Depictions of 9/11 Now an Islamophobic Hate Crime in New Jersey

The Muslim Student Association is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. All three leaders of Al Qaeda were members of the Muslim Brotherhood… including Osama bin Laden. The MSA has been involved in funding terrorists and a large number of MSA presidents have gone on to join Al Qaeda.

But what is additionally troubling about this story is that the mere depiction of September 11 is now considered a hate crime.

Montclair State University is investigating a bias incident in which someone drew a picture of planes hitting the World Trade Center on the door of a Muslim student group’s headquarters, campus officials said today.

The graffiti was found Monday outside the Office of the Muslim Student Association in the student center, said Suzanne Bronski, a campus spokeswoman.

“The university police immediately launched a full investigation, which is continuing, and the university’s Bias Response Team was appropriately alerted and has been involved,” university officials said in a statement.

Graffiti is straightforward vandalism and campus police rarely investigate the things that students scrawl on walls and doors. They were common in my time and I suspect they are even more common today. There’s no mention of whether this was done with paint or a marker, but I suspect it was the latter, which means it’s easy enough to clean off.

Is scrawling a depiction of 9/11 on the door of a Muslim organization linked to that terrorist attack by way of its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda a hate crime?

Is it Muslims in general that are being targeted or the MSA, an organization with a long history of supporting extremist hate and terrorism?

The Montclair MSA appears to fundraise for Islamic Relief. Islamic Relief was founded by Hany El Banna who talks about being inspired by Sayyid Qutb and other Islamists and his charity has been accused of having terrorist links. And it may have even received money from Osama bin Laden.

The Montclair MSA has invited in Sheik Qatanani to speak to students. The Sheik is both a member of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. It invited Lauren Booth, who is an open supporter of Hamas and the Brotherhood.

But let’s get past the Montclair MSA’s willingness to host terrorist group members and supporters and get to the point.

The MSA has always argued that its attacks on Israel are political and protected by free speech. So when the MSA depicts Israel as a Nazi state and terrorists as heroes, it is practicing free speech. The MSA in conjunction with SJP has picketed Holocaust memorials while screaming hate. But that’s not a bias incident. That’s free speech.

So why is a picture of the worst Muslim atrocity in American history a bias incident?

If the MSA has the right to desecrate the Holocaust without it being a bias incident, if it has the right to accuse Jewish students of being Nazis, why is accusing the MSA of being linked to terrorism a hate crime?

Especially when it’s true.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    Daniel, if you educated your readers with articles regarding "the dialectic" and "dialectical materialism" – rather than whip them up into your own devised overwrought hysteria – you would no longer have a phone-in job.

    "Especially when it’s true."

    • Mary Sue

      I think some of us have a pretty good grip on that already.

    • A 23 Year Old Man

      You should check out the Investigative Project. They have a PDF of the Muslim Brotherhood's "Plan for America" on file there. It lists the MSA as a friend of the organization. The MB is designated by the FBI as a terrorist organization. Thus anyone who gives material aid or support to the MB is, as per Article III of the US Constitution, guilty of treason. Thus the MSA is a treasonous organization.

      Any questions?

    • DilloTank

      "dialectical materialism" pfffff Poppycock!!! Meaningless Marxist drivel. The emperor is naked.

  • Gina

    This is the same Montclair State University where Stalin sympathizer Grover Furr teaches. After this video came out I wrote letters and called the school asking for his dismissal, but they defended him. Sickening.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Yes. You can tell the kind of students that they attract.

    • AdinaK

      IF readers really want to "learn their lessons" re the MSA, I am pleased to offer my services, having tracked their activities for some time –

      The Islamic case against them is solid as a rock. Take it to the bank. Impenetrable. Nevertheless, the bugaboo of "Islamophobia'" has served them well, all "credit" to radical leftists in the service of their Islamic counterparts –

      This will continue until conservative nationalists not only realize the dangers, but are willing to do something about it. Think outside the box….

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

      • Mindy

        Love our site, it is well researched. Thank you.

  • Gina

    By the way, they defended him on the basis of free speech (even though I pointed out that it was an issue of competence, not free speech), so it is funny that they have a "bias response team" for speech related to criticism of MSA.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The left uses free speech rather selectively to mean that only the speech that they approve of should be kept free.

    • AnOrdinaryMan

      Furr sounds like he forgot to take his lithium meds that day; rather than answer his questioner(whom I applaud) in a coherent manner, he replies like a street punk.

  • kafir4life

    according to the gutter cult of islam, not accepting islam is considered a hate crime.

    allahu snackbar

    • A 23 Year Old Man

      Ah, the allahu snackbar. That was one of my favorite drawings from the "Everybody Draw Muhammed Day" event several years back. Good times. We must do it again sometime.

      • ChristinaL30

        I would love to see those drawings! :D

    • ChristinaL30

      "allahu snackbar" — HILARIOUS!!! Thx for the laugh; I'll be chuckling about that one all day! :D

  • David

    Thank you Daniel for another informative article. I dread my grandchildren’s future with so much propaganda out there but your articles help balance out the b.s.

    • A 23 Year Old Man

      Gosh, I even dread my own near future. Not because of the muslims, however. I also fear for my children and theirs because of Islamization, but with the way the economy is going, my life might end before it begins. If I can't get a job after graduation (this semester), what are my hopes of even getting married or having kids in the next 5 years? Pretty slim, close to none.

      I've dwelt on the topic of wondering whether I'll be forcibly single for the rest of my natural life…

  • Drakken

    I would have more pictures drawn, more stickers with the red cross on it posted everywhere the MSA rears their little hadji heads, more editorials in the student newspapers stating the MSA is a muslim terrorist organization. Let them whine, knash their teeth, complain to their little jihadist black hearts content. Expose them for what they are.

  • garyfouse

    The Bias Response Team!!??? Are U kidding me? Flak jackets and all, I presume.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Bias Police. Forget the petty murders and rapes. The Bias SWAT Team is on the case.

  • cxt

    I'm wirth garyfouse…….A "BIAS RESPONSE TEAM"…….seriously???????

    Just HAVING such a……."team" shold be a "red flag." IF the expression "red flag" would get past the censors. ;)

  • BLJ

    The p.c. crowd in this country is playing right into the hands of the enemy. I still want to toss a stick of Right Guard deodorant in a mosque and see how fast it empties the place.

    • Ziggy Zoggy

      Ha, ha ha! The best weapon against islamopithecines! They go apoplectic when they see soap or toilet paper!

  • jerome

    Double standards ,hypocrisy, cowardice , and myopia!
    A rich vicious hate filled melange ready to erode the west from within and replace it with sharia!
    Ably abetted by the very societies it plans to destroy.
    It is as if a trojan horse, right there for all to see, is willingly ignored as a figment of right leaning folk who are not being accommodating and do who do not see the apparent multicultural utopia envisioned by the left and are thus shunned until it is almost too late.
    Similar to neville chamberlain's blindness regarding hitler in 1939.
    History is repeating itself but in a more insidious form.

  • Mindy

    Yes, 9-11 was a hate crime and it was perpetrated by Muslims upon Americans. Not Americans on Muslims. It is about time that people educate themselves on Islam the so-called religion of peace. Stop letting them play the victim card, they were the perpetrators not the victims! There is no such thing as a "Muslim extremist", read the Koran, the Sira and the Haddith(s) (I prefer Bukhari) and you will discover that all Muslims are jihadists and must fight to destroy all other religions. Learn the history of Islam, it isn't pretty. Educate yourselves! Why do you think they keep their women and most of their population illiterate? Ignorant people are easy to control.

  • A different Mindy

    "…perpetrated by Muslims upon Americans?" Perpetrated by a fanatical Islamic sect of mostly Saudi nationals upon our society. Muslims also died in 9/11. The towers were an international, multifaith community. Our rage might not let us remember that. Or that all religious texts are antiquated doctrine and contain elements we choose to ignore or dismiss.

    • Drakken

      No such thing as multi faith leftist giberish, there is the west and our ideals and the desert savages and theirs, choose wisely for there is no neutral ground.

    • Western Canadian

      Very few muslims died on 911, other than the sub-animal scum on the planes. Your post is pathetic and dishonest drivel.

    • Mindy

      Known Dead Muslims on 9-11 are the 19 hijackers and approximately 30 others on & off the planes.

    • Fightforfreedom

      You really are too stupid to insult

  • logdon

    '9-11 was a hate crime and it was perpetrated by Muslims upon Americans. Not Americans on Muslims'.

    And look what's happened since.

    No Muslim official remorse or apology, merely whining about a backlash which hasn't happened.

    Pearl Harbor claimed around two thousand lives, 9/11 three thousand. Following the former Japan was decimated with no mercy shown. They are now enjoying a very long period of peace and prosperity.

    OK, we attacked both Afghanistan and Iraq. But the no mercy and decimation part was I'm afraid sadly lacking and soon morphed into a kind of social services outreach in uniform.

    We're out of Iraq and it's now basically a vassal of Iran. We'll be out of Afghanistan pretty soon and watch as it descends into the hellhole we're witnessing right across the ME.

    My answer? Ban all Muslim immigration into the West. Deport all non national Muslims and criminals. Crack down on ISNA, CAIR and the rest. Close the door.

    If they can't abide by our institutions and law they have no place being here.

    In other words

  • Ar'nun

    Well this just means we will need a lot more depictions of terrorism. Maybe some doodles of a guy in his pj's with a mask sawing a white guys head off or a picture of the USS Cole bombing.

    What I find interesting though is that for years people thought the race wars would be white vs black, turns out itwill be Arab vs Everyone else.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It's always been about culture. Skin is merely the first thing many people see and the easiest way to cull. It doesn't mean it's accurate.

  • JacksonPearson

    Scru the Muslim Students Association, CAIR and every other organization that falls under Islam.
    They can't dumb down, or rewrite history of what occurred on September 11, 2001.
    Shamefully, Muslims own 9/11, they fully know it, and so do we!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I wonder how many bombs had "hate speech" written on them when we dropped them on the Nazis during WWII? Should we investigate these past hate crimes or just concentrate on all of today's bigots…anyone opposing sharia or unlimited welfare and immigration?

  • Kevin Stroup

    Post it anyway. Let the fascist defend their censorship in court. They will lose every time. I don't ask permission. I just do what I think is right. If someone doesn't like it, that is their problem. Not mine. Quit worrying if you are going to offend someone. You stink of cowardice when you are behave in such a manner and that always entices the predators.

  • C.R.

    This is more cultural Marxism in action!