Egyptian Protesters Accuse Kerry of Muslim Brotherhood Membership

Kerry’s visit to Egypt did not go smoothly as protesters turned out to denounce Obama and Kerry’s support for the Islamist regime of Morsi.

Protesters held a banner reading, “They shook hands stained with the blood of children.” Others burned and stomped on photos of Kerry. They denounced American interference in Egyptian affairs and claimed that the alliance between the US and the Muslim Brotherhood is the true ruling regime in Egypt. And a simpler banned said, “Go to hell.”

Many of the protesters had camped out overnight bringing their own mattresses with them. Others reportedly set fire to car tires outside the airport to prevent Kerry from entering the country.

And some held up cartoons of Kerry, portraying him with an Islamic beard, saying “Kerry – member of the Brotherhood”.

Meanwhile one of the founding members of Free Egyptians has written an open letter to Obama.

  The USA has sponsored the so-called Arab Spring and has sold it to its taxpayers as the outcry of oppressed middle-eastern people for democracy, when all it achieved was bringing to power theocratic regimes that oppressed their people even more and turned the victim countries into failed states, namely Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Tunis and now Egypt which you are visiting to ensure that it joins the happy crowd.

Is surrounding Israel by failed states your ultimate objective?

Do you think that there can be lasting peace with countries that base their decisions on fanatic religious views?

Do you think that peace can be perpetuated in a neighborhood of poverty, despair and extremism?

Are you telling your taxpayers that you are squandering their money on a failed experiment that will create new Ben Ladens who will eventually turn against your country and the freedom, equality and liberty your people hold so dearly?

Mr. Secretary, you are coming to Egypt to support Morsi and his gang who since coming to power in June of last year through a questionable election have broken the constitution and all the laws of Egypt.

Mr. Morsi has issued illegal constitution amendment declarations and decrees in flagrant breach of the constitution he swore to uphold. When popular pressure mounted against these unprecedented actions, he decided to abrogate the most illegitimate of those decrees, yet kept all its effects in force!!!!!

He sent his gang thugs to impose siege on the Supreme Court of Egypt for over 2 months to obstruct justice and prevent the court to issue sentences regarding the illegitimate Shoura Council (Upper House) and the second constituent assembly from which one third of the members withdrew. Would Mr. Obama be spared had he done the same in your country?

His security apparatus seconded by his gang militias gratuitously killed and tortured hundreds of Egyptians during peaceful demonstrations.

Irregularities and violations at the referendum for the new constitution in December of last year were called for by civil society organizations as sufficient ground to cancel and repeat the first phase of the referendum, yet you disregarded all this.

You turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to all this and are now coming to force your hand on the free will of the true people of Egypt who sacrificed hundreds of its youth to live in freedom, equality and dignity.

Mr. Secretary this is not what the constitution of the US stands for, this is not what your taxpayers are paying their government to do.

Revisit your mandate and your pledge to uphold your constitution which stands for some of the best values of human mankind, but most of all revisit your conscience and respect the plight of a people that longs for all what your forefathers died for.

Naguib Abadir, a freedom-loving Egyptian

  • Michael Copeland

    Brave Naguib Agadir, speaking truth as his society disintegrates around him.

    • AdinaK

      I have repeatedly posited the following: within the so called "Arab Spring" there have been some authentic freedom fighters, though they are few and far between. However, the intent of the upheaval was NOT to usher in democracy and liberal values, but to implant the hegemony of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia.

      Let there be NO doubt, Barack HUSSEIN Obama ushered them in, and his surrogates are totally on board –

      Therefore, the letter writer, and his associates, are completely on target. The Islamist-in-Chief, Kerry, Hagel, Brennan, Jarrett, Hilary, etc etc are – guilty as charged!

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Anon

    I wish Mr. Agadir's views were the prevailing views in Egypt. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Egyptian Muslims are Islamic supremacists.

    • IranAware

      no the vast majority are illiterate and blindly listen to the Islamists who ply them withe money and free food..Like O, they buy their votes and strong arm the rest

      • gerry

        Yes,they learn from the Dems,Democracy a la Dem,votes a la Dem etc etc.A carbon copy!

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Yes,they learn from the Dems,Democracy a la Dem,votes a la Dem etc etc.A carbon copy!"

          Coercive "democracy."

      • Anon


        Regardless of whether Egyptians are reading the Quran for themselves or getting their information from their imams, the vast majority of them are Islamic supremacists.

        84% of Egyptian Muslims favor the death penalty for those who leave Islam.

        I have seen no evidence that literacy solves this problem. In fact, there is some information to suggest literacy makes it worse. Violent Jihadists are on average more educated and privileged than their peaceful co-religionists.

      • defcon 4

        And that makes them any better how?

  • Mary Sue

    How much do you wanna bet Kerry and Obama get this Abadir guy arrested?

  • vanzorge

    hahahaaa – love it. hopefully some of the protesters had some sort of "medals" to hurl at kerry.

    the john kerry wall of shame – youtube video

  • JacksonPearson

    LMAO…The Egyptians people know Mr. Kerry very well, and better than our benevolent Congress. Further, credit them with knowing that his wannabe Caliph boss Baracky, is propping up their Muslim Brotherhood government.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Mr. Secretary this is not what the constitution of the US stands for, this is not what your taxpayers are paying their government to do."

    Any non-leftist in the world knows this.

  • @quark1912

    These Egyptian demonstrators are on to something.

  • gerry

    These Egyptian demonstrators are smarter than the Dems and those that elected them.Not a real surprise,but just the confirmation of what we knew!Is Kerry still looking for his military record?Can he beat his way out of a revolving door?

  • cathy

    Do not be deceived

    The liberal, moderate and fundamental factions of Islam have major differences but … when all is said and done … the differing factions are one when it comes to the teachings of the Koran … the teachings of the Koran which dictates that Jews be driven into the sea … the teachings of the Koran which advocates Islamic world domination.

    The collective silence from ALL Muslims worldwide following 9/11 speaks volumnes … the collective silence from ALL Muslims worldwide who have no problem taking to the streets in mass to protest an artist's cartoon depiction of Mohammed.

    • defcon 4

      I've never heard, read about or seen any muslimes admit to the genocides committed by fellow muslimes in E. Timor, Bangladesh, Sudan/Darfur or Armenia/Turkey much less advocate for compensation for the victims' familes. Instead all I hear/read/see is denial, not only of responsibility, but the fact that these genocides occurred at all.

  • defcon 4

    I'd hate to be anyone named Naguib Abadir in Egypt after sending this letter. I'd imagine their future will include a visit from Muslim Brotherhood brownshirts (or should that be blackshirts?).

  • tarasbalderdash

    Kerry needs a banner for his plane: "Secretary of State Everywhere But Israel Tour 2013"

    Results of his visit to Egypt? We're borrowing another 250 million USD from China to give to our 'friends' the Muslim Brotherhood, parent organization of Al Qaeda.

    My country has handed itself into the control of incompetents and fools.

  • cathy

    Kerry: U.S. releasing millions in aid to Egypt, but with promise of reform
    Published March 03, 2013

    Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday the United States will give Egypt $250 million MORE aid, following President Mohammed Morsi’s pledges for political and economic reforms.

  • BJP

    There is only one politician with the guts to do what's right for the United States, Israel and the Egyptian people…..Conservative, Governor Sarah Palin for President in 2016.

  • Fluff

    Obama does not want to surround Israel with failed states. He wants to surround Israel with a Caliphate.

  • Firebird

    That picture of Crazy Kerry with the aribic words for TRAITOR and TERRORISTS HELPER

  • zeroo

    فى رايي الشخصى ان الادارة الامريكية مازالت تنظر الى الشرق الاوسط على انه كما هو صحيح انها اوجدت افضل البدائل للمصالح الامريكية ولكن المعارضة فى امريكا لن تنتظر حتى ينتهى اوباما من تخطيطه وهذا امل الشعب المصرى كما اننى ارى سبب اغلبية الاسلاميين فى مصر انما ليست لجهل الشعب وانما لسوء فهم او حتى غباء النخبة المثقفة فى مصر من عرض افكارها المتطرفة عن العلمانية والحرية المطلقة (الفوضى الاخلاقية) كما نجح الاسلاميين فى توصيلها للشعب المصرى المعروف عنه التدين هنا تكمن النقظة التى لم يفهمها حتى الان نخبة المصريين

  • zeroo

    In my personal opinion that the U.S. administration is still considering to the Middle East on it as it is true that it has created the best alternatives to U.S. interests, but the opposition in America will not wait until it is finished Obama planned and this I hope the Egyptian people as I see why the majority of Islamist in Egypt but not because of ignorance people but to misunderstanding or even stupidity of the educated elite in Egypt extremist ideas of secularism and absolute freedom (moral chaos) as the Islamist succeeded in connected to the Egyptian people is known for his religiosity here is the basic point which so far did not understand Egyptian elite