.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    They are trying to brainwash our soldiers into fighting against Americans who will resist the totalitarian takeover of America by Obama and his gang of thugs. That’s why they’re encouraging homosexuals to enlist. Like the Nazis, many of whom were gay, the homosexuals in the military can be expected to be especially sadistic in torturing and putting down traditional Americans.

  • Texas Patriot

    The Founding Fathers were extremists for Individual Freedom and Constitutional Democracy. Orthodox Muslims are extremists for Individual Submission and Totalitarian Slavery. Even in the days of Thomas Jefferson, Muslims Clerics were already well aware that America is ideologically incompatible with Islam. How is it that the current government of the United States does not boldly assert that Islam is ideologically incompatible with America?

  • al_kidya

    I was just notified that I have been temporarily banned from FaceBook for posting “Muslims are psychopaths, aren’t they?” I suppose I was referring to Nidal Hasan.
    It’s so weird, and unconstitutional, when you are punished for telling the truth.
    Islam is a protected religion in the US right now. The “Muslim Brother in Chief” is making sure of that.

  • Crazycatkid

    It occurs to me that those in the current WH are so annoyed that the right wing extreme militias of confederate flag waving violent White men have not appeared. So, they tried to create them with lies about the peaceful Tea Party gatherings. They tried to make Zimmerman a White man. They do not understand who Americans are.
    I see no alternative but to divide the nation -peacefully- into them and us. I know this is geographically and in every other way complicated. But, there is absolutely no common ground. We do not belong with them. And in case you haven’t noticed there really isn’t much of anywhere else on earth to go.

  • Kevin Bjornson

    True, the manual should have examined and criticized Islamism. But criticizing neo-confederate “culture” is a good thing. Neo-confederates like Ron Paul and other idiots tend to ignore or sympathize with Islamism.

  • fordprefect

    In reviewing the image, I firmly believe that if Master Chief were around at the founding of this nation, he totally would’ve trusted Washington with his Assault Rifle.