Egyptian Blood on Obama’s Hands

172838878.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeWhen Obama went down to Cairo in the spring of ’09, his speech, titled “A New Beginning,” was little more than a thinly disguised call for regime change. It wasn’t so much the words that mattered as the message behind them that the Mubarak government no longer enjoyed backing from Washington, D.C.

The alliance between Egyptian liberals and Islamists that overthrew Mubarak, in a coup mediated by the military, was cheered as an expression of popular will. What it actually was, was the whistling sound of air escaping into a post-American power vacuum.

Obama’s call for regional regime change led to the fall of multiple governments allied with the United States. And democracy inevitably ratified Islamist political power as everyone knew it was bound to after Hamas’s political victories led the Bush administration to back away from further experimentation with democracy expansionism.

Like most leftist foreign policy thinkers, Obama missed the larger implications of his actions. He cut off friendly regional governments the way that Carter had abandoned the Shah, and like Carter, he quickly lost control of the outcome.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the dreamboat moderate Islamists of the leftist foreign policy set, moved far more quickly than Turkish Islamist tyrant Erdogan had because they were facing too much instability to pace themselves. The alliance between the Egyptian left and the Islamists broke down. The left joined with the very military leadership that they had been denouncing not too long ago to bring down Morsi.

Now it’s a game of chicken between the new Egyptian government and Obama.

The Muslim Brotherhood, reverting to its roots as a terrorist organization, is touching off violent rallies, shooting its own people in the back and blaming the military.

The Egyptian military is playing the long game by betting that Egyptians are tired of the endless protests that have been congealing the economy and are ready to back a crackdown by the last working institution in the country. And it’s charging Morsi with collaborating with Hamas to embarrass Obama into backing away from his support for the restoration of the Muslim Brotherhood regime.

The consistent message from the Egyptian government and its supporters is that by backing Morsi and the Brotherhood, Obama is supporting terrorism. The message is true enough, but the assumption that anyone in Washington, D.C. cares is overly optimistic.

Congress refused to stop Obama from arming Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in Syria and has done nothing to stop him from intimidating Israel into rewarding Turkish Islamist aggression with an apology for the Mavi Marmara raid. Or more recently, releasing murderous terrorists with blood on their hands.

There still hasn’t been a serious congressional investigation tying together Obama’s lies about Benghazi that led to the attack on Libya, the takeover of Benghazi by Islamist militias and the attack by the militias on the Benghazi mission that cost the lives of four Americans.

There have hardly been any hard questions asked about Obama’s Arab Spring effort to overthrow friendly governments and replace them with Islamist terrorist groups.

Any revelations about an Obama-Morsi-Hamas triangle will stop at the media wall of silence which will go on chanting in unison that democracy must be restored to Egypt as soon as possible. And that is because we have no more of an independent media than Egypt does. CNN, NBC and the New York Times may not be owned by the state the way many Egyptian media outlets are, but they act like they are.

However chanting an idiotic slogan and doing something about it are two different things.

Obama’s only leverage over Egypt is foreign aid. It’s why he has avoided calling the overthrow of Morsi a coup. He wants to be able to keep his hands on the purse strings, loosening them or tightening them based on the concessions that he extracts from the Egyptian government. And he wants to do it without any legal interference.

But foreign aid isn’t very good leverage. Juggling foreign aid to Pakistan produced no results. Denying Egypt’s military the F-16s that Obama was eager to give the Muslim Brotherhood won’t bring Egypt to its knees. Its only real enemy right now is the Brotherhood and it doesn’t need jets or tanks to fight it.

It’s a game of chicken now. The collision point is Egyptian collapse. The question is which side is more willing to see Egypt implode.

The Egyptian military defied Obama when it took down Morsi despite threats and pleas from Obama Inc. The earlier crackdown on foreign NGOs under Morsi helped clear the deck of the regime change crowd that organized the campaign against Mubarak under the guise of democracy. If the new Egyptian government can oversee a return to stability, then it will have won the staring contest with Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood allies.

Like most terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood’s power lies in disruption. The more violence it touches off and the more it plays the victim of its own violence, the likelier it is to return to power. Brotherhood leaders have signaled that they are all in, escalating the violence and escalating the military response.

Terrorism invites foreign diplomatic intervention. Every time the Muslim Brotherhood stages another riot, foreign governments pressure the Egyptian government to make concessions to the Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Inc. are partners. The Brotherhood throws the bombs and Obama urges restraint. The Brotherhood parades the corpses of its members that its own people shot in the back and Obama’s minions tell the Egyptian government that it must stop cracking down on protests.

The more the Brotherhood escalates the violence, the more Obama escalates the pressure, and the only way for the Egyptian government to break the cycle is to break the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s the same problem that Israel faced for decades and is still dealing with.

In ’09, Obama destabilized Egypt. To get the Muslim Brotherhood back into power, he has to continue destabilizing the country.

As long as Obama encourages the Brotherhood to think that he wants it back in power, it has cause to hope that its violence will win the day. That is why the riots and the killings are Obama’s responsibility.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s protests and the counter-protests are not aimed at Egypt, but at an audience 5,000 miles away in Washington.

Obama can help end the violence by ending the pressure on the new Egyptian government, signaling to the Muslim Brotherhood that further efforts at disrupting the transition will be futile. That was the signal that he sent to liberal protesters throughout Morsi’s time in power. And until he does that, the blood from the rising death toll in Egypt will be on his hands.

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  • alpha_1

    Absolutely right bang on. I personally believe that the Muslim Brotherhood will stop at nothing to regain power. The world beware. Isn’t there some way to impeach this U.S. President? It seems that he’s the cause for a lot of instability in the Middle East. If not directly responsible, then his telepromted speeches are taken to be as such. The man will never wise up. An American Morsi? Perhaps.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    The Muslim Brotherhood is to the West what the PLO is to Israel. It’s just that now they have infiltrated our governments to the extent that they can operate with more stealth. And in fact that was their plan all along. The MB predates the PLO.

    • gmon742317

      Couldn’t have put it any better man. Great comparison! So true!

  • Pete

    “And until he [Obama] does that, the blood from the rising death toll in Egypt will be on his hands.”

    Like Obama cares.

  • retired


  • SoCalMike

    The irony of living in a free country where the press is every bit as subservient to the Dems the way Pravda was to the state in the USSR.
    Save a whale, harpoon a “journalist.”

  • George Ramos

    Hussein Obama desperately wanted to legitimize the notion of elected dictatorship through Morsi.

  • Rosasolis

    Very interesting article about how far the corruption of Obama and his
    colleagues have now gone. This man has become such a terrible dictator,
    that he will do anything and everything to hold on to his power! He will continue
    supporting The Brotherhood and the rebels of other Middle-east countries,
    while they take over all of Africa, and many countries in Asia.
    Obama is supporting the Ultimate Goal of the Islam: World Domination,
    and forcing their Sharia Law upon all people. Forcing millions of intelligent
    people to accept a primitive and very cruel way of life, which will force them
    to return to the Islamic Middle-ages, if The Brotherhood is not stopped.
    Do Americans not realize that after they have taken over all of Africa and most
    of Asia, their next target will be Europe, followed by North and South America? First The Brotherhood will have to also conquer and defeat the
    She-ites in Iran. With the help from Obama, El Qaida and Hamas they will probably
    succeed …. that is, if Iran does not bom them first with a few NUKES!
    I cannot help but wondering, why do Americans who are aware of the terrible
    situation in Egypt, keep supporting Obama? How can you go about living
    your daily life…and allow your corrupt government to continue on, until the
    next election? There is “talk” about impeachment. Why don’t you carry
    this out?

    • Jsjk

      Obama has low approval ratings (the majority of Americans disapprove of Obama’s job performance). I think the problem is with the gutless opposition — far too many Republicans side with Democrats! There is no organized, effective resistance against the Obozo. And his sheer Communist leanings extend everywhere — spelling disaster not just to the rest of the world, but domestically as well (he has convinced himself, sans evidence that squandering trillions of tax dollars, going even deeper into debt to reward Obozo’s cronies and thieves, is the “solution” to America’s economic crisis. He is also (in his demented, insane obsession) focused on Global Warming — hence, I am willing to bet that Obozo will never,ever, approve the Keystone Pipeline. After all, that would provide jobs for Americans and reduce America’s dependency on Saudi oil. Rest assured, whatever is harmful to the interests of the United States, Obozo can be counted on to support. That includes his devisive spreading of race hatred. And whatever would benefit America, Obozo rejects. So, peace, prosperity, generosity, rule of law, and freedom are all alien concepts for an Obozo. And it is long past time to initiate aricles of impeachment.

  • edlancey

    Hopefully the trump card the army holds is that they know Obama put Morsi up to the Benghazi assault as a (failed) bargaining chip for the transfer of the blind sheikh. Or is that just wishful thinking on my part…

  • Dan Nowotarski

    Great article by the Patriot Daniel Greenfield. President Obama, John Kerry, Hillary and others in the Obama administration has supported the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists and appeasers, even going as far as inviting them as advisers working in the White House. Why do those on the left support Politicians who helped the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, and continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists and appeasers? How do those who support Obama excuse the fact that Qaradawi the Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader called for the killing of American Soldiers in Iraq, or that President Obama, Hillary and the Obama administration left American’s to die in Benghazi. What I find interesting is those on the left completely ignore these actions by the current administration but will attack those conservative churches that don’t wish to be involved in healthcare, because they don’t believe in birth control. During the Holy Land Foundation scheme it was found the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic organizations in the U.S. were collecting money, approx. 12 million dollars that was sent to Hamas to be used to continue their Terrorist activities, there is a connection, so I could only come to the conclusion that if the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt would have stayed in power they would have colluded with Hamas against Israel. I hope the Egyptian ruling party will make no concessions to the Muslim Brotherhood and that the Egyptian protesters who were protesting for Real Freedom will one day enjoy the Liberties and Freedoms that we here in the U.S. are fighting to keep. President Obama, John Kerry, Hillary and the Obama administration do have blood on their hands. – God Bless America, Israel, the NRA, and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.


    The above statement leaves no room for improvement ,as far as I am concerned it is exactly what is happening, I just hope the world see s it for what it is and that is abama binladens total focus on achieving his aim and that is getting the muslime bother hood into power, we can only hope that the Egyptian people can keep this war monger at arms length and defeat the muslime bother hood. UK

  • Zach Smith

    How can you have democracy in a country where the military does not find those chosen by the people to be acceptable and is willing, therefore, to depose them?

    • moneekwa

      the people made it pretty clear they were done with morsi. the military was acting on the people’s behalf at the time, to remove a dictator who was elected by rigged election. the ONLY choice was basically morsi or back to the previous regime, and that’s how he got in, lesser, they thought, of two evils. mb was illegal for very good reasons as we see now with the atrocities and genocide of religious minorities they are doing.

    • knowshistory

      a democacy cannot long exist anywhere. start with a morally upright population, and it takes awhile for democracy to reduce them to selfish factions, all seeking self advantage. start with a muslim population, and it is chaos from the beginning. democracy always devolves to dictatorship, if the people are lucky, or civil war or anarchy if they are unlucky. hence the saying, one man, one vote, one time, because one time is all they usually get. in America, our founding fathers, those old white men that the oh so superior leftists like to criticize, managed to cobble together a republic that took more than 200 years for greed and malice to destroy. in Egypt, it did not take a year for a worse government that replaced a bad government, to fail. what comes next may be worse. the goal of the majority of Egypt’s citizens is the very worst kind of government possible: a theocracy, and of all the theos, the very worst is islam. it is the Islamic theocracy that the muslims of Egypt want, and they are doomed to get it. the muslims will hate what they get less than the copts, but hate it they will. j

  • Parson_Rayphe

    Right on! Good article! Under Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy 13 communist countries were born. Under Reagan there were zero and communism was even reversed.

    It’s difficult to comprehend that B.O.’s foreign policy is worse than Carters. Here is what happens when countries become communist and / or islamic with help from the UN.

  • William James Ward

    I have long believed that the Devil was there to lead mankind
    toward destruction one at a time or if possible all at once.
    Now we take a look at Obama……….hummmmnnnnn!!!
    How evil can one get, he is just missing the pitchfork..