Egypt May Jail Christian 9-Year-Old for “Blasphemy”

Boy that Obama Cairo speech sure was something. Egypt is a much better place ever since he replaced Mubarak with the Muslim Brotherhood. I can’t wait for the public beheadings to get started so that everyone can see the true progress that Barack Hussein Obama brought to Egyptland.

On 26 February, the Court of Bani Suef (Upper Egypt) dismissed the appeal of the families of the two children Rzik Nagy, aged 10, and Mina Farag, 9, accused of desecrating the Koran. They have been detained in a juvenile prison since April 2012. The case has attracted a lot of criticism in the country. Many claim the trial was illegal and devoid of any logic.

On 9 April 2012 the two were stopped by a local imam who accused them of having urinated on the Koran… Their parents’ appeals and those of the local Christian community to local authorities have proven fruitless. Nabil and Nady are both illiterate and according to the parents could not have known what was written on those pages, found in among rubbish.

Jail a 9-year-old for blasphemy? Yes we can.

According to CAIR and the OIC, locking up little Christian kids is an important part of Muslim religious freedom.

Parvez Ahmed, the former Chairman of CAIR, who served on the Florida ACLU’s Board of Directors, has said.

“I think the next steps would be to broaden the scope of anti-hate laws and even contemplate about passing blasphemy laws, because blasphemy with such sacred icons, like the Prophet Muhammad, like the Koran, or the cross, or other religious symbols … So governments, legislatures, international bodies … must contemplate about what are the ways in which an anti-blasphemy law can be passed that can protect the right to exercise freedom of religion.”

Threats like these are why it is important to have laws barring the use of Islamic theocratic laws in the United States. Because as the case of a filmmaker locked up by Barack Hussein Obama for making a movie that offended Muslims reminds us… It can happen here.

  • john spielman

    certainly Islam is religion of the barabrian, a cruel vindictive malevolent works righteous theology that has as their god a pathetic powerless demon called Allah who can not defend himself from insults. Hence these wicked attempts to defend Allah's "honour" by these trumped up charges by a pathetic demon possessed muslim imam.
    I am filled with joy that my GOD (YHWH) is omnipotent and says "Vengence is MINE, I will repay"

  • AdinaK

    Let us all cease being oh so shocked, for the religion of "peace" is off the rails, regardless of ones age. Its essence is such that no one, not even the most infirm or young, can escape its barbaric clutches. This is a fact, like it or not –

    Again, some Muslims can be moderate, but an Islamist ruled nation, underpinned by Sharia Law, can NEVER be. Thus, the west has much more to fear than it realizes, as Egypt's premier Islamic address sanctions cannibalism of infidels –

    Honest to G-d.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • LibertyWriter

      "Some Muslims can be moderate?"

      You mean like an independent?

      or more like a backsliding Christian?

  • Michael Copeland

    “Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality”, Obama’s Cairo speech.

  • superjew3000

    at least they didn't stone him

  • Mary Sue

    So they used pages of the Koran as toilet paper as found in the trash?

    Gee I wonder who threw the Koran in the trash! Bet that person won't get persecuted!