EPA Pollution Mandate Forces Ambulance to Shut Down, Killing Patient

ObamaCare ambulance

Red is the new Green. Or maybe Green is the new Red. The patient in question doesn’t sound like much of a loss, but it could have been anyone. And the bigger story is that the madness of Obama Inc. has gotten us to the point where emergency vehicles shut down automatically to reduce emissions.

DC Fire and EMS officials are explaining why an ambulance had to stop, in the middle of the transport of a suspect who was shot by police.

The ambulance the suspect in stopped short of the hospital, where he later died. Fire officials say it wasn’t because of an attempt to let a suspected cop shooter die in their care, but because a new piece of equipment on their truck meant to reduce diesel emissions forced the ambulance to shut down.

The device which is mandated by the EPA to be on all newer model diesel vehicles is designed to burn of diesel toxins. It does it either automatically or manually. If neither of those happens during a common cycle known as a “re-generating cycle” warning lights will go off and eventually force the vehicle to lose power and shut off.

Critics of this EPA mandate say there should be exemptions for emergency vehicles so this won’t happen.

However, Deputy Chief Donnelly says their challenge is to work within the federal agencies restrictions. Donnelly added, “We’re not in a position to fight the EPA regulations and we’re not even going to try.”

Fighting environmental Green Fascism is becoming an emergency situation.

Over a 20-month period, the San Diego fire department reported more than 500 regeneration-related issues, Firefighter Nation reported in 2011. And the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs in 2011 wrote to the EPA outlining the problem and lobbying for an exemption.

“Fire trucks across the country are breaking down at record rates because of this filter system that EPA forces them to use,” the association said.

In many cases, engines running at high levels for long periods of time can generate enough heat to cleanse the filters and avoid a drop or failure in engine performance. But for urban departments, which often perform short runs, the vehicles are required to undergo what’s called “manual regeneration,” in which the vehicle must be parked and the engine run at a high level for an extended period of time in order to generate the heat necessary to burn the soot from the filter.

Just wait till passenger planes shut down in midair and plummet into the ocean in order to save the planet.

  • gee59

    I think that the EPA officials that forced this should be arrested and face a trial for manslaughter


    Obamacare is what is really polluted

  • tanstaafl

    Can this be applied to the emergency vehicles that service Capitol Hill?

  • Gordo

    Ok, so the obvious question. How much extra fuel is burned when the engine has to be run to burn off the emissions it is only regenerating. The IQ at the epa and other government agencies is definitely in the single digits. It is a wonder they figure out how to climb steps since it requires one foot slightly above the other.

  • Raymond in DC

    Something tells me the diesel vehicles in the president's fleet don't have such filter-regeneration systems in place. Butthose vehicles have been brought to a halt even without them. One sent with Obama to Israel last March proved unusable because some knucklehead back in the US filled it with gas instead of diesel.

    • Flowerknife_us

      Par for the course with this administration.

  • Flowerknife_us

    So let me get this strait. The Vehicle needs to have the engine revved for extended periods of time to clean a filter? How does that compute for fuel/mileage standards? How does this "save the Planet" How could the Auto Industry ever let themselves put all of America behind such Idiots?

    Can we all wait for the tandem tractor trailer to suddenly die doing 70 on the expressway?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "…a new piece of equipment on their truck meant to reduce diesel emissions forced the ambulance to shut down."

    What?! What further proof is needed that our federal government has gone insane over "global warming?"

  • James

    The EPA has done more to DESTROY the environment than help anything. DOCUMENTED FACT!!!

  • crosspatch

    “We’re not in a position to fight the EPA regulations and we’re not even going to try.”

    We should vote those people at EPA out of office … oh, wait …