Environmentalist’s Plastic Bag Ban Leads to Shoplifter’s Paradise

The law of unintended consequences falls heavily on all the plans of big government. The plastic bag ban, a maniacal obsession of some eco-scammers and their celebrity hanger-ons dumpster diving for a soul, is already producing a ton of them.

Reusable bag contamination is already a major issue and might kill over a 1,000 people a year if a nationwide plastic ban is enacted. And, surprisingly, encouraging people to bring large non-transparent bags to a supermarket leads to an uptick in people filling those bags with stolen merchandise... for the environment.

The Dukes opened the Lake City grocery store in June 2011, and Mike Duke said in the year before the plastic-bag ban losses in frozen food and produce were a small fraction of what he’s seeing now. As he explained to seattlepi.com and also the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the shoplifters’ patterns are difficult to detect.

They enter the store with reusable bags and can more easily conceal items they steal. The reusable bags require staff to watch much more closely, and even though the store has a loss-prevention officer and more than a dozen security cameras, it’s tough to tell what a customer has paid for and what they may already have brought with them.

According to data released in January by Seattle Public Utilities, 21.1 percent of business owners surveyed said increased shoplifting because of the plastic bag ban was a problem.

Stores can always force customers to leave their reusable bags at the counter while shopping and then return them at the counter. This would be inconvenient for customers and add extra expense for stores.

But maybe they can get their money back from plastic bag ban proponent Julia Louis Dreyfus. She has some money to spare.

It would also deprive reusable bag carriers of their smug moral superiority of dragging around a stained bacteria trap as proof of their moral commitment to the entire planet.

  • Mary Sue

    I actually suspected that bringing in cloth bags from outside into a grocery store would be a PERFECT way for someone with zero moral compass to shoplift like crazy, years and years ago. We haven't been legislated out of plastic bags in this particular part of Canada yet, though one local grocery chain has started using paper and selling fabric bags (that have a plastic coating). Other stores in the area usually charge a nickel for plastic bags.

    • Keiko_Infidel

      A person can shoplift with their purse. With their back sack. With their brief case. With the pockets of their coats. Or, if you've ever seen the video for Jane's Addiction "Been Caught Stealing" there are many clever ways to shoplift on your person.

      Again, shoplifting is not a valid defense for plastic bags.

  • JacksonPearson

    The left will do what they do best.
    They'll just confound the populous, by legislating more criminal laws.

    "Bad ideas must be fought at their origins – and at every moment thereafter."
    -Heather McDonald

  • PAthena

    I reuse my plastic bags. So the self-designated "environmentalists" don't know what they are talking about.

    • Mary Sue

      We reuse them too. THey make great garbage bin liners.

  • Jay Wye

    get some reusable plastic MESH bags. they compress better for storage,and you can see what's in them. you can even wash them,and they don't absorb meat juices.

    • Mary Sue

      nope, sorry, inadequate.

      • Keiko_Infidel

        It looks like you're here for no other reason than to tell everyone else they're wrong (you've done it three times) and to bring their numbers down.

  • Toni_Pereira

    The best essay i have read about this mindset:

  • Toni_Pereira

    Supermarkets in my area charge 2 cents a plastic bag so many people take used ones from home. Anyway, these freakish luddies won't stop until we walk naked with four legs.

  • Keiko_Infidel

    I'm against plastic bags. Reusable bags are far, far more practical and economical, and have been used in other countries for decades. Even way back people went to the market with baskets. Never was it a ploy of eco-wackos. It was simple practicality. It makes me angry that the issue of shopping bags has been hijacked by eco-wackos. The fact is plastic bags would be used only rarely–rather than the norm–if the eco-wackos had just stayed out of it. Thanks to their fanatical approach–which turns so many people off, including many liberals–billions of plastic bags continue to be manufactured and used (and wasted and heaped unnecessarily into landfills) by people who really are just revolting against enviro-freaks. If the freaks say don't use plastic….people will use plastic.

    Except for me, of course. Because I love my country. Our land was not meant for garbage. Keep America beautiful–use reusable shopping bags.

    • Mary Sue

      then what do you use to line your indoor trash bins with?

      • Keiko_Infidel

        We're talking about SHOPPING BAGS here.

  • RedState_Vet

    This is surprising? Years ago, I worked in retail- a major upscale department store chain. "Shoppers" would come in carrying the "Shopping Bags" chains used to hand out- big bags with handles and the logo on the side. So, buy one small item at one store, get the big shopping bag, and then go "browse" the other chains, filling your bag as you go….

    Now, grocery stores get to share in the fun.

    • Keiko_Infidel

      This doesn't make sense. The "shopping" bag should be handed to the cashier upon check-out.

      The issue of theft is not a valid argument in favor of plastic bags or against re-usable bags. If stores don't take the shopping bag from the customer, then the stores deserve thieves. This is a no-brainer.

      • RedState_Vet

        Sorry if I wasn't clear- it was a Mall. So they would get the bag at checkout- in one store. Then they would proceed to other stores, carrying the bag. You can't watch everybody, so these bags could get amazingly full.

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