Disgraced EPA Chief Used Fake Name to Coordinate with Liberal Groups


The Lisa Jackson/Richard Windsor story is getting progressively weirder as new emails released show that Jackson used her fake “Richard Windsor” account to communicate with top liberal groups without them being aware of who she really was.

It’s hard to see why Jackson would want to do that unless she was engaged in activities so illegal that she didn’t trust them or any real life assistant to handle. The current email releases don’t show anything that bad, but we haven’t seen all of it. And the only two possible conclusions is that either Lisa Jackson really had something to hide or she was insane.

I’m going to assume that Lisa Jackson wasn’t crazy.

One June 19, 2009 from the Windsor account shows Jackson corresponded with Michelle Depass of the left-leaning Ford Foundation. Depass told Jackson that soon-to-be “EPA Deputy Assistant Administrator Shalini Vajjhala was going to work at the White House Council on Environmental Quality while also on payroll at the environmental group Resources for the Future,” according to Vitter.

The emails also seem to indicate that the environmentalists on the email threads believed that Richard Windsor and Lisa Jackson were two different people, when in fact the Windsor account belonged to Jackson.

The emails also show that Michael Martin, CEO of the environmental PR company Effect Partners, thought he was corresponding with Lisa Jackson’s assistant when emailing the Windsor account after he could not reach Jackson using her personal email address.

A March 4, 2010 email from Martin to the Windsor account reads, “Hi Richard, Thanks for your help in getting this information to Lisa this last week….If you are still there, could you please call me at [redacted],”

Jackson replied through the alias account, “Michael, Robert Goulding will call you tomorrow.” To which Martin responded, “Thanks Richard!”

So far we’ve got the usual conflicts of interest and the EPA coordinating with the Green Lobby. It’s scandalous, but also commonplace. The EPA stopped being an honest broker a while back and became an arm of environmental groups looking to shut down most industries.

What is strange is that Lisa Jackson ran this entire scam in her own head, constructing an alias assistant and using that alias to communicate with the Ford Foundation and other groups because she apparently couldn’t trust a real assistant.

However, the emails released by Vitter also show that Jackson used the account to correspond with former White House regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, who called the Richard Windsor account Jackson’s “special email.”

A December 12, 2009 email from Sunstein to the Windsor account said, “Hi Lisa — chance for lunch one of these days? At the White House? Maybe next Thurs or Fri? and let me know if/how I can be helpful with anything these days? – Cass (PS I have your special email from my friend Lisa H. – hope that’s ok!)”

So Cass was in the know, and being moderately creepy about it. Figures.

  • onecornpone

    I'm going to assume that Lisa Jackson wasn't crazy.

    The argument can be made that Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

    It has been clear for years that EPA is completely infiltrated with radical enviro-ideologues, so entrenched in the Fed bureaucracy we have little chance of restructuring it. It must be closed.

    My working theory has been that during a Republican administration they go dormant, quietly minding their P's and Q's, like spores.Then in the favorable atmosphere created by a leftist regime, they go batsh!t, rabid, jackbooted thuggish

    Will there ever be a Republican regime with the good sense to clean house? Remember, these are Fed govt employees, with rank.

    The covert ops within EPA have worked out so well for them, they are now flexing their muscle in other agencies and departments – USDA, USF&WS, BLM, USFS, and even U.S. Border Patrol.

    Dr Gary Baise blogs about EPA-USDA audacious coordination regularly at farmfutures.com

    I believe Jackson's clandestine email is only the tip of the ice burg. Perhaps Ms Jackson's IQ was insufficient to pull off such a scam, ergo the need for personal attention of a high level presidential advisor like Sunstein.

    • chopper

      well said Dear……………………..as usual. 8^)

    • figment

      >>>My working theory has been that during a Republican administration they go dormant, quietly minding their P's and Q's, like spores.

      also, the good ol'boys – the old timers who were looking at things from a non-predatious regulatory standpoint (basically not trying to destroy business) were pushed out at the beginning of the first term – forced to retire, with new hires being the newly graduated in watermelon studies — this goes for state agencies such as DEP, also.

      I like your analogy of the spore – you could also say 'virus' which is an oppurtunistic, striking when barriers and defenses are down.

      • onecornpone

        Yes, any remaining non-greenie-weenie types remaining in the bureaucracy were most likely purged…

        However this agency and department infiltration by the Left's army of zealots has been underway for around 20 years. They seep in at the pace of the flow of molasses on a cold morning.

        Few grasp the coordination quotient, between the zealot organizations and Fed govt. A thumbnail sketch of the process;

        An environmental/animal rights group brings one of their 'concerns' (with documentation) to the attention of EPA.
        EPA issues a 'finding', with little research, basically accepting pseudo-science provided by the complaining org as gospel.
        After their 'finding' is issued, rule-makers within EPA go about their business of massaging official policy to comply with the groups wishes.

        Congressional oversight has been totally eliminated.

        Producers only recourse is to sue, usually resulting in decade-long, financially bankrupting litigation.. We in the food production industry are well versed in the process.

        Dr Gary Baise blogs at farmfutures.com offering concise accounts of the ongoing legal war, that will set your hair on fire. His blog is called "Defending Agriculture".

        NOW the haters of freedom are well poised to put the final stake through the heart of capitalism – and here we sit with NO political representation, save the Three Musketeers.

        If we thought the 2012 election was pivotal, HOW do we convey the gravity of the 2014 midterms? There are insufficient words.

        • figment

          thanks for the blog recommend. will check it out.

          (we're also in the food production business-)

  • Herb Benty

    FWU, okay!! Leftists and muslims can LIE, get it, because they don't believe inGOD( former), or they are allowed to lie( latter). The results of years of indoctrination in EVOLUTION theory is comming home to roost. Without GOD nothing really matters if you think about it…. the kids have noticed. America is now paying the price of secularism. America was founded on righteousness, and became great. The EVIL world saw free people and what they could do…so America had to be stopped. Out came the Nobel prize, the perfect teeth and the U.S.A. is History. Evolution and Islam are Satanic. God will hold Americans responsible for that SECOND term.

  • Not Chicken Little

    It could be both – she had something to hide AND she is insane. She is a liberal, after all…

  • riddler01

    "The Most Transparent Administration In History"?Only one word is wrong;substitute "Most"for"Least"!This bunch of Chicago-Thugs wouldn't know "The Truth"if it bit them in their collective A**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • theccur

    The EPA's good works are DWARFED by the activism of zealots whose beliefs ARE their science.