“English Owners” Sign on Chip Shop Provokes Outrage… in England


Someone has a politically correct chip on their shoulder. Apparently “English” is the only obscenity left in the new Cool Britain. Perhaps it should be referred to as the “E___” word.

A chip shop boss has insisted he’s not racist after putting up a banner boasting that the business now had ‘English owners’.

He and his wife Rachel took over the Chippy On The Green, in Hapton Road, Padiham, Lancashire less than a fortnight ago.

But the couple have already provoked a furious row with a banner across the front of the shop that reads: ‘Under new management with English owners’.

Burnley’s Lib Dem MP Gordon Birtwistle and the mayor of Padiham have both issued demands for it to be removed.

But defiant Mr Bradbury has no plans to take it down.

Paul Bradbury insists customers ‘want to know they are going to be served by somebody English’ – even though the shop had previously been run by English people of east Asian descent and of Greek descent.

And English people of possibly east Asian descent have responded in keeping with their rich English cultural heritage.

Mr Bradbury said he has received two threatening phone calls from people calling him racist.

He said: “One man called me and said he was going to pressure cooker bomb my shop. Another woman called and said she was going to put the windows through.”

Pressure cooking bombs were most recently in the news when two Americans of East Chechnyan descent expressed their Americanness by objecting to the divisive and non-inclusive nature of the Boston Marathon in the finest traditions of Americanism.

Mayor of Padiham, Coun Vincent Pridden said: ‘I don’t think it’s a very positive message to be putting out in the community. If it’s causing upset, the council should look into it.’

That’s how we do things now then.

  • Stellner

    Whether this shop thrives, goes under or is crushed by the government (and media) will be a real barometer for the future of England.

  • Softly Bob

    I hope the business does well. If I lived there, I would buy from them.

  • logdon

    The signs English Fish and Chips are both badges of patriotism and of quality.

    They’re all over the place and a gov clampdown impossible, even in a PC Britain.

    Pridden is after the Pakistani vote. That is obvious.

    • BS77

      Yah, imagine that….being an Englishman and saying so….whoa, that’s a major crime now days in Orwellian Britain. God forbid you should say “I am English”. Crime of the century!!!!!!!!

      • logdon

        I’m not only English but apparently, according to your exalted one and his side kick Lurch, a fish and chip eating surrender monkey.

  • chris2146

    This stinks of UAF and their fellow fascist groups as they have no clue what the definition of ‘racist’ is, after all they keep calling EDL racist for protesting against Islam, but last time I checked Islam was a religion not a race so how can the term ‘racist’ be valid?!?!?!?! Just proves with all the UAF combined you will struggle to reach an IQ of 10

    How on earth is saying ‘now with english owners’ racist? As an englishman I demand to know what shops are british and what shops are not, I want to help support England, I don’t want to support Pakistan, I don’t want to support Iraq etc etc etc.

    I only wish more companies showed signs like this.

    • D. Brown

      The UAF is a Communist organization that views the EDL as a threat to their agenda and use the conflict with the EDL to attempt to the keep the public divided. They want the Muslims and their supporters on their side to they pretend to come to the rescue.

      The term racism can include religion and culture groups. The term has taken on broader meaning over time. I had to look it up myself after having had said it didn’t apply to religion. Regardless, the EDL is not racist, rather it is attempting to get the government correct the wrongs of it’s immigration policies that is scarring the nation. The police and officials are afraid of the Muslims and political correctness repeatedly overrides the rights of native Britains.

      • JoJoJams

        “The term racism can include religion and culture groups. ”

        b.s!! Don’t fall prey to the loony lefts redefining of words and meanings! Inherent within “racism” is….. RACE!!! And religion is not a race. I don’t care what dictionary or reference you may have read that in. Racism is all about race. Nothing more – nothing less.

      • mutton

        The law is meaningless. The power comes from those that decide which laws to enforce and to what degree.
        Currently White English are not protected.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      This doesn’t even sound like UAF. More commonplace political correctness

  • wellitdont

    it has gone way past the time, when the British people told all others this is our country, we like it our way, and if the visitors don’t like it, then go back to where they came from, why should the British change to suit foreigners, let everyone enjoy British culture when in Britain, and if British people want Asian or other culture let them travel to these countries

  • Texas Patriot

    Don’t worry. When Israel starts confiscating and expelling all aggressors from the lands where the attacks against her originate, all the Islamists in the West will rush home to defend Muslim lands. For the past fifty years, the tide of Islamic immigration has been all in one direction. For the next fifty years it is likely to flow in the other direction. So what are you waiting for, Israel? The ball is in your court. Don’t be afraid. The West will be with you for more reasons than one.

  • AngelGabrel

    I am of Greek origin, my family came here in the 50’s from Cyprus and I will say that I am disgusted in the way English people are being treated in their own country I am sick to my back teeth when I read stories like this, why are people not respecting the rights of the English in their own country, it is time people from other cultures stood up for the rights of the English people and defend their rights, I am one that has and will continue to do so, it is simply wrong when others use racist against white British people simply and totally wrong. And in this instance just for letting people know that his fish and chip shop is owned by an English family, how is this racist? God help us all. There will be a backlash one day and those that use the racist card against ordinary folk will be the ones to blame, I think its those thsat shout racist that are the true racists, they are not tolerant and want to change the entire way of British culture and the people themselves. Wrong I say very wrong indeed… Time you English people take a serious look at what is happening in your own country. Very sad times indeed very sad….

    • mutton

      “it is time people from other cultures stood up for the rights of the English people ”
      Thank you my friend, sadly–what you are saying is that we English cannot defend ourselves in this land.
      We need to take lessons from more active people, people that are prepared to fight for their country. What used to be fight is now fright and the people that we are frightened of are the ones that we think we elect.

      • AngelGabrel

        “Thank you my friend, sadly–what you are saying is that we English cannot defend ourselves in this land”
        Not saying that at all, I just feel that more people need to stand up against this abuse towards the indigenous people in the UK………… I joined the BNP 4 years ago and have seen enough to determine that not enough people are standing up against the left wing racist card users…..

  • ZZMike

    Formerly Great Britain. What do they expect? Not too longs ago, wearing the Cross of St George was banned. Wouldn’t want to offend anyone, don’t you know.

  • Stephen Gash

    If ‘English’ is ‘racist’ then so are ‘Indian’ and ‘Chinese’. There are plenty of Indian and Chinese food outlets and there’s nothing stopping them calling themselves ‘English-Chinese’ or ‘English-Indian’.

  • mutton

    English people of east Asian descent and of Greek descent.
    A cat born in a stable is not a horse!!

  • mutton

    But we can have ‘Indian’ ‘Bangladesh’, ‘Thai’, ‘Irish’ And “anyone but English” as the Scot Andy Murray would say.
    England is getting a voice and the rabid left had better get used to it.
    They have built a big lump of resentment in England and when the dam does burst it will not be the immigrant that has to run it will be those rabid lefties that are trying to ruin England that will need to leg it but I fancy there will be no hiding place.

  • AngelGabrel

    “Burnley’s Lib Dem MP Gordon Birtwistle and the mayor of Padiham have both issued demands for it to be removed” maybe the voters should take them away by not voting them in at the next local elections. Shame on you both you deserve to be sent to some far distant land, traitors.