Egypt Buries the Brotherhood

Protest against President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo, EgyptIt’s not unusual for the United States and a Muslim country to be on the opposite sides of the War on Terror. It is unusual for a Muslim country to take a stand against terrorism while the United States backs the right of a terrorist group to burn churches, torture opposition members and maintain control of a country with its own nuclear program.

But that’s the strange situation in what Egypt’s public prosecutor has declared “the biggest case of conspiracy in the country’s history.”

The media assumes that the charges accusing Muslim Brotherhood leaders of conspiring with Hamas and Hezbollah, passing state secrets to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and plotting to help foreign terrorists kill Egyptian soldiers is a show being put on for Western audiences. They couldn’t be more wrong.

This isn’t about winning international PR points. It’s about destroying the credibility of the Brotherhood in the eyes of Egyptians and burying it along with what’s left of the Arab Spring in the waters of the Nile.

Obama assumed that cuts to military aid would force Egypt to restore the Muslim Brotherhood to power. He was wrong and the latest round of criminal charges show just how wrong he was.

The charges that the Muslim Brotherhood conspired with Hamas and Hezbollah to unleash a wave of terror against Egypt go to the heart of this struggle between the Egyptian nationalism of the military and the Islamic transnationalism of the Muslim Brotherhood. They paint the Muslim Brotherhood as not merely corrupt or abusive, the way that many tyrannies are, but as a foreign subversive element.

These aren’t merely criminal charges. They are accusations of treason.

There are two narratives of the Arab Spring. In one of them, the people rose up against the tyrants.  In the other an international conspiracy of Western and Muslim countries collaborated with the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Arab countries.

To destroy the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the state has to do more than accuse Morsi of abuses of power; it has to show that he and his organization were illegitimate because they were Un-Egyptian.

That will prove that the differences between Mubarak and Morsi aren’t incidental. Mubarak may have been thuggish and corrupt, but he was an Egyptian patriot. Morsi will be charged with being an Iranian traitor who conspired to take away the Sinai and turn it over to the terrorist proxies of a Shiite state.

The Egyptian public prosecutor’s charges speak of an Iranian conspiracy dating back to 2005 that saw Muslim Brotherhood members being trained by that country’s Revolutionary Guard and by Hezbollah. They allege that the Muslim Brotherhood had been preparing to declare its own separatist Emirate in the Sinai if it could not succeed in bringing Morsi to power.

Egypt had already accused Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders of being liberated from prison by terrorist infiltrators. It now accuses him of importing foreign terrorists to attack Egyptian soldiers  (which provided him with a pretext for bringing the Egyptian military under control by pushing out Field Marshal Tantawi and putting General Al-Sisi in command of the Egyptian military) and after Sisi’s overthrow of him, to intimidate Egypt into restoring him to power.

It’s all about Iran now. Wildly unpopular for its support of the Syrian government, an Islamic country whose religion the Sunni Muslims of Egypt do not recognize as Islam, it is the perfect target. The Muslim Brotherhood’s collaboration with a Shiite power murdering Sunnis is not just treason; it’s heresy.

But as cleverly convenient as the charges may be, it’s entirely possible that they are also true.

There is little doubt that Morsi conspired with Hamas. There is no reason for him not to have. Hamas is just the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza. And it is exactly this sort of transnational arrangement that makes Arab nationalists distrust the Muslim Brotherhood and its international network.

Morsi and Hamas’ actions after the murder of Egyptian soldiers in the summer of last year strongly suggest that there was coordination. Morsi was quick to exploit the attacks for a domestic power grab and a push into the Sinai and the Army of Islam, which was allegedly responsible for attacking Egypt, has worked together with Hamas and looks a lot like a Hamas effort at plausible deniability.

If there were really any doubt that the Egyptian military believed Hamas was responsible all along, not just when it became politically convenient to level those charges against Morsi, the way that it began treating Hamas even before the overthrow of Morsi should put any doubts to rest. Even before Morsi fell, Hamas had begun complaining that Egypt was treating it worse than Israel.

Hamas had every reason to exploit the Anti-Mubarak protests to help set Muslim Brotherhood members free. And once they were in power, it had every reason to intervene to keep them in power. The more the Egyptian military turned on Hamas, the more it was motivated to help Morsi hold on to power and to restore him to power once he had been overthrown.

Did Hamas really believe that it could work with the Brotherhood to carve out an Emirate in the Sinai? There’s no way to know. Hamas’ ambitions may have been no grander than protecting its smuggling network, but it certainly would have profited from a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist kingdom in the Sinai.

Iran is the joker in the deck. Would the Muslim Brotherhood have continued a conspiracy with Iran even after taking power? Ahmadinejad visited Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood was in power and though he met with a mixed reception, the visit had the air of a victory lap. Adding to that impression were the Iranian warships passing through the Suez Canal.

The willingness of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza, to draw the bulk of its support from Iran, made it and its allied Muslim Brotherhood franchises vulnerable to charges of Shiite collaboration. Despite Qatar’s infusion of money, Hamas was never able to fully break with Iran even during the Syrian Civil War and before too long came crawling back to Tehran.

And now Hamas’ lust for Iranian money and weapons may end up putting a noose around Morsi’s neck.

The trial of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders is Egypt’s opportunity to frame the events of the last few years on their own terms. Egyptians are struggling to come to terms with what happened and they will be told that a foreign conspiracy bringing together Iran, Qatar and the United States took over their country for a little while before being forced out of office by civilian and military patriots.

And strangely enough, it will almost be the truth.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    Chickens roosting slightly sooner than predicted.

    • Learned

      And this time is the Muslims who are actually doing the roosting and a bunch of other things all of us want done.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        I can think of worse scenarios, that’s for sure.

  • truebearing

    What a mess…and Obama is in it up to his teeth. Hopefully, Egypt will start releasing information that will expose Obama’s support for the Muslim terrorists. Payback is a female dog, or something like that, and Egypt’s military would undoubtedly like to give Obama what he’s owed.

    • Well Done

      Hope to see 0bama before the world court for a heinous and wrong-headed support of a known terrorist group’s takeover of a foreign country, and for continuing to support that group even after the country was taken back from them. One of democracy’s flaws is that, sometimes, people will vote for a party or a leader who is going to destroy their country. Hamas, Morsi, and 0bama are good examples. That is why 0bama is purging the U.S. military.

  • Nixys

    In a perfect world, I would wish there could be actual 100% honesty in Egyptian politics, of course. But until that day, I’m just happy the Muslim Brotherhood is gone. If the only way to turn the Egyptian people against the Brotherhood is to play up its connections with Iran and the U.S. or other foreign agents, so be it. Egyptians deserve to have autonomy over their political process- perhaps they just made a mistake by electing Morsi and they’ve quickly learned. Second time’s the charm?

  • blert

    I’ve long contended that Iran — from time to time — uses AQ fronts as cut-outs for Tehran’s own initiatives.
    Cui bono?…
    Benghazi was a weapons portal to the fanatics in Syria — with our boy Barry at the tiller.
    Then, like magic, ‘AQ’ — in a flamingly obvious way — “an orgy of evidence” — attacks and sacks our CIA front — dead nuts on 9-11-12.
    How convenient.
    What a coincidence.
    And so soon after Reuters reported that Iranian ‘nurses’ had been ransomed out of fanatical militias — said ‘nurses’ having been observed walking off the distances of the AMERICAN compound in Benghazi — like they were intending to mortar the place in a few nights hence.
    What a coincidence. Well, it was big news locally, but not passed on to America, MSM and all that.
    The CIA ultimately established — after much blood and toil — that Iran was the hidden facilitator of AQ in Iraq — all along. (Thank the McChrystal crew for that.) Said support was always via cut-outs — compounded upon cut-outs.
    In all these years, the mullahs have NEVER permitted their extra-territorial ops to execute without deniability.
    Hence, the Hez. — on down the line. Heck, the mullahs booted up Hamas, too! How Sunni can you get.
    Yes, they’re back in the same money-bed together, like pimp and whore.
    Cutting their fellow Sunnis off from weapons-are-us doesn’t even pass the smell test. The truth is still in the shadows.

    • blert

      Those ‘nurses’ were male Red Crescent ‘nurses’ — as in IRGC ‘nurses.’

      • Well Done

        So Islamists use the Red Cross (oops, sorry, “Crescent”) as a cover for acts of war. Not at all surprising, given the fact that Hamas use ambulances to transport weapons and soldiers, as well as using schools and hospitals as ammo dumps and rocket launching sites.

  • antioli

    The Egyptian still need support. The brotherhood is down but probably boil up when ever it’s possible. Israel and the democratic Egyptians need some one to speak out on their behalf .
    We call Morsi un Egyptian he is anti Egyptian

  • Well Done

    The Egyptian military has always been a force for good, which means a force against the Moslem Brotherhood. Note how little the idiot left seem to care that it was the MB who assassinated former Egptyian leaders Nasser and Sadat. Israel has made huge mistakes in abandoning “West Bank”, Gaza, and the Sinai. Should have kept them. We would all be better off. It’s looking like 0bama is a supporter of Islamic Jihad.

    • defcon 4

      There is no other kind of jihad except islamic.

    • marvin boggs

      Comrade Obama IS the muslim Manchurian Candidate.

      There’s a reason why post-college,Comrade Hussein traveled to Pakistan. it’s not because he was a Christian. There’s a reason why Comrade Hussein was aided in getting into college by Saudi money and influence.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    “From Perisa, very near a million…”

  • Bellerophons_Revenge

    There is no reason to cheer the demise of Morsi. He is just the latest tyrant to go down in the Sunni-Shia power struggle going on the Middle East. Hamas, backed by Iran and Al-Qaeda, backed by Saudi Arabia will continue their proxy wars of conquest on behalf of their benefactors.

    It is the kind of madness that the US should completely stay out of. The Sunni-Shia struggle is centuries old and will not come to an end in our lifetimes. The Islamic cultures of this region are fundamentally depraved and the best possible outcome is a war of attrition that depletes both sides allowing new ideas and new cultural norms to come into existence.

    Backing either side in this lunatic region is foolish at best and destructive at worst.

    • mcbee555

      Notice how Sunnis and Shiites will stop killing each other if they can create a mutual enemy. “Religion of Peace?” or B.S.?

  • Lanna

    Daniel is right about this…its big news, Egypt does not want any part of the Brotherhood, and they aren’t going to support their ideologies.

    • Will

      Hillary is in this up to her eyeballs.

  • dougjmiller

    Thank goodness that there still is integrity and courage in Egypt. All of the good people and decent nations on our planet are grateful that Egypt is fighting against radical Islam.

    • defcon 4

      “radical Islam”, the delineation w/o a difference.

  • logdon

    Morsi est Morti?

    As today’s roundup went to press, news broke that Egypt plans to put
    Mohammed Morsi on trial for terror, espionage, and conspiring with Hamas
    and Hezbollah. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are implicated too, so take
    your pick of AP, CNN, and BBC coverage and pass the popcorn.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s ties with Hamas are well-known, and the Gaza overlords will certainly be on eggshells if they weren’t already. Can’t wait to learn what evidence implicates Hezbollah and Iran. But remember, Egyptians are suckers for conspiracy theories from the sublime to the ridiculous; there’s also a Calvinball in Cairo component.

    Morsi already faces charges related to the deaths of demonstrators. That trial adjourned in chaos on the very first day.

    • JDinSTL

      Would be delicious to see Morsi executed for treason. Who knows, his role in the Benghazi terrorist uprising could emerge. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

      • J Simson

        I believe Mursi was behind Benghazi. He wanted to kidnap Christopher Stevens in order swap him with the Blind Sheik. The planner of 1992 Twin Tower attack.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Funny that we never hear much about the BS since Benghazi went bad for them.

    • Drakken

      Well anyway you slice and dice it, hopefully the Egyptian military starts lining up MB folks up against the wall all over Egypt and calls it a day.

      • logdon

        I think that will happen.

        They’ve certainly had enough of Obama, Kerry, McCain, Lyndsey and Patterson sticking the liberal MB loving Yanquee oar in.

        And as others are mentioning, Morsi is up to his ears in Benghazi.

        Try Walid Shoebat whose is unearthing now connective evidence almost daily.

        • Drakken

          If they ever put a bounty on the heads of those in Benghazi, I’m going to be a very rich man, because they run around that city boasting about it. As for Morsi, hope the rope that gets tied around his neck gets rather tight and uncomfortable before they kick the stool out from under him.

  • Ziggy46

    All of this to the chagrin of a pathetic president. A president whose unabashed support of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Yet the mainstream media will never report the fact that this fetid quisling, this so-called Commander-in-Chief is an emboldened backer of terror.

  • Texas Patriot

    Bravo for the Egyptian military. If we hadn’t made it our national objective to completely dismantle and destroy it, the Iraqi military would probably have acted as a similar counterweight against Islamic jihad in Iraq. Whether the Egyptian military can sustain their fight for truth while being surrounded by the forces of Islamic jihad in Egypt and elsewhere remains to be seen.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “If we hadn’t made it our national objective to completely dismantle and destroy it, the Iraqi military would probably have acted as a similar counterweight against Islamic jihad in Iraq.”

      That’s one of several mistakes that cost extra money to work against our own interests.

      • logdon

        McChrystal made Zawahiri his prime target. From then on the Baathists were removed from the most wanted lists.

        By then it was too late.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “By then it was too late.”

          It was a political mistake. They got cocky and I guess figured they’d go full gas to “democracy.” They freaked everyone out because it was portrayed as unnecessary collective justice or collective punishment.

    • defcon 4

      LOL, the Egyptian military is ENTIRELY islamic, as is Egypt’s police force and judiciary.

  • RACH’s Idea

    Even Hillary Clinton is in trouble over this one. Thank God.

  • Paul Austin Murphy

    It does seem incredible, at least at first, that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood should ally itself – in any way – with Shia Iran.

    The Sunni-Shia civil war is over 1000 years old. But let’s get up to date. In Syria, Assad cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1982 battle of Hama in which between 20,000 and 40,000 people were killed. The new (Bashar) Assad is, of course, allied with Shia Iran. Since that time, the Assads, and Allawi/Shia generally, have have feared the Syrian (Sunni) Muslim Brotherhood.

    Nonetheless, in all politics there is realpolitik and many dodgy alliances. (In the West, the Left would ally with Satan himself if they could get a few crumbs from his table.) And if Iran has the cash, and the training, then, yes, it’s true that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood collaborates with Gaza’s Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas), which, in turn, is heavily dependent on Iran for cash and God knows what else.

    • Texas Patriot

      Hamas is Sunni?

      • Paul Austin Murphy


        So you wouldn’t think they’d collaborate with Iran. However, like International Marxists/Leftists in the past (as well as today), the Muslim Brotherhood is essentially transnational in nature, as Islam itself is (or should be). And just as Leftist activists and terrorists used to collaborate trans-nationally in the 1980s and before, so too do Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood today.

        The Islamic Republic of Iran was ‘revolutionary’ from the beginning – 1979. Like the Soviet Union, its primary task was the spreading of Islam and Islamist revolution. So Iran has at least that in common with Sunni Hamas and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood generally.

        Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood produce, between them, the new “international revolutionaries”. Indeed Iran used to admit as much.

        • Texas Patriot

          Makes sense.

          • logdon

            The Saudi’s do not even recognise Shia’s as Muslim.

            This is a hudna, merely a treaty of convenience.

          • Paul Austin Murphy

            Yes, in fact the Saudis, and many other Sunnis, see the Shia as a Jewish sect! Yes – you heard me correctly. And precisely because of that belief, they are also perceived as a ‘fifth column’ in many – probably all – Sunni states.

            You see, as with other totalitarian ideologies, such as Marxism and Nazism, the believers believe what they want to believe and also what they need to be believe in order to secure certain political objectives. And what better way, again, as with Nazis and Leftists, of dispatching your enemies than by accusing them of being ‘Zionists’ or, more honestly, ‘Jews’.

          • Paul Austin Murphy


            Can I use your story, with an acknowledgment, about the guy who was accused of a ‘hate crime’ for complaining about traffic, which you posted in the Telegraph?

          • logdon

            Certainly, Paul.

            The more who learn of this affront to our liberty, the better.

          • defcon 4

            The allow Shiites to make their hajj.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The ME is full of groups that hate each other and yet ally and betray each other all the time.

      Iran, being Shiite, is isolated and keeps trying to work with Sunni groups. It kept trying to work with Al Qaeda with hilarious results since the Sunnis inevitably turn on them. Especially Salafis.

      • Paul Austin Murphy

        Although Sunnis are by far the majority – in both the world as a whole and the Arab world, Shia Iran is not completely isolated.

        Iraq is majority Shia and there are sizable – though still minorities – populations of Shia in many Arab countries, including Yemen, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. Even Saudi Arabia has a largish Shia population and just where it counts – on its southern-eastern borders with Iran (if you take away the Persian Gulf). Above all that, there are Shia in Pakistan and, I think, still some left in Afganistan.

        In a sense, the Salafists and Wahhabis work against Muslim Brotherhood Islamic internationalism because they put their hatred of Shia before their Islamic internationalism.

        Not that the Muslim Brotherhood has never used patriotism/nationalism – in Egypt and elsewhere – for its own ends – it has. Indeed the Muslim Brotherhood in Amercica, CAIR, claims to be patriotic; as did the Brits Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and Kim Philby: three of the ‘Cambridge Five’ who spied for the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 1940s.

        In terms of overall numbers, however, I don’t think the Shia have a chance against the Sunnis. In fact there are even ‘community tensions’ between Sunni and Shia Muslims as far away from Syria as Bradford in the north of England.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          The Iraq War did “free up” Iraq to ally, loosely with Iran, but it’s a troubled arrangement and part of a low-lying civil war. The Iraqi government can’t push too far or it will turn into Syria.
          The Salafists sabotage internationalism, but it wouldn’t stand anyway since the backstabbing is constant.

          • defcon 4

            “backstabbing is constant”, ah the wonders of the islamic world. Now why do I want it in any Western style democracy again?

    • Drakken

      Any and all muslims no matter the sect will unite to go after us infidels, its the way these savages work, that is why you eliminate them enmasse and never allow them to regroup.

  • J Simson

    Hamas Charter:

    The Link between Hamas and the Association of Muslim Brothers

    Article Two

    The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a world organization, the largest Islamic Movement in the modern era. It is characterized by a profound understanding, by precise notions and by a complete comprehensiveness of all concepts of Islam in all domains of life: views and beliefs, politics and economics, education and society, jurisprudence and rule, indoctrination and teaching, the arts and publications, the hidden and the evident, and all the other domains of life.

  • mcbee555

    Obama thought he’d teach Egypt a lesson for deposing the Morsi-Muslim Brotherhood government. “Clever” Obama advised Egypt it wouldn’t be receiving its usual stipend from the U.S Treasury, nor would Egypt receive the fighter planes and tanks previously promised by the Obama regime.
    It seems as though Egypt didn’t even blink an eye about it, rather Russia’s Minister Lavrov was dispatched by Putin to visit Cairo and discuss replacing Obama’s cancelled promise with the assurance that Russia would supply the planes and tanks needed. Saudi Arabia even offered to foot the bill for Egypt.
    Atta boy, Barack! You’ve done it again!

    • Well Done

      Don’t overlook that a part of the Israel/Egypt peace treaty that gave Sinai back to Egypt (whoops) included an obligation by the U.S. to support Egypt. That means 0bama undertook to break an international treaty because Egypt dared not do his (heinously wrong-headed) bidding.

      • mcbee555

        Great observation and the very reason we (USA) kept a force stationed in the Sinai for a time, to assure the treaty was followed.
        Obama is lawless with no respect for the U.S. Constitution or the U.S, Congress and its legislating procedures. His lawlessness matches the shallow mentality of most of his voting supporters who wouldn’t know The Constitution from a comic book.

      • defcon 4

        Israel has given back the Sinai twice to Egypt and in the same time period practically the entire, prosperous, peaceful, ancient Jewish community of Egypt was ethnically cleansed through islamic persecution.

  • J Simson

    Mursi President of Egypt, 2010:

    Dear brothers we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them. They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue

    One American president after another and most recently, that Obama talks about American guarantees for the safety of the Zionists in Palestine. Obama was very clear when he uttered his empty words on the land of Egypt. He uttered many lies, of which he could not have filled a single word, even if he were sincere – which he is not.

    • defcon 4

      Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you…

  • J Simson

    Islamic Cleric Yusuf Qawadari of the MB:

    “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.”

    • defcon 4

      I haven’t noticed any “moderate” muslimes anywhere repudiating the position of mullahs, imams and ayatollahs who spew the same kind of antisemitic vomit.

  • J Simson

    Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, Influential MB cleric: Allah Imposed Hitler upon the Jews to Punish Them – “Allah Willing, the Next Time Will Be at the Hand of the Believers”

    Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – January 28-30, 2009

  • chuckie2u

    I suppose the Saudi government wants to get rid of the BH as well. The US is walking around rotten eggs and about to step on a few.

  • Bandido

    This is the correct method of dealing with an infection. You excise it. In this same way, Mussolini broke the power of the Mafia in Italy. It did not dare raise its head again until the Americans invaded Sicily, during which the Mafia befriended and guided American troops while stealing weapons and supplies from them. Egypt is accusing the Brotherhood of treason in order to hang the leadership. The generals will not permit a repetition of what happened in Sicily.

    • kikorikid

      The “Loyal Officers” backed a nationalist govt
      in the 60’s and hung,Sayyid Qubt, for Treason, in 1966.
      Qubt is the theological leader of the Muslim Brotherhood
      and put out the call to Global Jihad and pure Islam in his
      writings- “In the Shadow of the Quran”

      • marvin boggs

        “wash,rinse,repeat as necessary.”

  • Anamah

    So… what we have here is like… a franchisee?
    Some times reality exceed craziest hallucination…
    Americans got an egg from the serpent; and love it!
    Wrapped up in denial and hypocrisy we have not been able to overcome or understand our Progressive era, and here we go again embroiled in betrayal mode!
    Is time to open the gift package.

  • vladimirval

    The policies of the military regime of Egypt are the same that made peace with Israel and has been a moderating force in the Middle East for several decades. It is a policy in direct opposition with political leanings of the Obama administration. Right now Egypt is the only Israeli neighbor not openly hostile to is. It would behoove the US to get with the program and get on board with Egypt’s struggle with the MB, a world wide Islamist movement bent on destroying all that is not Islam. This move is not probable with the Obama in the White House. His enablers in Congress have to be replaced by the right people to nullify attempts at promoting Islam and destroying America. Let’s take the Senate and keep the House in the next elections. Then we must put a true patriot in the White House and change the destructive policies now in use. We can save our Republic.

    • defcon 4

      At this point, I wonder if its naive to believe our federal elections aren’t rigged.

  • noway2no

    Time for us to walk like the Egyptians.

  • Nhóm Đào Tạo

    Chickens roosting slightly sooner than predicted.
    vé máy bay di Singapore

  • Ellman48

    What did Obama know and when did he know it? How about a trial in this country?

  • Nina Sage

    Electing Morsi, was a mistake the Egyptian people made and later corrected.Electing Obamma was a mistake the American people made, and still stands to be corrected. It too may take a revolution and blood spelt.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “Electing Morsi, was a mistake the Egyptian people made and later corrected.Electing Obamma was a mistake the American people made, and still stands to be corrected. It too may take a revolution and blood spelt.”

      Naw. We still have the law on our side. We need political will and broad enough consensus. As long as the tyrant doesn’t jump the shark, we ow it to the constitution to use lawful means. Otherwise we’re not that much better than the Occupy movement. If you’re saying you fear it will get worse, I doubt it will get that bad. People are already talking impeachment, which is very good for us.

      We’ll see.

      • defcon 4

        Personally I think there’s a a Reichstag fire slowly smoldering in the District of Corruption, it might even begin burning sometime in 2016.

  • sandrahenley11

    You forgot to include Obama in the scheme of events in Egypt. Obama is pro-Muslim brotherhood but to what extent? Members of MB work in the White House influencing US policy in Egypt Obama had been sending Funds to Morsi of which a document was found showing almost a million in payments for bribery and assassinations. The Arabic document was translated by Walid Shoebot. Money was channeled through US embassy in Cairo to Morsi who distributed payments. The discovery of this document was published in Egypt news ,Almersryoon. Egypts Attorney general, Hisham Barakat received complaints about corruption. After this Morsi was deposed.

  • SoCalMike

    This geopolitical ZIT exploded in the Middle East’s face thanks to Obama and the Ivy League academic BIMBOS INFESTING the US State Dept and poisoning it with their lock-step left wing ideological dogma, conditioning, instincts and cookie-cutter group think.
    They NEVER get it wrong. People just aren’t smart enough to know or appreciate what they were trying to do at the point of a gun.