Egyptian Muslim Protesters Demand End to Spanish Occupation of Spain

To the Israelis, it’s Israel. To the Muslims, it’s Palestine. To the Spanish, it’s Spain. To the Muslim, it’s Occupied Andalusia.

Hundreds of Egyptians demonstrated on Wednesday Jan. 2 in Safenex Square in Cairo to commemorate the 521st anniversary of the fall of Granada.

The demonstration was called by The Free Movement (Harakat Ahrar).

The protesters organized a human chain around the square and held signs that said: “Obligatory return”,”We have not forgotten Al Andalus” and “Of course we will return” …

And they really mean it.

Demonstrator: As we speak, in Islamic Andalusia, in Spain, they are marching to celebrate the fall of the Islamic state of Andalusia, or Spain. While they are celebrating, we here are upset, because the Muslims used to rule in those European countries.

Over there, they are celebrating the fact that they killed Muslims and drove out the Muslims rulers, who ruled them with justice.

By “justice”, they mean “oppression under the code of Islam.”

Demonstrator: We are trying to remind people of the history of Andalusia. It was toppled over 500 years ago by the Spaniards, who are occupying it to this day. We want to remind people that no matter how long the Spanish occupation of Andalusia continues, the day will come, Allah willing, when we liberate it and Islam will return.

The rhetoric is exactly the same as that of the Palestinian Arabs because it’s all the same Islamic imperative of foiled colonialists who are determined to reclaim their empire and their slaves.

In the city of Salt, parents have come to pick up their children from school. Muslims already make up 40 percent of city residents and will soon be the majority.

A Pew survey found that 7 out of 10 Muslims in Spain think of themselves as Muslim rather than Spaniards.

Lleida, which is about one-quarter Muslim, was the first Spanish city to ban the burqa. Then the mayor shut down the city’s mosque because it was overflowing with Friday worshippers.

Meanwhile, the Muslim birthrate is at least twice the native birthrate, and the number of Muslims has increased tenfold in the last 20 years.

“The greatest threat for Spain, Catalonia, and Europe is Muslim immigration,” Anglada told CBN News.

“We know they are coming here to conquer what, according to Muslims, used to belong to them,” he said. “We have a moral duty so that in the future they can say that at least there was someone, one party, that was not willing to surrender the West to Islamization.”

  • Aizeta

    'A Pew survey found that 7 out of 10 Muslims in Spain think of themselves as Muslim rather than Spaniards.'
    You see, in Spain 10 out of 10 real spaniards think of the muslims living there as muslims rather than Spaniards, as well. We don't see the day when we can expel them again, as our ancestors did once.
    Greetings from Spain

    • tim smith

      Remember when Mexicans said they would retake southwest United States back for Mexico, looks like that worked out pretty well for them and we are losing our cities one by one . this states Muslims are out populating two to one well some people here have been breeding like rats and we are importing millions of them in from haitti it shows how quickly a nation can fall and this one the US will be a MUslim nation millions of blacks will soon convert to Muslim or Islam

  • Michael Copeland

    Lleida is where Sharia has been asserted by the poisoning of local dogs ("unclean" in Sharia). The war has been started.

  • BLJ

    If I was Spain I would say: "Bring it camel jockeys".

  • I'm Having a…

    Just another example of religious population one-up-man-ship. That's right. If your lies can't cut it, then flood the world with your people. Drown 'em out. Use crap words like 'culture' and 'tradition' to disguise your ignorance and lies.__Have you of the Koran ever stopped to think that Spain was NOT Islamic before the crusaders (sorry, Moors) invaded? Search those black hearts of yours with those cow eyes of yours. But you won't, for the worshippers of the Black Stone will never look into the mirror. You won't, because you won't like what you see.

  • cxt

    When will people LEARN. The late unlamented OBL used to speak at length about the "tradgdy" (sp) of Andalusia."

    These fanatics mean what they say every bit as much as Hitler with My Struggle. They MEAN it when they say they want to return Spain to Muslim rule. They MEAN it when they say they want to kill all the Jews. They MEAN it when they say they want the flag of islam to fly all over Europe. They MEAN it when they say they want to establish a new Calaphte (sp) –perhaps a global one.

    They might not have the ability to do so–right now–but they are clearly working and planning towrds that goal–just ask them.

    Why won't people listen?????????

  • Lack of reason

    And how would these individuals in the video respond if Egypt's Copts organized a protest to demand an end to the Muslim occupation of Egypt?

  • rightwingcanadian

    the Spanish won it back,its only normal for Muslims to claim something that isn't theirs and why are they complaining they'll get it back soon if population trends stay the same.

  • tanstaafl

    I'm a little upset about the Muslim occupation of Egypt. The only country that Muslims should occupy is Saudi Arabia. Of course, the residents of Medina should pay rent to Israel.

  • bubba

    Assuming your claim is true, your tone is inflammatory. Your main point is you claim these uncited historians are Jews.

    While it is certainly is possible that an individual Jews could alter facts in order to score a political point against a group of people who in the past should have done a better job of protecting minorites. But your tone of attacking Jews rather than people who alter truth is objectionable. There are Jews who write about how the crimes of the Inquisition is overstated and defend the general Chrisitian religiousity that opposed persecution of Jews. Whether or not your uncited historians were Jews is irrelavant.

  • niko

    Just give them a couple of goats and some KY and call it a day- the cancer in our world known as Islam is a tumor that needs to be eradicated.

  • Drakken

    Keep pushing us infidels of the west, ssoner or later your going to get that Crusades you so fear. Deo Volente!

  • Roger

    Obama will probably allow them to open an office for the Taliban to coordinate the surrender by the Spanish.

    The caliphate may have set backs, they never ever surrender or give up.

  • slider 96

    I think the Spanish will have the last word on any "return to Andalusia " . And that word will not be anything muslims want to hear . …….either way they'll be sucking wind with their islamic pipe dream .

    • rmh222

      The Spain that cut and ran in iraq and afganistan? Time will tell…

  • Mary Sue

    Never mind that it was the Muslims occupying Spain back when it happened. That's how brain damaged their reasoning is.

  • Miquel

    Spain demands end of Egyptian occupation of Egypt. Just saying.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Spain demands end of Egyptian occupation of Egypt. Just saying."

      It's an Islamic occupation of Egypt. That's the irony here.

  • Ghostwriter

    Great. It's the silly season in the Middle East. Don't these people have better things to do?

  • dieterdohmen

    He, he! This is an urgent issue for the UNRWA! Just think of the millions and millions of "refugees", i.e. their suffering descendants. They all have a "right of return" to Al-Andalusia! LOL!
    Two State Solution! Divide Madrid, the 4th holiest city of Islam! :-D
    We need some UN resolutions condemning all the Spanish war crimes! Damn all those islamophic Spaniards! :-) Catherine Ashton, President Obama, please help!!!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Divide Madrid, the 4th holiest city of Islam! :-D"

      I was expecting to hear that too, except that once Israel is gone (in their dreams), Jerusalem would be used to dump garbage again and Madrid would somehow turn out to be "third holiest" after all…for the moment. Then Vienna and onward as they then have to invent even wilder lies about how Muslims really discovered America, etc.

      • jakespoon

        I'm amazed at the number of "holy places" they have in islam,and how do they rate them." Aieeee!!!,by the beard of the prophet,the infidels have desecrated the 635th most holy place of islam." Can a place move up in the ratings and if so,how?

  • MikeGiles

    Since all of North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey used to be Christian; I say we start up a movement to drive all Muslims back into the Arabian Peninsula. How do you think they'd react to huge demonstrations in the US demanding the return of ALL Christian territory?

  • Blue Knight

    The problem with the West is that we suffer from a chronic deficit of testosterone. As soon as someone starts calling a spade a spade, the chicken in the media, academy and society begin labelling him "bigot", "islamophobic", "homophobic". And then the guy shuts up.

    • dieterdohmen

      100% AGREE!!! Thank you!

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    "Spain is occupied territory!" I love it! Bring it on, baby! I want to see worldwide demonstrations against the occupation of Andalusia by the Spanish. I want to see the declaration of an Andalusian state at and by the UN. I want to see crowds of university students the world over (but especially in Europe and Spain in particular) demanding that Spain get out of "occupied Andalusia". I want to hear the mullahs and the imams and the presidents of all the Muslim countries stating that there is no Spanish connection to that land and that the Spanish people don't belong there. I want to see history books rewritten the world over. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine. END THE OCCUPATION NOW!

  • Fred

    Inbreeding, many centuries of Religous inspired inbreeding and this is the result. Terminal delusions.

  • juan

    La Reconquista made sure that España was reunited…if the Muslims want it back…we Sepharad would like it back also…so let us divide Spain in three…one Christian, one Muslim (Andalus) and one Jewish (Sepharad). Except for the Basques and Cataluña…they will be all by themselves. And, of course, Asturias was never conquered by the Muslims…so that would be the only-real ESPAñA….

  • Basque-spaniard

    1º Spain Christian or never be spain.
    2º Spain Land of Holy Mary.
    3º Go Santiago and Close Spain.
    Come muslims, we are preparing for the second "Reconquista".
    ¡¡¡¡Long Live Catholic Monarchs!!!!!!