Detroit Police Chief Narrowly Avoids Carjacking


Welcome to Detroit. Keep your hands inside the vehicle. Never slow down unless it’s to fire off a few rounds into the air.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig told a crowd gathered Monday evening for an anti-carjacking program that he narrowly avoided a carjacking himself on a recent Friday night while driving an unmarked police car.

Craig detailed a stop at a red light two weeks ago on Jefferson Avenue.

“There are certain cars each suspect tends to (be attracted) to, and I guess they liked my police car — a police car with lights,” Craig said. “And one suspect jumped out and began running toward the passenger side of my vehicle … As soon as I saw the suspect running to my car, I accelerated out of harm’s way.

“And then, candidly, I got angry … I said, ‘I can’t believe this just almost happened.’”

Come on it’s Detroit. Was the police chief really unable to believe that carjackings happen in his city all the time?

Craig said when he began his post in July, he found carjacking was “almost like a way of life in Detroit.”

That’s what happens when your city’s way of life is shooting people and stealing from them. And that’s just the municipal government. At least Detroit makes nearly as many cars as it steals


  • jfl184

    The Police chief flees from an approaching crook? No problem there.

  • DogmaelJones1

    If Craig was cruising around looking for crime, didn’t he go armed? What was he afraid of? A lawsuit for wrongful wounding of a carjacker? Pitiful.