Egyptian Christian Dies After Muslims Douse Him with Gasoline, Set Him on Fire

Saber Helal Saber’s family says he was just passing by, but he was a Christian during a violent Muslim pogrom against Christians. And so he was doused with gasoline, set on fire and burned to death.

Saber was only 21. He died from suffering burns over 70 to 85 percent of his body.

Saber Helal Saber had been returning home with his fiance when they were set upon by Muslim rioters. When he tried to defend himself and his fiance against their attack, the attackers poured gasoline over him and set it on fire.

This was the scene at the morgue as his family members arrived. Saber leaves behind three brothers and two sisters.

A photo of Saber’s badly burnt body in the hospital attached to a breathing tube is available here, but it is quite graphic.

  • kenroar

    This couple got an extra crown in heaven for this. Meanwhile the Muslims will soon discover it is hard to enjoy those virgins when you're on fire for eternity in hell.

  • kasandra

    But aren't we told Islam is "the religion of peace?"

  • LibertyLover

    Islam is a Satanic cult. Islamist extremists are merely the shock troops pushing the Sharia on the rest of the world. If "good and peaceful" Muslims (are there any?) really were against the carnage, they would speak out. They do not, so draw your conclusions.

    • yukidongo

      No…there are not any. Jihad can occur in two ways. War/Terrorism, or sheer numbers.At the point they achieve numbers enough to change the status quo of voices, they can vote in what ever they want. You will NEVER be an equal, unless you convert to Islam. You are unclean, and an Infidel, and they could behead you as they would a goat, shouting praises to Allah to bless the offering…or if you pay a tas, you can live as a Dhemmi, if you are considered useful. They are ALL devout, if they believe in Islam, and it is brainwashed in rigorously from birth. The qu'ran (Obama calls it the HOLY Qu'ran) tells them to conquer, enslave, tax, and convert us. If we cannot be converted to kill us, or let us if useful be made to pay the tax and serve as dhemmis. No, there is no such thing as a "moderate" muslim–just those that play at taking over America a little differently than the Terrorists