Egypt’s Executioner Loves Allah, Killing People and Strangling Dogs


About that whole Arab Spring thing. I don’t think it’s going to work out. Egypt isn’t America. It’s not Europe. It’s not 1848 here. It’s a window into another age. It’s a time machine into savage lands where they now have smartphones and the internet, but where nothing has really changed.

Following are excerpts from an interview with Hajj Abd Al-Nabi, the official executioner of Egypt, which was posted on the Internet on September 8, 2013.

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi: I am the executioner of the Arab Republic of Egypt. I hold the rank of chief warrant officer in the police and the prison authority. I am Egypt’s executioner, responsible for carrying out the death penalty.

But don’t get the idea that Al-Nabi is all business. He’s just a guy who loves Allah and killing people.

I love people, and people love me, but when I am doing my job, I am carrying out the law of Allah.

Also killing cats and dogs.

When I was young – about 13 or 14 years old – the dry Ismailiya Canal in Shubra Al-Kheima still had water in it. My hobby was to catch a cat, to place a rope around its neck, to strangle it, and throw it into the water. I would get hold of any animal – even dogs. I would strangle these animals and throw them into the water – even dogs.

In America, Al-Nabi would be considered a serial killer. But in Egypt, he filled a different niche. Islamic serial killer.

Strangulation was my hobby. When I applied for the job and did well on the tests – proving that I could take the psychological pressure and so on – they said: “Congratulations. Now, grow a moustache.”

In the Muslim world, having a mustache is more important than having a conscience.

The truth is that my heart is dead, because executing comes from the heart, not the moustache.

He’s not just a serial killer. He’s a philosopher. But mostly a serial killer.

In all honesty, I love my work. I just love it! I never say “no” when they need me at work. This is my work and my livelihood.

Who could ever imagine that this little boy would grow up to become a monster? Maybe his parents?

My parents were hard on me. They would say: “This will get you to hell!” I would say to them: “The cat bit me,” “The cat bit some kid,” “The dog bit a boy in the leg, and the leg got infected.” I became the enemy of all things harmful to Mankind.

Like the Dexter of the animal kingdom. Al-Nabi has a real gift.

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi: It’s a gift.

Interviewer: Strangling is a gift?

Hajj Abd Al-Nabi: A great gift. I love my job very much, and I can’t give it up. Even when I retire, I will report for duty in emergencies. I will leave this job only when I am dead.

Where he can be haunted by all the cats and dogs he killed for all eternity.

  • Biff Henderson

    Jeffery Dahmer in a thobe. The feds will be deputizing the thug life sociopaths of America’s street gangs to bust down doors when civil unrest takes a turn for the worst. Joe law enforcement has a pension he wants to collect. It’s better they supervise the armed Dexter’s given license to do what come naturally. Rapes and robbery of their victims they will turn a blind eye too in times of national emergency. Someone has to be left standing to round them up the when things quiet down and taking notes on the atrocities the ammunition needed to tuck them gently into the guillotines that are ready at a moments notice. What a glorious future we have in store for us.

    • A Z

      Have you seen the interview of Jeffery Dahmer and his father?

      MacDonald’s triad might be wrong, but it makes you wonder.

      • Biff Henderson

        I faintly remember snippets from the interview but then I make it a point to avoid infotainment. Dahmer was local news so avoiding it was next to impossible.

    • defcon 4

      The lieberals would call your scenario social justice.

      • Biff Henderson

        If a tree fell on someone they’d frame it as an environmental concern that should be looked into by the EPA.

  • Sunray

    I may be wrong but I think he has all of the warning signs for a Pschopath, which means that there is a place for everyone in Islam.

  • WhyMustDemsExist?

    I hope he will never meet the animals he brutalized. That would mean they’re in hell too. Their souls are innocent and they deserve better.

  • Howdy_dowdy


  • motherofbeaver

    He’s so amusing he could star in his own black comedy. His murderous words roll off his tongue as though he were describing what he had for breakfast. I wonder if his parents had any idea of the heights their precious little cat and dog strangling son would reach. In western society his childhood “hobby” would foreshadow a career as a psychopathic serial killer. Not so, apparently, where he grew up. Maybe they were too poor to buy him real toys..

  • WhyMustDemsExist?

    I hope this monster doesn’t see the poor animals he brutalized when he dies because that would mean they’re in he!! too. Animals are innocent souls and they deserve to be in a peaceful place.

  • A Z

    Why mention 1848?

    We know, but would OWS types know? I wonder how many people on the left know the significance of the date 1848?

  • WhyMustDemsExist?

    I hope this monster doesn’t ever see the poor animals he brutalized when he dies. Animals are innocent souls and they deserve to rest somewhere peaceful.

  • BS77

    Oh what a wonderful world.

    • catherineinpvb

      Even more wonderful; when you consider his friends.; names that reach all the way to ‘our’ White House. Amazing; appalling; sickening.
      And same [per our response given ‘what we know’.

  • catherineinpvb

    Safe to say; there are many ‘walking’ on the earth; who otherwise, ‘appear’ human.
    But sans all evidence of ‘humanity'; they are – or have become – something else; entirely. And while one; is too many; their sheer ‘numbers’ make this ‘sub’ classification; more than just a statistic. . .and ‘Civil’ Courts defy Reason; for their presence.

  • glpage

    “I became the enemy of all things harmful to Mankind.” What about Islam?

  • flyingtiger

    I lived in a moslem country for a year for an American corporation. The children were forever killing dogs and cats for fun. Islam produces a culture that that makes insanity normal.
    The Pierpointe brothers were noted hangmen in England. The were noted for their kindness to animals.

  • ArtVark

    Does this man consider himself to be a Muslim, the way of Peace? Perhaps someone should remind him.

  • jakespoon

    Just a fun lovin’ guy. What kind of test did he have to pass to get the job? He has a great work ethic…for a psycho-sociopath.

  • dawn

    sick f’er

  • guest

    “Passed the (test) to get the job?” Did someone ask him what the test entailed? Out of curiosity…

  • Sriramulu Krishnamurthy

    I hope someone tortures him to death. Seriously. What a sicko.