Drug Dealers Unveil Heroin Brand Named “ObamaCare”


I’m not sure what this particular strain of heroin does. Maybe, like ObamaCare, it completely messes you up, takes your money and leaves you with nothing.

The ObamaCare heroin navigators were carrying both “ObamaCare” and “Kurt Cobain” branded heroin so I can see a self-destructive suicide theme here.

There have been a lot of critics railing against the President’s Affordable Care Act, and the subsequent problems with the roll-out of the accompanying website which stonewalled users from signing up for healthcare.

But perhaps the biggest critics are a group of alleged drug peddlers that were stopped by Massachusetts State Police in the Western part of the state, allegedly carrying more than 1,000 marked bags of heroin with the words “Obama Care” sprawled across each packet in big, red letters.

During the stop, Petty claimed he saw “evidence of illegal narcotics,” which led to him calling in a police K9 to sniff around the vehicle in search of drug paraphernalia.

And the ObamaCare dealers would have gotten away with it… if it hadn’t been for that pesky dog. The arrested ObamaCare heroin navigators are named Sherod Green, Marquese Jones Tyler Robenstein and Ashley Beaulieu. It’s unknown if they were associated with ACORN.

But considering that Obama just freed eight drug dealers, including a crack dealer with a lifelong rap sheets who took his 5-year-old daughter alone while dealing crack, maybe these unlicensed ObamaCare heroin navigators can get off too.

Or maybe Obama, a former coke user who says that he didn’t do heroin because he didn’t like the heroin dealer, only has a soft spot for crack dealers.

“Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it.  Not smack, though.”

On 60 Minutes, Obama mentioned that he had considered using heroin, but didn’t use it because he didn’t like the pusher who was selling it. Otherwise, he apparently would have used heroin.

Heroin stamps are a way for drug dealers to mark their brands. They often use pop culture to mark their brands. The Social Art Collective in New York City has put on an art exhibition of heroin stamps with the Heroin Stamp Project.

There’s just one problem. I don’t see anyone becoming addicted to ObamaCare. Even many Senate Democrats seem to be trying to kick the habit.

UPDATE: MyPetJawa has another take on ObamaCare heroin…

It costs more than regular heroin, it’s weaker than regular heroin with lots of extra additives you don’t want, it’s nearly impossible to contact the dealer to make a purchase, and if you don’t buy it, the drug dealer comes to your house and charges you a fine:

  • Lysander Spooner

    obama does very little right; commuting the long sentences of crack offenders is the right thing to do. Applying disparate sentences to crack and powder dealers is like sentencing wine-drunk drivers to harsher sentences than beer-drunk drivers.

    Drugs should not be illegal anyway. The War On Drugs is the rotten foundation on which unjustifiable government healthcare interventions and Obamacare itself is built.

    See Szasz, Thomas S. “Our Right To Drugs” and “Ceremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution of Drugs, Addicts, and Pushers”.

    • Biff Henderson

      Let me guess, you have a long history of drug abuse and persecution? You need to work the angles by running for office as a progressive democrat. The dems will shield your past from the public and if you reach the highest office in the land you can spill the beans and connect with the little people.

      • Lysander Spooner

        The Nazis spoke of having a “Jewish problem.” We now speak of having a drug-abuse problem. Actually, “Jewish problem” was the name the Germans gave to their persecution of the Jews; “drug-abuse problem” is the name we give to the persecution of people who use certain drugs.

        The Second Sin (1973), p. 64

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Like the way we’re indoctrinated to throw rocks and hang drug users? Destroy their property and so forth?

          Yeah, drug users are insanely oppressed here in the West. That’s a big problem.

          • scarfolk

            Drug prohibition, another “progressive” idea and not conservative at all.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Drug prohibition, another “progressive” idea and not conservative at all.”

            This statement is correct but doesn’t justify knee-jerk, intense opposition. Certainly we should focus on what harm is caused to others rather than making moral judgments about users. But most of the drug policies are driven by a desire for public safety and not a desire to target particular classes of people. Even if some individuals are motivated by those ideas, that is not the intent nor the rational justification.

          • Lysander Spooner

            Putting people in cages for non-violent drug choices is oppressive. The state seizing your property is the functional equivalent of destroying your property.

            Do yourself a favor. Set aside the oxycontin and read the books.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            “Putting people in cages for non-violent drug choices is oppressive.”

            Putting anyone in a cages is oppressive. It’s a question of justice and balancing the rights of all citizens. Which is not to say that we have it right today. I’m just saying that completely obliterating restrictions on substances is probably not the answer.

            “The state seizing your property is the functional equivalent of destroying your property.”

            Yes, in terms of punishing the accused it is. But is also creates incentives both for the state and any law breakers. It’s not ideal right now by any stretch.

        • UCSPanther

          Big difference between persecuting a group of people because of their religious/genetic background and dealing with harmful substances that create severe social disruption and utterly ruin lives.

        • Biff Henderson

          And what does this have to do with the price of eggs in Cleveland?

        • pupsncats

          What “certain” drugs are you referring to?

  • blert

    De facto, Iran and Afghanistan have wide open drug access.

    The result is Hell on Earth.

    Somalia is, likewise, shattered by khat.

  • Drakken

    You are completely right Lysander, we should give you drug addicts as much of whatever your taking to your ultimate demise, and we can pay for it by the drugs we confiscate, win win for everybody.

  • Lysander Spooner

    It’s not the drug availability, it’s the Islamic doctrine:


  • Jakareh

    Let me guess: Obamacare heroin costs five times as much as regular dope and doesn’t get you high.

  • scarfolk

    Instead of talking amnesty for illegals we should be talking about an amnesty for those convicted of drug offenses.

    • Moa

      Why> drugs kill. Maybe not all users, but enough for society to ban them for the harm they cause. One bad trip on acid and your mind is gone. Most people are paranoid on THC. even tho’ they’re too dumb to notice. In my personal experience all the potheads lose any sharp edge to their wit after a few year’s use. Meth and heroin are very very bad for your physical health. Cocaine is bad for your sinuses. Opium will also destroy your body and has nasty side effects like constipation (as does many other illegal drugs). Krokodil is the fast way out. etc etc etc

      Drugs are banned because the science shows they are harmful to society. Scientists have tried hard to synthesize drugs which wouldn’t have bad effects, LSD being the famous example, but they all have severe psychological effects if they don’t have physical ones. Drugs are not bad because “The Man is a Party Pooper”, but because they cause demonstrable harm to society or can be shown that they will – according to controlled scientific studies. The young are especially vulnerable to the damage (but are also too stupid to exhibit control over use).

      In contrast, alcohol is actually beneficial to your health *in moderation*. And most people aren’t idiots with alcohol.

      • malcolmkyle

        Kindly educate yourself:

        Alcohol (United States) is a factor in the following:

        * 73% of all felonies * 73% of child beating cases * 41% of rape cases * 80% of wife battering cases * 72% of stabbings * 83% of homicides.

        According to the Australian National Drug Research Institute (2003): “The research into the global burden of disease attributable to drugs found, that in 2000, tobacco use was responsible for 4.9 million deaths worldwide, equating to 71 percent of all drug-related deaths. Around 1.8 million deaths were attributable to the use of alcohol (26 percent of all drug-related deaths), and illicit drugs (heroin, cocaine and amphetamines) caused approximately 223,000 deaths (only 3 percent of all drug-related deaths).” Marijuana doesn’t get a mention.

        According to DrugRehabs.Org, national (USA) mortality figures for 2009 were: tobacco 435,000; poor diet and physical inactivity 365,000; alcohol 85,000; microbial agents 75,000; toxic agents 55,000; motor vehicle crashes 26,347; adverse reactions to prescription drugs 32,000; suicide 30,622; incidents involving firearms 29,000; homicide 20,308; sexual behaviors 20,000; all illicit drug use, direct and indirect 17,000; and marijuana 0.

        Researchers led by Professor David Nutt, a former chief drugs adviser to the British government, asked drug-harm experts to rank 20 drugs (legal and illegal) on 16 measures of harm to the user and to wider society, such as damage to health, drug dependency, economic costs and crime. Alcohol scored 72 out of a possible 100, far more damaging than heroin (55) or crack cocaine (54). It is the most harmful to others by a wide margin, and is ranked fourth behind heroin, crack, and methamphetamine (crystal meth) for harm to the individual.

        • pupsncats

          So let’s add to the social and economic costs associated with alcohol and tobacco by legalizing drugs. Is sanity giving way to insanity more and more today?

          • Moa


        • Moa

          Thanks for your facts Malcolm. However, while your facts are correct your reasoning is deeply flawed for several reasons:

          1) Alcohol abuse does cause damage. Permitting *worse* drugs compounds the damage, not negates it.

          2) My point was that illegal drugs are much worse *per-unit-use*.(that is, per dose). Since you have trouble with reasoning I’ll help you out with an analogy. “99% of vehicle deaths are caused by consumer passenger vehicles. Very few deaths are caused by Formula 1 racing cars. Therefore the (intellectually lazy) conclusion is that Formula 1 racing must be safer than ordinary motor use”. This is false, because the per-unit-of-use factor must be taken into account.

          Malcolm it appears you have fallen into fallicious “reasoning” where you start with the conclusion you desire and find facts to back it up. This would be harmless idiocy if it were not for the fact that the same (intellectually lazy) arguments are being made by the political Left in advocating widespread decriminalizing of harmful susbtances, which will hurt a great many people. In the insanity of the Left sugar should be banned as a “toxin”, but destroying your lungs, body and psyche with marijuana is laudable.

          Time you switched that brain of yours on, amigo – or perhaps it is too late, thanks to the marijuana :)

          • scarfolk

            The real reason why drugs aren’t legalized is because the cartels have bought off the government (Fast and Furious is the tip of the iceberg)

    • Burnie Rubble

      Oh that idea will sit well with the FOR PROFIT PRISON INDUSTRY!!!

  • scarfolk

    We back the drug mafias in those countries and in Mexico as well. Forgotten Fast and Furious?

  • malcolmkyle

    Our policy regarding drugs is in the hands of frauds, liars and two bit crooks, and until they are in handcuffs, poverty will increase, injustice will prevail and perversity will rule the planet.

    * In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs. This has resulted in the number of people infected with HIV who are drug addicts dropping from 50 per cent to 20 per cent, and new diagnoses of HIV among addicts dropping from approximately 3,000 to below 2,000 annually. The number of drug overdose deaths declined from 400 to 290 a year between 2001 and 2006, and “problematic” drug use and drug use among adolescents has decreased.

    * Prohibitionists have always been murderous parasites: In 1926, during alcohol prohibition, the federal government began a campaign of deliberately poisoning vats of liquor with kerosene, gasoline, benzene, cadmium, iodine, zinc, mercury salts, nicotine, ether, formaldehyde, chloroform, camphor, carbolic acid, quinine, acetone, methanol, and several other deadly toxins. Estimates place the body count above 10,000.

    * Illegal Drug Cartels cannot operate without the support of politicians, bureaucrats, and police officers.

    * Keeping various psychoactive plants and their derivatives illegal and unregulated means robberies, home invasions, murders, broken families, shattered lives—all mostly done by law enforcement agencies. Add to that list: environmental devastation, poisoning of lands, streams and wildlife—all preventable by regulated legalization.

    * Prohibition has been a slow but relentless degradation (death by a zillion cuts) of all our cherished national and international institutions that will leave us crippled for numerous generations.

    * The US federal government is now the most dangerous and corrupt corporation on the planet; it is solely comprised of traitorous, lying hucksters who spy on us—in the MPICIC (military/police industrial corporate intelligence complex), the 99% are all probable suspects.

    * In 1989, The Kerry Committee found that the United States Department of State had made payments to drug-traffickers. Concluding, that even members of the U.S. State Department, themselves, were involved in drug trafficking. Some of the payments were made even after the traffickers had been indicted by federal law enforcement agencies – or even while these traffickers were under active investigation by these same agencies.

    * The involvement of the CIA in running Heroin from Vietnam, Southeast Asia and Afghanistan, and Cocaine from Central America, has been well documented, by the 1989 Kerry Committee report, academic researchers Alfred McCoy and Peter Dale Scott and the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Gary Webb.

    * The United States jails a larger percentage of it’s own citizens than any other country in the world, including those run by all the other worst totalitarian regimes, yet it has far higher use & addiction rates than most other countries.

    * As with torture, prohibition is a grievous crime against humanity. If you support it, or even simply tolerate it by looking the other way while others commit it, you are an accessory to a very serious moral transgression against humanity.

    * The United States re-legalized certain drug use in 1933. The drug was alcohol, and the 21st amendment re-legalized its production, distribution and sale. Both alcohol consumption and violent crime dropped immediately as a result. And very soon after, the American economy climbed out of that same prohibition engendered abyss into which it had foolishly fallen.

  • malcolmkyle

    The American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that in the U.S. alone, an estimated 79,000 lives are lost annually due to “excessive” drinking. The study estimates that the overall cost of excessive drinking by Americans is $223.5 billion each year.


    Health-related costs per user are eight times higher for those who drink alcohol when compared to those who use marijuana, and are more than 40 times higher for tobacco smokers, according to a 2009 review published in the British Columbia Mental Health and Addictions Journal.

    It states, “In terms of [health-related] costs per user: tobacco-related health costs are over $800 per user, alcohol-related health costs are much lower at $165 per user, and cannabis-related health costs are the lowest at $20 per user.”


    Having three or more alcoholic drinks a day increases lung cancer risk by 30 percent.

    “Heavy drinking has multiple harmful effects, including cardiovascular complications and increased risk for lung cancer,”

    —lead researcher Stanton Siu, MD, of Kaiser Permanente


    Alcohol, when used alone, is “involved” in far more emergency department visits than every illegal drug combined. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control): “In the single year 2005, there were more than 1.6 million hospitalizations and more than 4 million emergency room visits for alcohol-related conditions.” A study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine in 2012 suggests that as many as 50 percent of emergency room visits could be alcohol-related. In New York City for instance, nearly 74,000 people visited hospitals in 2009 for alcohol-related reasons, compared with just 22,000 in 2003.




    Apart from the fact that legal drugs cause more crime and kill far more people than all the illegal drugs combined, debating whether a particular drug is harmless or not is missing the whole point. Are drugs like Cocaine, Heroin, Meth or Alcohol dangerous? It simply doesn’t matter, because if we prohibit them then we sure as hell know that it makes a bad situation far worse. If someone wants to attempt to enhance or destroy their lives with particular medicines or poisons, that should be their business, not anybody else’s. Their lives aren’t ours to direct. And anyway, who wants to give criminals, terrorists and corrupt law enforcement agents a huge un-taxed, endless revenue stream?

    A great many of us are wising up to the fact that the best avenue towards realistically dealing with drug use and addiction is through proper regulation, which is what we already do with alcohol & tobacco. These are clearly two of our most dangerous mood altering substances, but we have learnt to regulate them properly, and not hand the whole market over to organized criminals and corrupt politicians.

  • http://www.420photo.com/ 420photo.com

    Disgraceful, heroin kills and to associate it with something that’s going to help 50 million Americans.

    • Biff Henderson

      They’re drawing a corollary between heroin and the millions of people Obamacare is going to harm.