Do Anti-Immigration Republicans Get More Latino Votes Than Pro-Immigration Republicans?

That’s the somewhat intriguing question raised by a Center for Immigration Studies report which that in 2006, during the height of the last proposed illegal alien amnesty, Republicans seemed to do better among Latino voters the less open borders they were. The difference is not that huge, but the candidates who scored A grades from Numbers USA got 27 percent of the Latino vote, tying with those who got C grades and well above those who got D and F grades.

Those who got D grades scored markedly lower despite being nearly the friendliest possible politicians on immigration issues.

As has been noted before, immigration is not nearly as great a priority for Latino voters as the pro-amnesty gang likes to claim. It may also be that when Latinos do vote for Republicans, they want strong candidates who project decisive leadership.

Reagan did well among Latinos while Bush I did badly, regardless of amnesty. Bush II improved his performance among Latinos before amnesty.

Strong Republican candidates tend to perform better among Latinos. Weak ones perform badly regardless of immigration. In this, Latino votes follow those of most Americans.

  • AndyTexan

    Small government candidates (like Reagan) who are confident in their program and cannot be swayed by different pressure groups are more likely to command the support of "moderate" voters who hold no strong opinion or lack interest in politics. This is completely counter-intuitive to conventional wisdom that such moderate voters/groups should be courted by weak beliefs, pandering and spliting differences. Republican estabilishment probably knows this but would rather lose elections than disrupt the big government party that controls Washington since 1928 with only a small respite between 1980-1988.

  • Chezwick

    The more important point is one that Mark Steyn has made….that through support of amnesty, let's say Republican support among Hispanics grows from 30 to 40%, are we actually better off? The Dems will widen their lead in the actual number of Hispanic votes counted…..even if their percentage of Hispanic votes declines.

  • JacksonPearson

    Forget about getting ethnic votes. IMO, controlling voter fraud should be the main issue. The field will be more level when voting only once, by one person is straightened out.

    The clue lay in the last Nevada election, whereas on election day, Sharron Angle was ahead of Harry Reid by five points. At the end of the day, Reid won by five points. That's a ten point swing that unless of by fraud, doesn't happen in a small state that's easily polled.

    • Mary Sue

      well that is unless the absentee votes and advance votes were HEAVILY stacked with democrats (and even then there's probably some kind of fraud at work)

      • JacksonPearson

        At 6 electoral votes, Nevada's one of the smallest voting blocks in the union. Pollsters have only two areas to gather polling info, Las Vegas (Southern), and Reno (Northern) areas. As mentioned, a ten point swing is pretty hard for pollsters to miss up on, and no doubt a head scratcher for them.

        What's even more of a wonderment, we have to use an ID for almost every other reason to do business, except to vote! Other than fraud, figure it.

  • Rifleman

    Conservatives aren't anti-immigration, we're anti-illegal immigration, and anti-amnesty for illegal immigrants.

  • Ar'nun

    Why would any legal immigrant support someone who encourages them to be cut in line when they are doing all the right things? If Dems really do get a higher Latino vote, it makes me think there are more illegal Latinos in the US than Legal ones.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Lationos here legally with no illegal immirgants usually have more job competition with illegal immirgants.

  • cynthia curran

    Well, Kevin MCcarthy of Kern County has delayed e-veirfy. He could do better for the almost no Republican Party in California since the Inland counties have more conservatives whites by pushing e-verify and oil production. Farmers could sell more of their land in inland California to oil companies and getting rid of the farmers demand for illegal immirgants.