Egyptian Actor on Muslim Brotherhood: “They Sent Their Own People to Get Killed so that the U.S. Could Come and Bomb Us.”


Egyptian actor Amr Waked is speaking out about Muslim Brotherhood harassment at the Venice Film festival.

“They sent a message to the festival organizers here saying that I am a supporter of what they claim is a bloody coup,” alleges Waked, known internationally for thesping turns in “Syriana” and “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.”

“The Brotherhood wanted the festival to pull me from jury duty for political reasons,” Waked says, alleging, “they even sent them an image of me wearing military garb from the TV series ‘House of Saddam’ as if it were the real me. What kinds of idiots did they think the Venice people are?”

The Brotherhood mainly deals with leftists… so.

While he says he has been threatened by the Brotherhood in the past, he adds this latest burst of animosity on its part stems from the fact that, when violence erupted after the Egyptian military ousted former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, Waked gave TV interviews saying that “the Muslim Brothers started the blood, not the army.”

“Before the army intervened, there were about 16 locations in Egypt, including Cairo and Alexandria, where the Muslim Brothers came out and killed people with guns,” he alleges. “They sent their own people to get killed so they could have a body count; so that the U.S. could come and bomb us.”

That’s probably the shortest and best summary of what really happened. And it’s why Obama’s inaction in Syria will probably help tamp down the violence.

  • Veracious_one

    “They sent their own people to get killed so they could have a body count; so that the U.S. could come and bomb us.”

    On more than one occasion Muslims have doctored up violence against them just so they can play the victim card….

    • Biff Henderson

      “…bomb us.” The use of the generic “us.” Who is “us” anyway? This is where it gets predictable and weird at the same time. No matter what camp you’re in the victim narrative holds sway. Nationalists, Arabites, Muslims of every stripe, etc., all can hold the blood-soaked banner as their own; all with a the same common enemy. America, the Zionists and their lackeys. The hit list waivers in the latter category but Jews and the Red, White and Blue are a lock.