DREAMers from Afghanistan Crossing Mexican Border into US

Everywhere around the world They're coming to America Every time that flag's unfurled They're coming to America

Everywhere around the world
They’re coming to America
Every time that flag’s unfurled
They’re coming to America

“Dream a Little Dream of Me,” the Mamas and the Papas sang back in the 60s. There are many DREAMers coming to America these days. Some are coming from Mexico. Some from China. And some from sunny old Afghanistan.

SEN. JOHN CORNYN: I just want to tell Senator Schumer, he might be interested in this. I was in, as I said, at the border on Sunday and Monday, and I know Senator Feinstein will probably find this interesting, too. We’re not just seeing the border being penetrated by people from Mexico or Central America. Some of the rescue beacons — where people are actually rescued because one county had 129 people die last year just trying to come across. That’s just bodies that they found.

But the rescue beacons are in English, Spanish and Chinese. And I said, ‘why Chinese?’ They said, ‘Well, for $30,000, you can get one of the smugglers to get you up through Central America, into Mexico and the United States.’

Another deputy sheriff in Brooks County showed me a picture of three gentlemen that they detained all wearing, happened to be wearing some form of turban. And I said, ‘where are these folks from?’ And they said, ‘Afghanistan.’

And as we all know, the border patrol documented that people from countries of special interest, including state sponsors of terrorism, have been detained coming across the Southern border. So as everybody knows — and I know everybody knows this — this is a national security issue as well. It’s a credibility issue, it’s a national security issue. So we’ve got to get this right and I hope that we can work together to get it right. Right now is not sufficient.

The media, and by that I mean the lefty think tanks they get all their news from, responded to the subject with all the serious scrutiny they usually do. And by that I mean they took the time to type out, “Ha Ha Crazy Racist Republicans are Afraid of Being Invaded by Turbaned People.”

Some experts suggest that this fine commitment to national security led us to the Al Qaeda attacks of the Clinton Administration leading up to September 11 and the second wave of September 11 attacks under Obama. But those people are probably racist for suspecting more of those fine DREAMers from Afghanistan.

We should probably just legalize them right now.

  • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

    Well, I have been commenting/researching on these same explosive dangers at the border, and for some time now. My focus has been on the narco-terror aspect; an arena whereby Hezbollah reigns supreme. As a matter of fact, this focal point was hot, even before the poohbahs started posturing over illegal immigration, and its attendant "solutions".
    But make no mistake. Anything which is applicable to Hezbollah is mirrored for Afghan terrorists and any other like-minded Islamic fighter – http://adinakutnicki.com/2013/04/19/the-obama-adm

    We all know, or should by now, that the Afghans have more than enough poppy seeds to do "business" with. Mind you, the same gangs which trade in Fast & Furious's gun running scheme surely are involved with said human cargo. All in a day's work….

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel http://adinakutnicki.com/about/

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Godzilla could come across our open borders and be given citizenship after eating Dallas.
    National suicide is the policy of our Federal Government and one day American men that
    disagree with America being disolved into a sunami of workplace violence, islamaphobic
    loonacy and absolutely no, no not one intelligent and truthful answer to anything from
    anyone in government, American men will act in self preservation. The sooner cleaning
    day starts the better as within this year there may be nothing but a Nation of confusion,
    poverty, despair, suicide and a laughing but happy Barak Sadam Hussein Obama in
    the house of ill repute in Washington D. C. (district of criminals) smoking a joint.

  • ziggy zoggy

    The candy-a$$ photo of the little Afghan guys is adorable. They have all the typical islmopithecine props to make them look like manly men: A machine gun, “ammo belts,” face veils (HaHa) and cute little knives that they have never used except to pick the corn out of their $hit. Neither one of those chicken chested weasels has fought in open combat or ever will.

    Thank you Obama generation for allowing these wussy dweebs to join Facebook and pose for the mono-stream media.

  • Chezwick

    How does a destitute Afghan farmer get the money to travel half way across the globe?….unless he's being subsidized and on a mission.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Obama stimulus money or they saved thier Joe Biden half pennies?………………William

    • figment


  • onecornpone

    Dreamers from Afghanistan Crossing Mexican Border Into US

    What do these Bedouins expect to find here? A better class of pleasure goats…

  • Spider

    The CIA has reported a staging area near Cancoon Mexico where Middle Easterners are trained how to blend in with Mexicans for the purpose border crossing . Most are from Terror sponsoring countries. They are taught a little Spanish, how to dress look and act like Mexican border crossers. When caught the government referrs to them as OTMs so as not to raise alarm with the US public and bring attention to the Danger.

  • Carol Fryer

    During the Bush amnesty attempt I would constantly call every senator and congressman I could including the white house and tell them this obvious little point. Is it possible our Congress is so out of the reality zone they just cant see it? Or are they purposely ignoring it. Dont they realize this is their nation too? Their children and grandchildren have to live here and grow up here. Are they that calloused to destroy their own families.?

  • http://1389blog.com 1389AD