Environmentalism Is the New Racism

envAt the heart of all the left’s political agendas is wealth redistribution. That is as true of the Global Warming eco-scam as it is of anything else.

The left knows that idealism is a puny force compared to the power of profit. It may employ the slogans of idealism, recruiting college students to wave signs, dress up as polar bears and cry Armageddon;  but it uses the appeal of cold hard cash to invest as many people as it can into its cause.

Wealth redistribution gave the left a firm grip on power in America. No matter how many lies it tells or how many crimes it commits, it knows that when election time comes around those who profit from its wealth redistribution programs will flock to the polls; caring about nothing but their own bottom line.

The Global Warming scheme began the same way with tiers of economic interest.

The first tier came out of the expert elites; scientists who had grant money waved under their noses and environmentalists who went from waving signs outside corporate offices to working as consultants for those corporations. Publicizing the scam were the journalists and politicians who reinvented themselves as environmental crusaders pumping out books warning that the end of the world was near.

Soon an entire expert class was profitably employed predicting doomsday and teaching corporations to Greenwash their products. These were the Green versions of the leftist sociologists who had predicted race wars if economic inequity went on and the radical Black activists like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who had monetized their instant racism into sensitivity consulting firms and national organizations.

The second tier came from the bankers and corporations looking to profit from the crony capitalist sphere known as the Carbon Economy by selling other companies the power to impose costs on their rivals and customers through environmental regulations.

An entire fictional economy sprang up with artificial shortages and imaginary products and services sold. Artificial shortages were used to limit carbon emissions requiring the purchase of credits. Environmental regulations made carbon into a currency using the threat of catastrophe and the promise of profit.

Once again, Green followed Black. J.P. Morgan had received hundreds of millions in state payments from its food stamp card empire. Herbert and Marion Sandler made billions from subprime mortgages and Google is cashing in on housing project tax credit funds managed by a financial services company heavily invested in by Warren Buffett.

The dirty little secret of the welfare state is that most of the money doesn’t go to the minorities on whose behalf it operates; but to the big banks and liberal billionaires who keep the wealth redistribution going, not for the sake of the poor or the planet, but for their own personal profit.

While the public was dazzled with daily accounts of melting poles and polar bears fleeing the far north for London and New York as harbingers of the tidal waves of melting ice that would soon sweep across the coastal cities; their pockets were being picked by the gangs of eco-criminals.

Substandard products were pawned off on customers by calling them Green. In the kitchen, lower quality paper could be used in paper towels while more dish detergent had to be used to wash the same amount of dishes so long as the environmentalists were paid to certify the inferior products as Green.

And if the customers chose not to go along; the combined pressure of Green activists and corporations would eliminate any other option through regulatory mandates. Greenwashing compelled customers to pay more for less while the corporations and environmental consultancies pocketed the profits.

Once there was an expert and financial constituency in place to press for further changes; the third tier of large scale wealth redistribution could be unleashed.

The dreams of the Green criminals were modest. A worldwide carbon economy in which every human activity would be taxed, where everyone would need a permission slip to sneeze out some carbon in the spring and universal employment for environmental consultants with environmental impact reviews required for every single business down to the tykes with their neighborhood lemonade stand.

At stake were trillions of dollars; a dizzying amount that made the biggest financial frauds of the century no more than clumsy pickpockets lifting wallets.

To achieve these ends, the constituency had to be broadened with large scale wealth redistribution. Al Gore, James Hansen and a handful of bored college kids were never going to shake loose the insane sums of money that would make Green into the new Black and Environmentalism into the new Racism.

Enter the Third World.

Climate reparations bring poor countries on board by promising them billions for every island state that gets hit by a typhoon and every African warlord whose territory suffers from drought. If your weather is soggy or your wheat just won’t grow; blame the white man with his terrible industrial machine.

It’s the grandest crime of a new century that will outshine the massive welfare state looting before it. Twentieth century wealth redistribution was imposed by fear of race riots. Twenty-first century wealth redistribution however is being driven by threats of planetary annihilation.

The obscene trick of climate reparations is the seduction of Third World countries hit by natural disasters with promises of getting back on their feet with loads of cash stolen from the First World. Western taxpayers and consumers buy relief from the apocalypse and the Third Worlders become a wealth redistribution constituency demanding more free money in a system of blackmail and lies.

It’s the same scam that destroyed the Black community in America extended across the Third World. The welfare state did more damage to minorities than anything else. Now the Greens would like to repeat the process worldwide; pitting the First World against the Third World and profiting from the massive climate fraud that they have been slowly unrolling.

Radical regimes like South Africa, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia had already climbed aboard the “Bad Weather Reparations” express; but the global walkout from climate negotiations in Poland shows that the greed for climate theft cash has spread throughout the Third World.

The same crony capitalist dynamic that induces corporations to attack their rivals by supporting environmental regulations is playing out globally. China pushes for climate reparations by the First World while Western countries demand that China slow down the pace of its industrial production.

The hypocrites who congregate at these summits don’t believe the scams that they’re selling, but are exploiting them to handicap each other’s economies while their corrupt expert elites greedily predict absurd visions of doom that their own data no longer supports.

Global Warming has become a micro-economy and a macro-cult; a massive financial scam for a world financial system running low on ways to escape its collapse and a pseudo-religion for a secular world. These believer-profiteers are turning environmentalism into the new racism using the dead from every typhoon and weather tragedy as poster children for their terrible eco-scam.


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  • truebearing

    The Left denigrates capitalism, but is really doing the same thing that successful capitalists do, only they intend to completely monopolize the political capital, ie. power, instead of only money. They know that once they have enough power, the money will follow. They are far more dishonest, oppressive, and rapacious than any capitalist, yet never have a real product to offer. They don’t revolutionize the world with oil, steel, or breakthroughs in science. They punish the world with complex schemes, lies, and mass murder. The political capitalism of the Left is monopolistic, exploitative, totalitarian, and evil. All it has to sell are lies, and the environmental religion is its latest, greatest….and greedy, lazy, selfish, short-sighted fools will fall for it if there is a short-term benefit.

    Obamacare is the exact same shell game. Listen to the useful idiots who supported it whine about having to pay for it now. They were more than happy to make someone else pay.

    PT Barnum…America’s greatest sociologist.

    • Barbara Nelson

      “truebearing”: It is clear to me you do not understand Capitalism. “Monopoly power” can only be granted by government fiat and/or held by government interference. Moreover, there is no room in Capitalism for cronyism. Cronyists are not Capitalists – businessmen/women maybe, but Capitalists? No. You are among many, particularly on the right, who have bought into and are spreading the left’s definitions of terms from a hundred and forty years ago and never challenged until recently. We must stop using their terms in our discussions.

      • truebearing

        “”Monopoly power” can only be granted by government fiat and/or held by government interference.”

        My point wasn’t to accuse all “capitalists” of being monopolists, though some have attempted it, but to show the rank hypocrisy of the Left in decrying the power of accumulated capital while engaging in true political monopolism where all political capital is in their hands.
        By the way, were Rockefeller, Carnegie, or Vanderbilt granted monopolies by government fiat?

        I don’t believe I suggested that Cronyism is somehow included in what we refer to as capitalism, though Marx did. Again, the things Marx criticized about capitalism, ie. cronyism, corruption, etc., are always far more true about regimes that attempt to implement his untenable system than any capitalist nation.

        My point, that you entirely missed, is that the Left has demonized capitalism for its oppression of the poor, inequality, yada, yada, yada, forever, despite the fact that every Marxist regime in history has been infinitely worse than any capitalist in any category of these alleged flaws. Even when accepting the handicap of using terms defined by Marx, the sins of the Left vastly exceed those delineated in his caricatured definition of “capitalism.” There is a strategic value in refuting the Left using its own corrupt definitions. It proves Marxism fails even within the corrupt context Marx created.

        • Barbara Nelson

          I did get your point, though, I disagreed with your premises that successful capitalists monopolize anything, are dishonest, oppressive or rapacious. For example your words: “…doing the same thing that successful capitalists do, only they intend to completely monopolize the political capital, ie. power…they are far more dishonest, oppressive, and rapacious than any capitalist..worse than any capitalist in [oppression of the poor].” Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbuilt earned their status as No 1 – they certainly were not monopolies – by doing business better than others, charging less for their product or service, etc.

          • truebearing

            I didn’t say capitalists are necessarily monopolists, nor was it my premise that all capitalists are dishonest, oppressive, or rapacious. There were qualifiers that you apparently missed. The Left does characterise capitalism that way, however.

            What I intended to point out was that while Marx publicly despised “capitalists,” he created a political religion that exceeded every alleged fault or excess of “capitalism,” using the same mechanism that made capitalists powerful. He realized that amassed political power trumped economic power, and that his political economic religion could monopolize political power.

          • Barbara Nelson

            Sorry – if you don’t mean something, don’t say it. You said “they are far more dishonest, oppressive, and rapacious than any capitalist….” Whatever you were thinking, you wrote that. The statement implies capitalists are dishonest, oppressive and rapacious. And I am saying I disagree that ANY successful Capitalist is any of those things. I am saying Capitalism has no “faults.” I am saying the only “power” a Capitalist has is over himself, expressed in his individual ability to produce and trade with others to both their mutual advantage. The “power” you are speaking of on the left is the power of the gun (government, which implies cronyism); there is no room in Capitalism (laissez faire Capitalism, meaning complete separation of economics and state) and no such term as “political capital.”

            I agree with you that Marx, having had the “benefit” of a long line of prior philosophers, expounded a political philosophy with many of the characteristics of religion, including as the base of both of them “Altruism” (with a capital “A”), where one was called upon to sacrifice oneself on the altar of the state or the commune, or whatever entity could be imagined under such a system.

          • truebearing

            You didn’t get my point. I wasn’t attacking capitalists, I was attacking Marxist hypocrisy.

            Marxism is a syncretic political/economic religion that was inspired by Marx’s envy of capitalism, Christianity, and the usual hare-brained fantasies of collectivism.

        • 11bravo

          By the way, were Rockefeller, Carnegie, or Vanderbilt granted monopolies by government fiat?”
          Yes, yes they were.
          The government attempts to correct their mistakes made it worse for the consumer – as it usually does.

          • truebearing

            Your response doesn’t establish monopoly by government fiat. During that period, the government was relatively weak and allowed people like Rockefeller to do as they pleased.

          • 11bravo

            Allowing it to happen is an action. The government NEVER does nothing – not even back then.
            There have been next to NO monopolies ever. The industrialists although sometimes ruthless, still competed to get where they got.
            Remember democrat run government does more to shut out the small business (the little guy) with over regulation than any republican ever has. Yeah yeah NIXON started the EPA – just read up on why?

          • Barbara Nelson

            In fact it was their competitors who went to the government to get regulation enacted that would give those competitors the advantage; just as is pointed out in the article above today in the enviromaniac (as I call it) movement.

    • S.L. Rachford’s Ire

      Well said and right on point. Thanks.

      • truebearing

        Thanks. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Pabst Blue Moon

    However countries really hard hit by natural disasters; e.g. The Philippines; can’t be left just to rot in the aftermath. Its not a scam to give them assistance because if we don’t the evil axis will and all the influence and strategic advantages that go along with it.

    • CaoMoo

      disaster relief and systematic looting are two different things and nowhere did the article equate the two.

      Disaster relief and humanitarian aid are good things and people who wish to contribute toward them and have the resources to do so can.

      Putting a gun to everyones head based on lies and taking money by the police power of government for the enrichment of a few already rich people, and a few countries that are poor do to thier own dysfunctionality and corruption (and they will get money solely for that) is wrong and criminal.

    • Barbara Nelson

      “Pabst”: Did you read the article above? The argument from guilt or fear that if we don’t “do for” them (whoever they are), they will …do whatever…has been behind every appropriation of wealth in history. No one is stopping anyone from helping others; but imposing an obligation to do so because one is afraid of the results if one doesn’t is what allows the socialist atrocities to continue.

    • A Z

      We are helping the Phillipines. We would have helped with or without the Global Warming Scam. We just would have assigned guilt and the consequent flagellation and forced taxes at the point of a gun.

      I saw that Michael Mann has already put in a 3 paragraph essay at Live Science on the Typhoon Haiyan blaming it on Global Warming.

      Meanwhile anyone recall our just past Hurricane season? Anyone?

  • Dallas25305

    Your 100% right. The great man made global warming fraud makes the Y2k fraud the pulled at the millennium look puny. The liberal socialist left, the Al Gores and the David Suzuki’s are multibillionaires because of this scam. Why does Al Gore refuse to debate anyone on this subject. Why did Gore sell his TV network for millions in Arab Oil money. By the way Gore doesn’t want oil from Canada but he welcomes it from the middle East? Why? Gore said the Oceans where going to already be 10 feet higher several years ago. However he bought another Mansion on the California ocean front for 10 million about 5 years ago. Why would he do that when he said it is suppose to be already flooded. Billions have been made from Western nations in this scam and millions of jobs have been lost because of it. There has been no global warming for the last 16 years. All of you insane Green Religion people, it’s time to grab a brain and wake up. Your being conned.

  • Dallas25305

    All you need to know about the evil Liberal Socialist left is that their Socialist cousins murdered over 100 million people in the 20th century. Stalin 30 million murdered, Chairman Mao a hero to liberal socialist today, even in the white house 70 million murdered. I wont even mention, Lenin, Pol Pot , Castro or those who are being murdered today by the evil, corrupt socialist left. By the way all of these murders were committed after those people had been disarmed by their leftist rulers. I guess they didn’t want people to hurt themselves because then the leftist wouldn’t have the enjoyment of killing them. Who is it that wants to disarm whites in the U.S.A.? The phoney climate change and Green Religion is just another form of attack in the goal of destroying the middle class and gaining endless power that the corrupt Liberal Socialist left is employing.

    • A Z

      The left does not speak much of Pol Pot for obvious reasons.

      Here is another angle. The left goes out of its’ way to castigate American foreign policy of the past, of a sitting Republican President.

      Look at China’s foreign policy. They supported Pol Pot to the hilt. His regime would not lasted as long nor killed 20% or more of the Cambodian nation without Chins’ support. China started a war with Vietnam over Cambodia. The only reason Vietnam was involved in Cambodia is because the pot bellied communist dictator for life would not leave Vietnam alone.

      Has anyone seen leftists castigate China for these wars anywhere near how much they castigate the U.S. or Western Europe?

  • A Z

    Drought is a 2 edged sword. An archaeologist or historian could make the case that desertification and consequent drought created Egypt.

    Tribes started leaving the grassland of the Sahara and jostling each other around rivers and oasis. That provided the impetus for people to organize for defense around chiefs the penultimate of whom became kings. It provided the need for intensive agriculture.

    Point is that drought has been a constant for the Sahara and the Sahel for several millenia. there is nothing new here.

    Drought is natural. Famine is man made. Those famines are caused by tribal warfare or warlords. The Habr Gidr Clan in Somalia caused famine in Somalia.
    The UN gave food freely. The Habr Gidr clan confiscated the food until other tribes and clans bowed down to them.

    The Habr Gidr clan used AK47, RPG and technicals ( pick up trucks mounting machine guns and recoilless cannons. The greenmailers use the IRS and law enforcement.

    • UCSPanther

      Don’t forget: The Communist Derg in Ethiopia were the ones responsible for the great Ethiopian famine in the 1980s.

      They were a regime that combined the worst aspects of a communist regime with the worst aspects of a stereotypical African dictatorship.

      • A Z

        There was a 3 man junta and I believe Mengistu or whatever his name was got rid of the other two. I had not known or forgotten the famine in Ethiopia in the 1980s.

        There is a hypothesis that agriculture might have started in Eritrea or at least been an independent center of its’ birth. There is a lot of archeaology that is not being done because they have a Muslim/Marxist regime there. We will not know how it fitted in with Israel, Egypt and the ancient Arabian Kingdoms and cities until we do some digs.

        It is on my bucket list to see the stele there but with the way the world is i doubt it will happen.

    • alpha2actual

      The fossil record and ocean sediment indicates that six thousand years ago Northern Africa rapidly devolved from a verdant South America Savannah into what is now the Sahara Desert. This event caused catastrophic upheavals to populations bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This begs the question, what anthropogenic vector caused this to happen? I’m quite sure that the heavy industry of the period didn’t play a role in this event. I’m with the Axial Precession hypothesis on this one.

      • A Z

        I had not heard a cause mentioned, but what you say seems plausible.

        Michael Mann and other rent seeking scientists saw the have Moander cycle, sunspot cycle and everything else all figured into their model. But they did not have the cloud effect. Roy Spence posited it and the scoffed. He was just a meteorologist. then CERN said there was something to it.

        I also know their models have not predicted the last 20 years, generation but they want us to believe they got the next 80 predicted.

        People also scoff scientists can rent seek. The might remember social scientists were saying the physical scientists were introverts and did not socialize much. About 15 years ago that was debunked. They found out that scientists were quite gregarious, but it was in their own social circles. They are just like us and many other types rent seek. The hard science types can too. their obit is going to suck.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    Talk about hitting the nail on its proverbial head. Fear is the name of the game, the 1st world, that would be the one with the most cash, is portrayed as the vile, evil polluter and Green is sold as the solution to strangle the evil one and prevent global disaster, the end of humanity and demise of the planet….by the end of this century. What could be more scary than that or a more profitable cause to easily promote on the backs of the gullible, environmentally indoctrinated masses??

  • S.L. Rachford’s Ire

    Interesting on how many really do not know what the term “capitalism” is really about. Good luck people.

    • Barbara Nelson

      Luck has nothing to do with it

  • alpha2actual

    It is a misconception that the Environmental Movement is benign, well intentioned, and monolithic– it is not. In reality the movement is extremely factionalized and schizophrenic. The legitimate players are the rent seekers, grant chasers, and politicans pandering to a constituency, the Green Lobby.

    The True Believers are the Transnational Progressives, Luddites, Malthusians, Narcissistic Xenophobes, Gaia cultists, Margaret Sanger Eugenics disciples, and Pathological Altruists to name but a few. Review your “Silent Spring” and the attending banning and restrictions on the use of DDT. The carnage visited on the inhabitants of the Sub Sahara, South America, and Asia is unconscionable. Read Erlich’s “Population Bomb” and the Club of Rome literature “carrying capacity” is code for disdain of inhabitants of Third World countries.. Science is intended to drive policy not the other way around. Policy driven Science misallocates capital but more importantly takes lives.

    These modern environmentalists, and I’m including the Global Warming Alarmists, are immoral and inhuman and have racked up a body count that surpasses 80 million and counting, 80% children under five and pregnant women.

    • Fritz

      I had forgotten about the DDT band, fortunately many of the same countries who suffered from malaria epidemics have given the international Eco terrorists the finger and are using it again. The whole argument they use about population control in Africa, and restricting resource development, always was eugenics based. Most of Africa is underpopulated not overpopulated, in fact it is the second largest continent in terms of land mass. I can’t really blame third world regimes from trying to get on the gravy train with reparations, they’ve tried it before under the guise of “Colonialist Atrocities”, most of which paled compared to what they did to themselves after independence.
      In other news I heard that the French are deploying troops to another of their former colonies, the Central African Republic. It looks like even the Socialist French President understands the risks of a U.S power vacuum and is attempting to fill the breach.

  • Fritz

    The modern environmentalist movement is blatantly racist, and classist, even by Marxist standards. The Canadian wing of environmental defense allocated millions of dollars to Indian band councils in British Columbia to oppose pipeline construction, the construction would employ hundred of aboriginals since the lines would be going through remote areas. The main focus is to constipate oil sands development by keeping the product bottled up inside the North American market. The oil sands, by the way is in Northern Alberta and is one of the largest employers of aboriginals in Canada.

    The same stupidity has caused a mining company to pull out of the “Ring of Fire” in Northern Ontario, overzealous environmental regulations, extortion by Indian band councils, and taxes, an operation that would again have employed hundreds of native locals. They we have the ongoing saga of Greenpeace agitating against the seal hunt and the fur trade bringing about bans and embargos in the E.U. At least the old school Marxists believed in industry and resource development, just in government hands. The new environmental left is predominantly made up of wealthy, white, urban elites who don’t seem to care who they hurt by pursuing their ideology.

  • jj553

    This is some hilarious science fiction.

  • Zombee

    A Gorbot gathers his entire identity from the group. He acts the way he believes the group wants him to act. He thinks the way he believes the group wants him to think. All of his “ideas” are notions pre-approved by the mainstream. All of his arguments and talking points are positions he heard from the media, and he has never formed an original opinion in his life. Without the group telling him what to do, the average Gorbot is lost and useless. 

    • Lars

      It really is at least a million degrees at the earth’s core, and I can prove it. Gotta go.

  • Seymour del- Uziens

    We are starting to see polar bears as far south as Missouri already this winter and it is not even December yet, God help us! Even the cattle have started pseudo-hibernation.