Egypt Atty Gen Says Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Received $850K from US Embassy

obama we dont negotiate with terrorists we finance them

Being a Muslim Brotherhood leader is apparently a nice job, if you can get it. Apparently, according to Walid Shoebat, there are some very nice fringe benefits.

Egypt’s Attorney General Hisham Barakat is looking into evidence that arrested Muslim Brotherhood leaders accepted bribes from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, according to a report from Almesryoon, an Egyptian newspaper that cites a “judicial source”.

The strength of these allegations is seemingly bolstered by another case alluded to by the newspaper in which a document is referenced. This document reportedly reveals monthly “gifts” being paid to Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt by the Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani, Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Mursi government. These monthly payments were said to be denominated in U.S. dollars to each leader.

The names listed on the Qatar document match several names mentioned in the Almesryoon article, including Mohamed Beltagy, listed as the last name in the Qatari document as being paid an annual “gift”/bribe of $850,000 annually in U.S. dollars.

The document above lists “gifts” which amount to bribes being paid to the Mursi government members in annual payments of between $750,000 and $850,000 in U.S. dollars each. The sums amount to tens of millions of dollars in bribes.

Chump change by Obama Inc. standards. Too bad the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t think of opening its own Green Energy company. Then it could have scored some serious DOE loans.

  • edlancey

    Difficult not to conclude that the dog and pony show currently being manufactured in Syria is to distract from the FUBAR that is Egypt – especially if the MB decide to spill the beans on Obama.

  • Christopher Riddle

    OBOZO is just taking care of his own!

  • Veracious_one

    The sums amount to tens of millions of dollars in bribes.

    Obama sure knows how to spend your tax dollars and he’s careful not to call it ‘jizyah’

  • ebonystone

    And the MB is probably using some of the money to bribe American politicians and media types. And spending the rest on slave-girls (and -boys).

  • Gee

    I remember that up until President Carter got into office the US paid one Ruhollah Mostafavi Musavi Khomeini $1 million/year.

    Carter cut off funding and he got mad at America

  • Anamah

    Miserable crocks!
    How could US Embassies pay bribes to Muslim Brotherhood leaders…
    FOR WHAT? To persecute and kill Christians and burn Coptic Churches???
    Obama Administration smells terrible…
    What a shame!