Manbearpig Lives! Environmentalists Claim Global Warming Unleashes Plague of Hybrid Animals


The science is settled. And by that I mean they’re just making stuff up.

These Hybrid Animals Will Be Created Because Of Climate Change

Thanks to melting Arctic ice caps, polar and grizzly bears are being forced to cohabitate — and mate — outside their indigenous zones. The results are half-brown, half-white bears that have been spotted in the Arctic.

As mutated animals, they are most likely sterile. And, if this trend continues, it could eventually lead their origin species towards extinction.

Grizzly bears and polar bears are actually not sterile. But how frequent is this cats-and-dogs mating with each other trend?

Many Arctic hybrids have already been seen in the wild.

In 2006, a white bear with brown splotches, believed to be a hybrid of a polar bear and a grizzly, was shot by Arctic hunters. Then in 2009, a possible hybrid of a right whale and a bowhead was photographed in the Bering Sea.

That’s two. Maybe one.

I’m not a scientist myself. But one mix of a polar bear and grizzly bear… and one even more dubiously possible whale mix is not MANY.

It’s also not the beginning of a plague of sterile mutants that will lead to the extinction of all bears on earth.

The increased hybridization of animals is a strong indication that our climate is changing.

An increase of two?

As Arctic sea ice continues to melt at drastic rates, different species of seals, whales, and bears previously blocked by huge slabs of ice will begin mingling in the same regions and possibly mating.

And just wait until the whalebears mate with the bearseals producing whalebearseal. Just let Al Gore tell you about it. It’s superserial.

Hybrid animals are generally infertile. But the trend is worrisome because it could drive certain species to extinction since those animals are no longer mating with their own kind.

What exactly is the high probability of any type of bear being wiped out due to mating with other bears? So far we’ve got one polar-grizzly shot in 2006. It’s not exactly an epidemic.

Also there’s one big problem with this hybrid extinction threat. Polar bears and grizzly bears produce fertile offspring.

Stirling said polar bears and grizzlies have been successfully paired in zoos and that their offspring are fertile, but there had been no documented case in the wild.

Sorry, cancel the apocalypse. The science is settled.

Also there were polar- grizzly matings in the wild back in the 19th century. Must have been global warming caused by all those coal plants.

But don’t worry. The science is settled. And there’s always a new Ecoscammer Global Warming threat.

  • unionville

    I’ll only worry if they discover a manbearpig. That may be a sign something is seriously wrong.

    • Aizino Smith

      If you do not want to worry about that, then never execute a search warrant of an ecofreak’s house.

  • Aizino Smith

    What is a planet?

    Follow me here. the definition of a planet has been changing over the years.

    Likewise what is a species? Are grizzly bears and polar bears different species anymore than Africans and Caucasians are different species?

    The difference between polar and grizzly bears might be a handful of alleles, gene variants. Polar bears have a gene variant for fur color and another for hair follicle geometry and maybe a few others.

    It would be like saying two snails are different species because one has spots and another has striped. there is a very simple mechanism for that. It might mean a one or just a few genes. Is a handful of genes enough to make something a different species.

    • Inane Rambler

      This is actually a very insightful point. There is in fact no set standard on what constitutes a species versus a sub-species.

      • Flicker

        Actually, the definition of species has always been any group that can reproduce and have fertile off-spring. Donkeys and horses can reproduce but their off-spring (mules) aren’t fertile. This is why over the millenia both horses and donkeys have become extinct. And of course it’s because the temperature of the earth has always been 4 degrees above normal.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          I remember reading the texts of the ancients about those “horses” and “donkeys” too. The illustrations are fascinating. Could any such creatures ever have existed?

          We’ll never know. We’ll all drown soon anyway, so who cares.

          • Flicker

            I’m currently working on crossing a cow with a pig with a block of cheddar. Mmm. The first bacon cheeseburger species.

        • Inane Rambler

          It’s not really much of a standard though, as many animals that can reproduce and have fertile offspring are separate species.

          Coyotes and Wolves can have fertile children, and there are even cases of Lion and Tiger offspring that are fertile.

          • Flicker

            What other standard is here? I understand that rarely, mules are fertile as well, but it’s so very rare that no one has ever been able to breed a “mules” strain. Wolves and dogs are the same species, and maybe coyotes, too. And coyotes and wolves may have produced the rare, and now extinct?, red wolve of Florida.

        • Aizino Smith

          “And of course it’s because the temperature of the earth has always been 4 degrees above normal.”

          What does that mean exactly?

  • animalaura

    I agree with the headline. It unleashed Al Gore. How much more mutant can one be??

  • Flicker

    Sounds like AlGore doesn’t like white bears intermarrying with bears of color. Interesting. Why am I not surprised.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Hybrid animals are generally infertile. But the trend is worrisome because it could drive certain species to extinction since those animals are no longer mating with their own kind.”

    Yet we’re not alarmed about “gay marriage.”

    These people are rational?

  • Duke Mantee

    Call me when you see pigs fly!

  • AG

    Well in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s the Democrats said the same thing about inter-racial mating, so now their focus is bears. Why should the race of bear matter, if they love each other, what is the big deal?

    This idea that a grzzly can’t mate with a polar bear is absurd, they are the same species. Grizzly s have been mating with brown bears for centuries.

    • Flicker

      Its immoral and it can be proven that brown bears are not even really bears. That’s why interspecies breeding is still illegal in 39 states.

  • riik1

    ok, make sure to ONLY listen to the 3% of scientists who claim global warming is a fake.
    ONLY listen to anyone who has the exact same opinions and facts as you have.
    Other people/scientists who disagree with you are obviously wrong as you have done the research and studied the problem.
    THANK GOD that a few (very) scientists say warming is a myth (it is good these scientist can stay cool with all the KOCH money and all Rush’s air blowing by)

    • Flicker

      What is your field of science?

    • f0n3man

      everyone pay attention! riik1 is soon to become extinct because of the coming ice age. he is completely unaware that thousands of cold weather records were broken this winter in the US, and that the earth’s temp has not changed in 15 years, and may actually be cooling. if that is the case he will need to stay as close to gore’s hot air stream to survive…

  • herb benty

    Reminds me of the donkey at that zoo that gave birth to a half donkey/zebra a while ago. Both from the horse “family”, just as Polar/Grizzlies are from the bear family. Very Biblical, which means apocalyptic to evolutionist twits.

  • Flicker

    So life is imitating art,and leading it. Do you think Al-Gore said, “Hmm. Manbearpig. Manbearpig. It’s genius! How can I use that. I bet I can make another 100-million on that if I can find the right hook.”

  • anor277

    Is there a point to this article? Perhaps it’s easier to make snide remarks and
    score debating points than engage with real data. I am unsurprised that this article addresses relatively trivial issues (in the context of climate change) rather than consider the conclusions of the latest IPCC report, which appeared in the last week or so, and is surely the most topical subject of current interest in regard to the
    matter of global warming. The reports points to continued and progressive rise of mean surface temperature, and also substantial increase in ocean temperature. It
    attributes the temperature rise to increased concentrations of carbon dioxide
    in the atmosphere, for which it has excellent reasons. Many here refuse to engage with these data, even though such data do not have any political dimension whatsoever; they are simply careful and verifiable measurements.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The point is that Global Warming hysterics engage in pseudoscientific fearmongering in pursuit of a fearmongering pseudoscientific cause.

  • Jake-a-runi

    Antarctic ice sheets are melting, glaciers worldwide are retreating and the sea level has risen. Is any of these disputable?

    • Daniel Greenfield