Detroit, ObamaCare and the Wages of the Welfare-Union Alliance


What do ObamaCare and Detroit have in common? Besides both being bankrupt, they are both warnings to the union side of the union-welfare alliance that governs most major Democratic cities that the unions may wring blood money through phony contracts with their pet politicians, but that they won’t get to keep them once the money runs low.

ObamaCare threw unions under the bus for welfare voters. Detroit is doing the same thing.

All those generous benefits packages and lavish health plans don’t survive the crunch when the system has to choose between giving welfare voters and union cronies their packages.

Any unions that don’t participate directly in running the welfare state, like SEIU, are doomed.

The unions that have gotten on board with everything from environmentalism to illegal alien amnesty are directly cutting their own throats in exchange for a seat in the back of a bus that is going over the cliff.

Liberals trot out cops and firefighters and then screw them once the money gets tight. They use old-fashioned construction unions for muscle power (your average SEIU thug tends to be too fat and out of shape to do anything except sexually abuse a sleeping patient in a hospital) and then screw them too.

The future of unions is SEIU. An indistinguishable merger between welfare and activism. Any other kind of union has no future under the left.