Director of Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization Accused of Kidnapping 3-Year-Old Boy

Islamic Civilization… now in Canada.

Chiheb Battikh is many things. He is listed as the head of the Education Department for the Muslim Association of Canada, on its Springs of Knowledge website and as the Director of the Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization (Montreal chapter). The CIIIC appears to be a project of the MAC.

The Muslim Association of Canada has been described as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and on his Twitter account,Chiheb Battikh follows Tariq Ramadan.

Among all his other good work, Chiheb Battikh is also allegedly the man who tried to kidnap a 3-year-old boy for ransom.

Yesterday, at about 4 p.m., police received several 911 calls about a fight in a park on Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road between Outremont Avenue and Wiseman Avenue.

Police said Battikh tried to abduct a 3-year-old boy who was walking with his father in François-Xavier-Garneau park.

Police said the attacker managed to run a few metres with the child before the father intercepted him with the help of a passerby.

Prosecutor Sylvie Lemieux said the arrest was made following a statement he made to police.  She said Battikh had been planning the event for weeks. “It was calculated, he searched the internet to find the ideal victim,” she said.

The man was planning to demand a substantial ransom in exchange for the child’s release, Lemieux said.

It’s unfortunate that Sylvie insists on being so bigoted and narrow-minded. Kidnapping for ransom is a time-honored tradition in Islamic civilization. Al Qaeda in North Africa has been largely funded by such kidnappings.

Rather than display the proper respect toward Battikh’s culture, the racist Montreal authorities are instead subjecting him to psychiatric evaluation.

And as Head of the Muslim Association of Canada’s Education Department, isn’t it possible that Chiheb Battikh was actually practicing Dawa by trying to introduce Islam to the 3-year-old boy without the interference of his Islamophobic father? And he was carrying the Taser and the Pepper Spray as defenses against Islamophobes.

A year ago, Chiheb Battikh had denounced restrictions on Hijabs for Muslim soccer players.

The Muslim Association of Canada says the ruling is a dangerous precedent, perhaps opening the door to further restrictions on religious freedom.

“What’s the next step?” asks the association’s Chiheb Battikh. “In the educational institutions, no political and religious expressions (or) signs, so hijabs would be banned in schools. That’s the next step. That’s happening in some countries like France.”

What indeed is the next step? Preventing leading Muslim Brotherhood figures from kidnapping 3-year-old infidel boys? Why not make Montreal more like Cairo instead of repressing Islamic Civilization which gave the world so much, like Indian Mathematics and Greek Medicine.

The Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization states that, “Muslims represent a growing segment of Canadian society and are increasingly contributing to the fabrication of Canadian culture and values.”

And some contribute in various ways. Like fundraising for Hamas. Or going to join Islamist terrorist groups in North Africa. Or kidnapping 3-year-olds for ransom. Everyone can do their part. Everyone has their Jihad.

Chiheb Battikh’s Jihad was kidnapping a 3-year-old boy. What’s yours?

  • Keiko_Infidel

    What a growly-faced piece of crap.

  • mah29001

    Islamic supremacy accepts child rapists….

    • Steve

      Maybe this lowlife was trying to follow in Mohammed's footsteps? Being a pedophile might lead this monster to his place beside the immans.

  • Johnny Walker

    funny I have followed this story from the beginning but this is the first time I learn about his background. DISGUSTING that the "regular press" make no mention of this de-generate's credentials. Send him to Gaza to live with his bros!!

  • AdinaK

    The Muslim Brotherhood, wherever its adherents reside, follows Sharia Law. As such, kidnapping, rape, murder, dawa, taquiyya, and everything in between, is permissible. Westerners must understand, the above is NOT considered aberrant behavior, as it is in our culture. It IS considered allowable and it is sanctioned. Even eating "infidel" flesh is okey dokey –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Mary Sue

    Oh, THIS piece of garbage? This guy? I heard about him when he whined about hijabs and soccer. I'll give Quebec one thing; they'll NOT let ANY culture supplant French culture, be it Anglo or Islamic. They'll throw the book at him.

    • Ed Moorham

      What a pity the French citizens of France don't show the same regard for their culture.
      How many square kilometers are there in Paris of sharia/no-go zones, from which French law and culture have been forcibly expelled?

  • Deep Space

    This sounds like clumsiest attempt at kidnapping possibly ever! I don't really know if this has anything to do with Islam or his connection to Muslim organizations or not; it seems like he is just a deranged idiot and joins the list of hundreds of thousands of other deranged idiots that are a staple of modern life.

    • john spielman

      He was just imitating his pedophile murderous thieving rapist of a "prophet " the demon possessed m Mohammed !

  • kafir4life

    "Institute of islamic civilization"..(?????)….I had to look at the calander. I thought it was April first and we were being punked.


    Im a Canadian and would love nothing more than 2 minutes with this muslim piece of camel dung – alone – i wish my government had the balls to boot this vile piece of islamic garbage out of our country – send him on his way to the desert where he belongs.

  • Anonymous

    The Alberta govt has been doling out tax monies to Islamist groups (some of which has gone on to fund HAMAS). (Much of this has been going on for decades — as per usual).

  • Wolf

    Send all Islamic barbaric radicals out of Canada. Why do we need these Monsters here…? They all should go to their Prophet Mohammad forever.

  • Lauren Donna Graham

    The Muslim Brotherhood's intent is to force sharia law on everybody. They are basically just thugs who think that they are above the law, no matter where they live. Wherever they go, women's rights end up being destroyed. Just a bunch of cowards hiding behind a lame religion. People try to pass Islam as a religion of peace and love, yet they spread so much hatred toward those who don't believe in their fairytale.

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