Elderly Lose Milk and Butter Because of Rising Cost of Muslim Immigrants

Forget Allah, Sweden is giving Muslims free houses

This story is about a municipality in Sweden, but it could be about any number of countries in Europe, and for that matter it could also be about the United States.

Muslim immigration leads to high costs in violence and welfare, and the elderly end up suffering as all the money goes to pay for integration course for violent Muslim teens and their father and his four wives and their nineteen kids.

The money has to go somewhere and the social safety net paid into by the natives is embezzled, hijacked and looted to pay for the medical and criminal expenses of the Islamic colonists and settlers.

Härjedalen is reducing all accessory food deliveries in their home care. From now on there will be no more bread, butter or dessert to the elderly. But they must still pay the same fee for food, reports Swedish Radio.

The municipality has recently had a sharp priority to receive the ever increasing flow of immigrants.

In Sveg an existing accommodation for young immigrant, which since its inception has been characterized by fights and turmoil, has been supplemented with additional accommodation at a cost of 5.5 million Swedish Kroner. The accommodation served the men around the clock by a staff that is as large as the number of immigrants.

The immigrant expense here isn’t even coming from just social benefits, but from the size of the staff that is needed to control a violent Muslim population of migrants and settlers.

The municipality has also seen a large increase in the number of refugees, especially from Syria. In Hede it was recently decided to provide free houses to all Syrians granted residence permits.

The elderly can’t have their basic food staples, but the latest “refugees” from another bloody Muslim internecine conflict can get free houses.

According to the municipality, immigrants prove to be a predictive pension savior.

– We need to see this in the longer term where we already know we will have many retirements in different occupational groups. We should see this as a resource, says municipal manager Inger Lagerquist to our question on the free apartments to Syrians.

As Obama would say, free houses to Muslims is an “investment in the future.” But what are the odds that the average Syrian Muslim colonist will be as productive as a Swede? And if the average Syrian Muslim is capable of marching the productivity and skills of a Swede, then why isn’t Syria just like Sweden?

We must therefore conclude one of two things. Either only extraordinary Syrians who are above average move to Sweden. Yet despite their extra ordinariness, they require almost a 1:1 staff ratio. Or Sweden is becoming more like Syria as it takes in more Syrian immigrants. The rising rape rate in Sweden would suggest that Sweden is becoming more like Syria.

  • Keiko_Infidel

    Sweden, the loser capital of Europe. Even worse than UK or France. And that's bad.

  • Mary Sue

    Last I heard, Gang members don't contribute to whatever Sweden's equivalent of SSI is.

  • to hell with obama

    An American is on it's way ………………………….

  • Raymond in DC

    It's tough to watch as a nation, out of slavish devotion to ideology or moral fecklessness, pursues policies that set it on a course of decline and cultural dissolution. I don't know if Sweden will be the first to fall, but it's likely in the top three. I'd count Belgium and probably Holland in that first tier. (And yes, the US is taking its own, but different, path downward.)

    • Ron

      They are getting exactly what they deserve. These are the people who had no interest goodor bad in the middle east, yet they threw their weight behind Oslo. And what do they get for weakening Jews for they sake of Muslims? They get an influx of savage Muslims who are raping their feminist daughtersand beating their Nordic ideal sons.

      See how one cannot escape the just punishment of God!

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    WhateverMan, you sound like one of those twenty-somethings who lives in his parents' basement because you can't get a job. I don't think you ever will. Your writing skills are so bad, you don't even know that a sentence starts with a capital letter. If you haven't already, why don't you shave your head and join a skinhead group. Maybe they'll even let you clean their toilets. Whatever…man.

    • Tiberius

      His own words best describe his level of immaturity. No need to further to expand his apathy.

      • Ron

        Hes not "immature", he's obviously a racist, whose intention is to poison the dialogue with abusive language. There is nothing to be said to such human filth.

    • Western Candian

      Actually, his parents either threw him out and he is a welfare leech, or he is a muslim 'refugee', and he is a welfare leech.

  • northern bloke

    Swede's are good at taking the beating in the name of political correctness.


      Will the swedes wake up and realize that the Emperor has no clothes?

      Doesn't look like it. The "progressives" keep brainwashing the masses.

      SCREW Eurabia.

      • Drew

        Sweden was the poster kid for socialism and now illustrates that decades of socialism results in brain rot. Native Swedes are committing cultural suicide and risking their very lives unnecessarily. If you're really looking for workers to fund pensions, why pick the most backward, illiterate and least assimilable culture in the world to import? The vast majority of the climbing rape stats involve Muslim rapists and Swedish victims. Perhaps all those Swedish women who keep voting for pro-immigration parties can lie back and think of Syria as they're "doing their PC duty" to be willing victims. Those who are not willing can don burkas, as a Norwegian politician suggested Scandinavian women need to learn to dress more modestly and another opined that perhaps if Natives treat Muslims nicely now, the favor might be returned when Muslims become the majority! Clearly, these fools have not examined their countries' rape stats.

  • Mary Sue

    you don't know what you're talking about. You can't even form a valid analogy.

  • storymeister

    Line up with God, repent, read His word ~ The Bible every day. Know we are the majority. The Holy Spirit is the Restrainer and lives in every Christian!

  • rbla

    What is going on in Sweden is exactly what is happening here with Obamacare and his other initiatives. The message to old white people is as follows. "You have supported all of this liberal weatlh transfer, civil rights legislation and immigration; you have been good liberals. However, you are not productive anymore. You are simply draining resources that should be devoted to the young burgeoning black and brown populations. So thank you and now kindly drop dead."

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    The world wide caliphate moved one step closer to victory.
    And the freedom of western ideas and values took a step back, a step closer to defeat.

  • BS77

    Where is Charles Martel when you need him?

    • Mary Sue

      I'd go all Joan of Arc on their a$$es if I could get an army going.

    • Drew

      Where is Charles Martel? Rolling over in his grave.

  • Lan Astaslem

    It's so tempting to say, "It serves them right for letting in so much muslim garbage." It's better to take it as a warning so it doesn't happen here.

    • Bengan

      I agree – and I'm a Swede. This country is lost; I can only hope that the rest of the civilized world observe what's happening and learn from our mistakes.

  • Mary Sue

    when you're doing not much more than praying 5x a day, it's no wonder!

  • june

    To my shock…Tulsa Oklahoma is now saturated with Syrians. What hole are they crawling up from? Oh I remember obama cancelled American's Space program; Gave the $billions$ to the muslim outreach. The liberals are destroying Beautiful Sweden…same as America…4th cent. people do not know how to use a toilet let alone live in a civilized socity..

  • rob

    austrailer is fast becomming a place the muslims like as our weak goverment gives thhem 56.000dollars a couple a year and a pensioner 23000 a year and they work for it ..

  • Hektor

    All this is happening because europe has lost its Christianity, believe it or not if there's one group the muslims fear its the christians, that's why I believe they can never invade nor defeat the USA. The only single group/unit that can stop these mohammedans in their tracks are the christians. They did it before and they can do it again. But the muslims have a slight advantage, they have the liberal/left wing intellectuals who are employed to disarm the christians by discrediting them.
    I am afraid Europe will fall to the muslims except maybe the eastern european states like the czech republic, Italy too won't fall there way too many catholics watching the mohammedans.

  • Richard

    I'm pretty sure that a big part of the syrian immigrants in Sweden are christians (who are being persecuted by the islamist fanatics in the opposition of Al Asad).

  • Ricard

    In general, very poor article. Lots of low-class racism (yes, low class racism is neither desirable nor respectful), overysimplifications, ignorant remarks (as I pointed, mr. Greenfield ignores the fact that a large part of syrian immigrantion is NOT muslim).

    Not to mention the general rabid tone, which is quite common in inflammatory irrational material like this one.

    Unfortunately, some conservatives are as uneducated as the most guevaresque leftists. Nice way of playing the enemie's game.

  • A Z

    Nordics are perfect people. They care. They have socialism. Their model works.

    Or so we are told …

    Life for Norwegian kids in Norway


    This complements your article.