Egyptians Democratically Choose Tyranny


That’s the theme of a Guardian article which chronicles the fact that General El-Sisi is ridiculously popular in ridiculous ways including having a sandwich named after him and showing up in wedding photos.

Egyptian chocolate-maker Bahira Galal does not hide her support for Egypt’s army chief, General Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. Customers at her plush boutique in central Cairo are offered a choice between chocolates coated with his face and others embossed with messages of adulation.

Galal had the idea back in August, shortly after Sisi’s troops cleared a camp of Muslim Brotherhood supporters, killing up to 1,000. There was outcry abroad, but many Egyptians “wanted to show support in whatever way they could”, said Galal, a representive of a large chunk of the Egyptian population who view the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation.

Love for Sisi is visible on most streets in Cairo. Posters of the general hang in shop windows as businesses take advantage of the Sisi mania by rebranding their products in his image. A jewellery maker designs necklaces that incorporate his name.

One photographer’s wedding business went viral after he circulated an image of a bride and her bridesmaids wearing army-branded gowns and holding pictures of the general.

Like it or not this is perfectly authentic. Some businesses may stand to gain, but most are just showing their genuine feelings. And that’s why the entire notion of the Arab Spring was silly and misguided.

Liberals sneer that anyone suggesting that Middle Eastern countries naturally gravitate to strongmen is being racist. Except that’s the reality. It always was the reality.

General El-Sisi is an oddball choice for a cult of personality. He’s not exactly Nasser. But it’s not who he is, it’s who Egyptians need him to be. And they need him to be the lion, to be a strongman who will take care of everything so that they don’t have to worry about any of it. That’s how things work in most of the world. That’s still the motivation for a lot of Obama voters.

It’s not too shocking that things work the same way in Egypt.


Hope and Change


  • Johnnnyboy

    If the choice is between an Imam and a general, I would take the general also.

    Actually, the left is more like the religious leadership then the secular strong man. What the left wants to do is to impose their own sense of virtue on everybody else. In his sense of things, Obama is closer to being an Imam than a general.

  • pupsncats

    “Liberals sneer that anyone suggesting that Middle Eastern countries naturally gravitate to strongmen is being racist. Except that’s the reality. It always was the reality.”

    Liberals by their own ideology are naturally “strongmen”, tyrannical in thought and deed.

    The American experiment in self government was so unusual in human history where there had always been a strongman to rule over the masses that it is a miracle there are still a few remnants of that idea alive in the minds and souls of a few of us as a growing minority of Americans who, with each passing election, choose to end to self government altogether.

  • 1Indioviejo1

    “That is how things work all over the world”. Yes Daniel, the founding fathers knew human nature and when Ben Franklin was asked what sort of government we would have he said “a Republic if you can keep it.” Human nature being what it is we are in a downward spiral which will do away with our Republican liberty. I believe a right swing is in order to cleanse the Republic of leftist, Communist, proggressives and their ilk who would have us in Gulags and murder the rest of us. Maybe an Army Coup D’Etat is in order.

  • Andy_Lewis

    “That’s still the motivation for a lot of Obama voters.”

    Man, did they get suckered or what? Teh O isn’t a lion, he’s a turkey – a jive turkey at that.

  • defcon 4

    I hope Sisi isn’t like Nasser. After all, who can forget Nasser’s peaceful, islamic tolerance when he thoughtfully threatened to “push the Jews (of Israel) into the sea” and then tried to do just that in 1967.

  • herb benty

    Sisi is astronomicaly better than the MB and Sharia, even the Egyptians realize this- Obama does not, making the average Egyptian smarter than Obama.

  • Inane Rambler

    See Daniel, it’s racist when you insist that Muslims can be democratic and it’s racist when you insist they cannot. It doesn’t make logical sense but it’s what they think.