Drag Queen’s Horrifying Tale of Gay Conversion Therapy Abuse Comes From Ru Paul Movie

Brielle Goldani

In defense of James “Brielle” Goldani, he clearly is nuts. And he rightly assumed that nobody had actually watched But I’m a Cheerleader, a campy gay rights movie starring Ru Paul.

Gay groups in New Jersey are pushing a bill that would outlaw therapists from trying to help teenagers confused by their reactions to members of the same sex. The eventual goal is to outlaw any response to parents or patients except, “You’re a homosexual and you should be happy about that.”

Governor Christie hasn’t yet made it clear whether he will or won’t sign the bill, so to amp up the pressure, gay rights groups brought in witnesses to testify to the horrors of conversion therapy.

Their lead witness was James “Brielle” Goldani, a man with some obvious mental issues, who claims to be a woman, describing abuses which included electroshock therapy and induced vomiting. The therapy took place at a Christian Camp which, Mr. Goldani claimed was named “True Directions”.

Unfortunately for Mr. Goldani, the only gay conversion camp named True Directions in Ohio where electroshock is on the menu is in a bad 90s movie called But I’m a Cheerleader.

Christopher Doyle, a professional counselor and himself a former homosexual (yes, these do exist, by the thousands), testified before the Senate against the bill, but he was deeply troubled by Goldani’s story, prompting him to do further research. What he uncovered was that: 1) “According to the office of the Ohio secretary of state and attorney general, no such camp called True Directions has ever existed.” 2) The Assemblies of God, including the local church that allegedly sponsored the camp, never heard of it and would never sanction such barbarous treatment. 3) Licensed therapists in Ohio completely disavowed such treatments.

So where did Goldani’s horror story come from? Doyle reports that “it came from a 1999 film titled ‘But I’m a Cheerleader,’ starring RuPaul. In the film, the main character is suspected of being a lesbian by her family, who then proceeds to send her to a ‘conversion therapy’ camp called True Directions.” Amazing!

The fictional True Directions camp is based on a real place called New Directions run in Ohio by the mother of the director of But I’m a Cheerleader. That facility however treated drug and alcohol abuse. Not homosexuality.

James Goldani was apparently born in New Jersey, grew up in New Jersey and still lives in New Jersey. He’s also a big Ru Paul fan and “But I’m a Cheerleader” features Ru Paul in it.

Goldani, by his own admission, has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. And apparently mental problems.

My story starts back in 2006 when I was first hospitalized. I wasn’t able to stay in my parents’ house because I  was using drugs and drinking excessively. When I left their house, I moved in with my drug dealer.

I went to Kimball Medical Center and checked myself into the PESS (Psychiatric Emergency Screening Services) Unit to help pull myself together. I went to every group and did everything that I was supposed to.

None of this should be surprising. Homosexuality is a mental illness. So is the perception of transgender identity. People like Golden have mental problems and are being exploited by unscrupulous gay rights activists to push an agenda.

The real abuses don’t come from therapists who try to help confused teenagers live a normal life, but from those therapists who inflict the abusive idea that they are doomed to homosexuality. That’s what real child abuse.

  • tagalog

    I doubt that the mainstream conception of homosexuality is that it's a mental illness. It appears however to have a significant choice component if the conduct of homosexuals toward installing their lifestyle in civic discourse, organizations, and institutions is any indication. I therefore fail to see that any humane attempt made with the goal in mind to transform homosexual behavior to heterosexual behavior can be rightfully criticized as the wrong thing to do for a person.

    Obviously such modification should not be imposed without the consent of the individual, but the methodologies should be available to those who seek them, as there are many people, particularly young people (or so I am told) who are confused and seek to establish a sexual identity.

    If the homosexual lobby were really after equality and truth they would have no problem with the concept of trying to persuade people to choose heterosexuality. But it's not truth or equality that they're after, it's the power to control the cultural debate.

    • Norm

      all professionals agree that it is not a mental illness-it was only categorized as such because people didnt understand it and religious sheep were in control of medical groups. When it was discovered that gay is just a normal variance seen in human beings and animals alike, it was removed from the list over 40 years ago. This author is clearly a stupid, religiously controlled mentally deficient sheep-pay it no mind. Reparative therapy is dangerosu to childen-it will be outlawed-if a gay person still hates themselves into adulthood, then they can get the therapy

      • kevinh

        "…and religious sheep were in control of medical groups…"

        What, like Freud and Jung were deeply religious? It's more likely that some homosexuals found themselves at the helm of the APA and changed the DSM to suit their own preference. Something similar to what Kinsey "researched" in his work when he asserted that most men are bisexual or gay. If you need someone to blame then fine, but your argument here is illogical.

        If a person who has homosexual feelings wants help, they should have the option to seek it out and determine if thats what they want, not have their life choices controlled by people like you who are only interested in shoving their worldview down someone's throat by force.

        It's telling to hear you state that therapy is bad for children, but a homosexual encounter isn't. I wonder if you realize the ideological position you've placed yourself in. Try to do something else meaningful besides apologize for people like Goldani who feel so committed to their cause they must lie to ensure it's success.

      • Mary Sue

        actually, you're obviously not aware of the circumstances by which it was removed.

        Was it removed via scientific purview by conducting studies? Peer reviewed research? Nope.

        It was removed, because of pressure from homosexual activists picketing and disrupting meetings of the American Psychiatric Association. Pressure from gay rights groups, no science involved at all, whatsoever.

        All professionals agree because either they're brainwashed true believers, or they were bullied into believing it.

  • Herb Benty

    The lies drug addicts tell to keep the drugs coming, the lies compulsive gamblers tell to keep gambling are no different than the lies the homo/lesbo community tell to justify their lifestyle except the fact that they are on the verge of being allowed to indoctrinate our children…. all in the name of equality and diversity of course. Marx would be grinning somewhere.

    • Norm

      youre wuite the idiot-millions of gays are living normal, healthy lives, raising millions of children=-please die off soon

      • tagalog

        What is "wuite?"

      • Lan Astaslem

        what a tolerant homo you are 'norm'

  • Mr. Q

    According to George Gilder(who claims to have studied the subject extensively) homosexuality is 50% genetic and 50% environment. It's in that regard comparable to other kinds of addictive behaviour like alcoholism.

    (comments around the 10-minute mark)

    • Norm

      no, dumdum-that is just one opinion-there is no 50.50 split-it varies between individuals-please read more than one article on complex subjects

      • tagalog

        There is also zero, that is zero, I say again zero, evidence that homosexuality is genetically based and therefore innate and inborn in the individual.

        I doubt that it's entirely choice-based either.

        So that raises the question of what is its origin, and how determinative is that origin of where and how a person winds up along the spectrum of sexual orientation.

        Until it's determined how homosexuality asserts itself in the human, there is no reason why a humane methodology of raising young people to be hetereosexual can't be readily employed. It would be like teaching children to make their right hand their dominant hand, perhaps not fully appropriate but also not wrong in any moral sense, and arguably justifiable due to the world being oriented toward being right-handed.

        • Mary Sue

          yeah some people don't realize that it can also be a result of conditioning, which while it doesn't involve choice in any way shape or form, doesn't involve genetics either.

        • Mr. Q

          Here's the evidence for epigenetics:

          Can't be dismissed out of hand.

          • tagalog

            Difficult to accept a report of a study that posits a hypothetical theory of "epi-marks" that don't survive from generation to generation and aren't genes themselves, and haven't been reproduced in any experiments as reported in the link you cited, as evidence of genetic sexual determination.

      • Mr. Q

        That's exactly what George Gilder has done. He has read numerous studies on this subject and this is his conclusion.

  • antisharia

    the left, homosexuals included, don't care about the truth or facts, it's revolution by any means necessary.

  • Mr. Q

    "The causes of homosexuality are infamously difficult to pin down. Science (in the American Psychological Association) and religion (in the Catechism of the Catholic Church) have agreed that, in the current state of things, there is no single cause to which we can definitively point and say, “Here, we have found it!” Indeed, in some circles, the discussion is about homosexualities, to remain open to the possibility that one person’s homosexuality might not have the same origin as another person’s homosexuality. These questions never cease to intrigue, and once again, they have hit the news with a new study suggesting that epigenetics may lie at the root of the development of homosexual orientation.

    Investigations of the etiology of homosexuality may be interesting, especially insofar as they shed light on the origins of human sexuality in general. However, these investigations have tended to be ideologically driven on all sides. This has particularly tended to manifest around the idea that one is “born gay,” with many gay activists flatly refusing to consider the possibility that a gay person is not “born gay,” while many religious conservatives have responded with a mirror refusal to consider the possibility that one is. What exactly is meant by “born gay” often seems to have little significance; the phrase itself becomes the shibboleth which one camp must blindly accept and the other must utterly anathematize."

    Read more: http://www.firstthings.com/onthesquare/2013/01/bo

  • Mr. Q

    Interesting articles about therapy by Dr. Miriam Grossman: "Gay or Straight? When others decide for you"

  • guest

    "Homosexuality is a mental illness."

    Actually, it's homophobia that is the mental illness. Get help, please, there is hope.

    • tagalog

      What kind of phenomenon is it when folks disapprove of homosexuality without being phobic about it? That's where most straight people find themselves. What IS phobia when it comes to having a negative opinion about homosexuality?

      Can you give an example of homophobia, how it would find expression, what people who have homophobia are like, what characteristics they would have?

  • Jmp

    You guys are evil, morally bankrupt, and vile! Get you facts straight, gayness is indeed NOT a mental illness, but another flavor of human being. I do question your humanity though!