Did Obama’s Sequester Cause Navy Yard Shootings?


When Romney challenged Obama on his drastic cuts to the Navy, Obama mocked him saying that the Navy is changing and doesn’t need bayonets and horses anymore.

Apparently it doesn’t need security either.

Budget cuts may have been the cause for lax security at the Washington D.C. Navy Yards where 12 people were shot dead and eight others were injured on Monday morning.

A soon-to-be-released government audit says the Navy, in an attempt to reduce costs, let down its guard to risks posed by outside contractors at the Washington Navy Yard and other facilities, a federal official with access to the report tells TIME.

The Navy “did not effectively mitigate access-control risks associated with contractor-installation access” at Navy Yard and other Navy installations, the report by the Department of Defense Inspector General’s office says.

The risks resulted from an attempt by Navy officials “to reduce access-control costs,” the report finds.

Of course the Navy will get the blame and if the issue comes up, the media will blame Congressional Republicans while repeating Obama’s lie that the sequester was not his idea.

It may well be that the Navy Yard shootings happened for the same reason that Benghazi did. Not enough money was spent on security while too much money was wasted on gimmicks.

Obama Inc. turned the Navy into a testbed for its Green Energy gimmicks. Meanwhile security was cut and 13 people are dead.

There’s blood on Obama’s hands. But his defenders will just blame the NRA.

  • gfmucci

    No, the sequester did not enable this tragedy. The sequester didn’t exist during the prior military screw-ups. The sequester did not enable the Fort Hood Massacre, or the Snowden/Manning leaks. These were enabled by a military culture turned politically correct with regard to Islam, and fat and complacent with regard to vetting security clearances, monitoring access and reporting suspicious base and contractor employee activity.

    • Aizino Smith

      On Fort Hood & manning you are correct.

      But on Aaron Alexis maybe not.

      The sequester might have caused the base command or whoever to get rid of random searches. Base security police are they to look at the ID of a person entering and verify it is them. Extra person periodically added to a fate to pull over vehicles at random or search peoples belongs in bags or purses were probably cut or their hours were cut.

      Aaron might have noticed the lack of random searches, so he knew all he had to do is walk in show his ID and act “normal”

      • Gislia Jackson

        Or maybe the voices in his head told him that it was safe to enter. You are ascribing rational behavior to an irrational individual. Let’s further the analogy. Maybe if Barack Obama were not president, we would not have had a sequester. Therefore, maybe, Barry Soetero is responsible.

        • Aizino Smith

          Many “crazy” people we here about have some reason left.

          If he was listening to voices, he might have walked up to the gates brandishing the gun. He did not. So I must assume he had some sanity. He was sane enough to get his mission accomplished and avoid immediate harm.

          He shot the people in the cafeteria from a standoff, ambush position. When you start shooting people like that you know you are going to get killed, get wounded and imprisoned for a long time or just put in prison for a long time. He knew this so he started his rampage in such a way so as to run the score up to vent his rage before the inevitable confrontation with police. His rage and putting the reality of a inevitable confrontation with police in the back of his mind enabled him to continue on a course that would be detrimental to his life. Nothing really crazy or beyond his will.

          Aaron Alexis had issues with paranoia and sleep deprivation. The latter reinforces the former. But I think his actions stem from countless conversation and printed “articles” on race and class. I am not convinced of him being Buddhist. Because if he is Buddhists, then I am Jewish. I have been to a Jewish center for no other reason than to meet the women.

  • MrUniteUs1

    Do you support H.R. 900 the Cancel Sequester Act?

    • Aizino Smith

      Takes 2 two to continue to play chicken. Obama is certainly playing, Mr Lefty.

      Have a nice day and with all your getting … get wisdom.

      • MrUniteUs1

        You failed to answer the question.

        • Aizino Smith

          You failed to frame a proper question.

    • Bills with Pretty Names

      H.R.900 – Cancel the Sequester Act of 2013
      To eliminate the sequestration under section 251A of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985, and for other purposes.

      Sponsor John Conyers

      Supported by Move On.org

      Isn’t John Conyers the congressperson whose wife was convicted?
      On June 26, 2009, Monica Conyers was charged with conspiring to commit bribery and pleaded guilty.

      “He appeared in Michael Moore’s documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 discussing the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, stating that members of Congress “don’t read most of the bills” – wiki

      Did Conyers read his own bill?

      Conyers submitted the bill for a vote, but did Move On.org write for him? Did he read it?

  • S7teen70six

    It really doesn’t matter whose idea the sequester was. It does matter who it was that signed it into law.

    • Dem Dogs

      The sequester was Obama’s plan for a win-win situation. If Republicans caved he won. If Republicans stood firm he gets to demonize him.

      All of this was based on the popular perception promulgated by the media that the government shutdown hurt Republicans in the 1990s. After the shutdown, the Republicans gained 2 seats in the Senate. So much for perception.

      The sequester is the result of Obama’s negotiating style (Mr Double Down). Late Summer and fall of 2012 when Boehner was negotiating with Obama behind closed doors mono-e-mono, Boehner would finally get an agreement after weeks of negotiating point by point only to have Obama say it was unacceptable and throw it out. Thus there was no budget again for October 1,2012. I would say that is Obama’s fault

      Having been in the military I am very familiar with Democrat shenanigans. Democrats are very willing to stop all paychecks to all military families for a few weeks or a few months to get their way. Since social security is mandatory spending y law, they will never go without a paycheck. But young and middle age people with children, who by circumstances leave their hometowns (& thus safety nets) are left without income.

      Yup democrats in general and Obama in particular like to play chicken.

  • http://warforourmind.com/ War for Our Mind

    Why not assign a portion of the blame to the co-perpetrators of these tragic events, the misguided legislators and executives who create the fertile environment for these types of hideous actions to occur. Why not place the deserved blame at the feet of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and their subservient legislative ilk?

    Bill Clinton mandated in 1993 that military bases be gun-free, aside from the military police.


    • Daniel Greenfield

      They certainly are to blame.