Does Farrakhan’ Son Have a Special Position in an Illinois Police Department?

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Illinois. With a former governor in jail and a ranking as the third most corrupt state in the nation; inexplicable abuses of power are the norm. Still those abuses of power generally should not favor high-ranking members of major hate groups.

 The Nation of Islam styles him its “Supreme Captain” — a potential successor to his controversial father, Minister Louis Farrakhan. But when he’s working for the Harvey Police Department, Mustapha Farrakhan is just a regular part-time cop. If, that is, he’s actually working for the Harvey Police Department.

Farrakhan, 52, certainly has a police badge from the crime-plagued south suburb. He drives an unmarked Harvey Police squad car, complete with flashing police lights, and parks it outside his home at night. And he’s been registered with the state as a gun-carrying Harvey cop since 2006.

But he hasn’t worked a single shift in more than four years, according to state records. If he’s ever made an arrest, Harvey’s police chief is unwilling to discuss it.

Officer Farrakhan does, though, appear to do “police work” off-duty, more than a dozen miles outside Harvey city limits, in Chicago, where he uses his Harvey squad car’s lights to stop traffic and escorts his father’s unofficial motorcade, a Chicago Sun-Times investigation has found.

Harvey appears to have outsourced some police powers to Farrakhan Inc. That’s not entirely unusual in Illinois where there is a distinct surplus of dirty connections between Farrakhan’s people and the Democratic political establishment.

The unusual arrangement that allows him to carry a concealed gun into places where regular citizens can’t, and to drive a police car, despite apparently failing to do regular police work for the suburb that employs him, may be especially useful to the man who leads the Nation of Islam’s “Fruit of Islam” security detail.

Neither Farrakhan, his close pal, Harvey Mayor Eric J. Kellogg, nor the Nation of Islam responded to requests last week to discuss it.

All this would be an inappropriate arrangement with any organization. It’s wildly inappropriate when dealing with a major hate group with a long history of violence.

During the decade since Mayor Kellogg was elected, two officers have been convicted of felonies. One, Kellogg’s close ally Archie Stallworth, was caught in a federal sting transporting what he thought was 30 kilos of cocaine.

The other, Detective Hollis Dorrough, illegally returned a gun taken in evidence to a suspect’s dad — on Kellogg’s orders, he claimed. Civil lawsuits alleging police brutality and worse have also stacked up.

Just two months ago, the city agreed to pay $1.4 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged Kellogg and Dorrough conspired to frame a man after their stash of cocaine was stolen.

This isn’t just petty corruption and influence peddling. It’s a corrupt state within a state. And it becomes more significant when you consider Farrakhan’s calls for secession.

  • Marvin Fox

    Illinois being in the lowest 6% of our Republic's most corrupt states, it may be a very good time for a new Untouchable legal force to begin the battle against the present corruption as they went after organized crime in the early 1900's.
    It takes organized criminals to corrupt a State.
    Marvin Fox

  • Ms Reg Says!

    I feel like Marvin is accurate and the authorities need to start with Louis Farrakhan & The Nation Of Islam & go from there.

  • AdinaK

    Chicago Inc and Obama Inc are inextricably tied. The same mafioso types run all levers of the gov't. In fact, if he didn't have a special position THAT would be the shock.
    Being a part of the hateful Nation of Islam/Black Panthers is a badge of honor among Obama's radical crew. They are emblematic of Obama's America.

    Rep Ellison comes from the Nation of Islam's cesspool and Obama is highly connected to its leadership. That's where the real story lies –….

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • candy

    Illinois is a cesspool of crime. Every major and minor city is drowning in illegals,muslims and black gangs..
    The state passed bankruptcy stage a decade ago and has bled the few working citizens that pay taxes and corporations dry. It's a death spiral state democrats have driven into the ground .
    Chicago feeds off funds from the rest of the state,casinos and drug cartels.

    Farrakhan is at the top of the leech pile He is allied with drug cartels,gangs and every corrupt politician that has held office for the last 40 years . The NOI is immune from laws,as is cartels,muslims and gangs.
    Politicians literally meet with the criminals before running for office to make deals in exchange for votes.
    Emmanuel ran Clinton's midnight citizenship and voter registration parties in stadiums to get new democratic voters. In the majority of IL cities you can vote for Mickey Mouse because only democrats win.

    IL is the perfect example of what this country will become under extended democratic rule.


    Louis Garbagecan was a Calypso singer. Really.

    The Charmer Louis Farrakhan Is She Is or Is She Ain't Christine Jorgenson

    • UCSPanther

      From singer to race pimp. What a transformation…

  • Mary Sue

    Do Kennedys hate guns? :P