DOJ Orders Cancellation of School Board Meeting Over Islam Protest

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder listens to a question at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington

Freedom. They just don’t make it like they used to anymore.

There is a controversy brewing in Volusia County, Florida over a particular textbook used to teach World History in the high school.

Prentice Hall,  World History textbook  was discussed by Todd Sterns on Sean Hannity’s show. It includes 36 pages devoted to Islam and a major chapter, but no chapters on any other religion.

he book was selected by Volusia County schools because it was aligned to  Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS). These mandated standards are established by the Florida Department of Education and are phase III of the Common Core. The Next Generation Label is used by the Common Core Consortia for the Science and Social Studies standards the are intended to follow the adoption of Math and English language Common Core standards.

Parents had planned to protest at the school board’s meeting, but the meeting was cancelled in the interest of public safety. The school district was  contacted by the United States Department of Justice over safety concerns due to the parent protest and had the school board cancel the meeting. This shows the degree of federal control over the implementation of  the Common Core curriculum.

Attorney General Eric Holder seems to be running every detail of our lives lately. Between the Mediators showing up to push the Zimmerman case in Florida and now this, the DOJ is starting to act like the secret police.

Local police should certainly be entirely capable of determining whether a local school board meeting can safely go ahead. But this isn’t about safety, it’s about political intervention.

  • 7loubro_4

    His right to swing his fist stops where my nose begins….and everyone else’s also. I think the DOJ needs a house cleaning.

  • Charlotta Jones

    Parents should just make a big pile of those Islamofascist textbook/manuals and BURN THEM

    • James

      And use Eric Holder as kindling too. I’m tired of my taxes being used to pay this lazy nappy headed useless bigot.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Eric Holder needs desperately to be impeached and kicked out on his ass to work at Burger King at ObamaCare wages.

  • Jason

    The problem isn’t that Islam is in a textbook of world history, it’s that it’s only going to be Islam. I’m all for teaching kids about Islam, and all of the big 5 religions. Any objective study would show that Islam and Sharia are among the most oppressive ideologies man has ever devised, worse than Communism and on par with Nazism. But of course, children will only be taught that Islam is peace, Christianity is war and Judaism is from the devil himself. Buddhism and Hinduism wont even get passing mentions. It sickens me, the lies and betrayal of our society. Sometimes I just want to vomit from it.

    • Anglozulu

      As long as the truth about what Islam is all about, I would agree, but as you reaize, that they, the publishers would gloss over the factuality of Islam to make it palatable to the more gullible crowd.
      Vomit from it? Don’t we all!

  • Hass

    And the MSM says zero about this. No questions asked nor have they shown any outrage of unbelievable bias their children will be exposed to.

  • Rocky Mountain

    If they allowed the teachers to present a lesson of their own devising to counterweight the Islamic lesson I suppose it could be accepted but that won’t be the case will it?

  • Pop-Up

    “Well it’s one, two, three, what are we fightin’ for … ” – Country Joe and the Fish

    Seems apropos to me?

  • Elizabeth capecod

    The fact that a protest against Islamic literature has to be cancelled because of a fear of reprisal by islamists would belie the content of the literature portraying islam as a religion of peace.

    • defcon 4

      That’s the excuse, the real reason is to deny non-muslim US citizens the right to protest the whitewashing of islam.

  • A Z

    “It includes 36 pages devoted to Islam and a major chapter, but no chapters on any other religion.”

    Include chapter on Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism. I trust the left could get that approved if they wanted to do so.

    That they do not go for such a compromise solution shows where there true intent lies.

    The left and the Obama administration are in the tank with Islam. Well so was H/tler. H/tler though Christianity was such a flabby and non war like religion.

  • defcon 4

    So, concerned parents want to protest against islam0nazi indoctrination and propaganda and the DOJ steps in to deny them this right. Smells like fascism to me, islam0fascism.

  • kilfincelt

    My understanding is that the book being used is produced by a publisher that is owned or least partly owned by a Saudi. See Act for America site as they can provide more information on this subject. Furthermore, when some colleges teach about various religions, they may use a text entitled “Experiencing the World’s Religions” by Michael Molloy and published by McGraw-Hill. When this book talks about the Crusades, the author says that the the “Crusades were an early form of colonialism”.Yet, when he writes about the expansion of Islam, he makes no such statement As an example, the chapter on Islam is accurate to a point but doesn’t tell the whole truth. The author says that believers view jihad as an individual struggle and as a public struggle. The use of the term “public struggle” is inaccurate in the extreme. The Qur’an, Hadiths and biographies of Mohammed all make clear that public jihad is really meant in the militaristic sense and not as a mere struggle to peacefully spread Islam. The murder of non-Muslims is condoned in “The Qur’an”. In fact if laws regarding hate crimes are ever enacted, the first book that would have to be destroyed is “The Qur’an.”