Escaping While Being Stoned for Adultery is Iran’s Hottest New Game Show


Iran doesn’t have a lot of game shows. Iranian Salaam, which is basically a call-in game show is not exactly all that exciting. But that’s okay because thanks to the magic of Islamic law, Iran already has the most exciting game show ever.

The rules are simple. A man or woman are charged with adultery and then buried in a hole in the ground. If they can escape the hole, then they are set free. If they can’t, they die.

It’s not a cruel joke. It’s Islam.

Typically under Islamic rulings, a man is buried up to his waist, while a woman is buried up to her neck. Those carrying out the verdict then throw stones until the person dies. If the person manages to escape from the hole, he or she will remain free under Islamic law.

As you can see the setup of the Islamic game show that is life in Iran is designed to be unfair to women. But now change may be coming.

Iran has amended its internationally condemned law on stoning convicted adulterers to death to allow judges to impose a different form of execution, according to the revision seen by AFP on Thursday.

An article of Iran’s Islamic new penal code, published earlier this week, states that, “if the possibility of carrying out the (stoning) verdict does not exist,” the sentencing judge may order another form of execution pending final approval by the judiciary chief.

The article does not explain what is meant by the possibility of stoning not existing.

In Iran, executions are normally carried out by hanging.

So Iran might conceivably switch from giving adulterers the chance to escape while being hung. Men will get a chair under their legs. Women will not. Because Islam.

Oddly the same sort of liberal activists who insist that women are being discriminated against in the United States step in to prevent any ban on Islamic law from being implemented. It’s like they can’t wait for Stoned in a Hole to come to the United States.

  • gee59

    Running Man – Islamic style

  • S.Smith

    Western Leftists being mostly Marxists love tyranny . Any type of tyranny will suffice. Western Marxists suffered a blow when the people actually living and suffering under Soviet Communism for decades, rebelled, and the wall came tumbling down.
    Not that we heard much from them about that at the time .I am sure they were very disappointed though.

    They needed new tyrants to support then , and jolly old oppressive anti-freedom , anti Judeo /Christian Islam filled all their criteria ! In fact, even better !
    Suddenly , like magic… poof ! the Western Marxists underwent a remarkable makeover and decided they would now respect a "religion "!
    And they really really think we don't have them sussed ?


    What in the hell did you rxpect from the "Religion of Peace" (of the dead)

  • LesserInfidel

    i wish there was a chat room on this website i bet we could make all kinds of jokes about this ridiculousness for hours of endless fun. islam is not a religion, nor a form of political extremism, it is just a big cosmic joke.

  • Faker

    Nice photo shop….amateurs.

  • BenJabo1Machal

    What did you expect from Iranian Barbarian’s

  • Tom Peters

    The religion of piece.

  • Harry Black

    “Oddly the same sort of liberal activists who insist that women are being
    discriminated against in the United States step in to prevent any ban
    on Islamic law from being implemented.” A typical Greenfield canard. Please furnish examples.

    • Judahlevi

      In my experience, Greenfield does not engage in “canards.” With a minimum of intelligence, one can easily ascertain the worldview he was referencing. Hypocrisy rules leftist thinking.

      No examples are necessary.

      • Harry Black

        On planet earth assertions require proof. Please give one example of a “liberal activist” holding the positions Mr. Greenfield describes.

        • Judahlevi

          No, you require what you consider proof. And yes, I know that liberals such as yourself think you control the “planet earth” but, fortunately, that is not the case – yet. Even if an example was given, you would argue that is only one person or not a ‘real’ example. We know your kind well.

          Read the article about liberals being “totalitarians” and you will gain some insight into your ideology. It might open your eyes. Then again, I doubt it.

          • Harry Black

            Well Mr. J., how do you know I’m a liberal? What do you know about my views? The fact is your mind is so clotted with crude Frontpage stereotypes you can’t begin to see what is plainly in front of you. I don’t for a minute believe I have any power over “planet earth.” There is a huge difference between the rules of logic, which do rule thought on planet earth, and political power, against which logic is often helpless. And as far as I can tell, you are buying into the ultra-rightwing corporate ideology Frontpage promotes. Those corporations, whose interests you consciously or otherwise support, are the ones ruling–and ruining–planet earth. You won’t get off your duff to actually fight for civil rights in Iran or here in the US, but from the comfort of your computer you’re doing your bit to advance the Koch-Horowitz agenda.

  • csaba

    This photo is old, and the photo was NOT taken in Iran. The photo was taken somewhere in the West (London? US?) about a year or two ago. The lady wanted to demonstrate the cruely of stoning in Iran, but there was no actual stoning involved in this particular case. Look at the faces – in Iran all women over the age of 9 must wear the chador, and you can’t see any of those here.

    • Harry Black

      Thanks csaba. This is typical of Frontpage “journalism.” The photo is uncredited and used to support a story cribbed from another source with the usual Greenfield smears to keep the faithful happily tut tutting about “Iranians” and “liberal activists.”

      • Judahlevi

        Here is an example of a liberal “tut tutting” about Iranian stoning like it doesn’t happen. Who cares if they stone people to death in the 21st Century? Who are we to judge? Right.

        Bury head in sand, deny everything, attack conservatives but leave Muslims alone no matter how barbaric they act. Be careful who you get in bed with.

        • Harry Black

          So Judahlevi, you’ve lost the point (below) so you change the topic. Or rather the points that 1) Greenfield’s “journalism” amounts to plagiarism; 2) making an unsubstantiated charge is a smear; 3) a variation of the same tactic: attribute positions to those you disagree with which in fact they don’t hold (e.g., the implication here that I defend everything Muslims do). Another point is that Greenfield and the true believers that agree with him exploit the horrors of history, including the horror of the Iranian regime, simply to reconfirm their hatreds and prejudices. By all means do whatever you can to stop stonings and other barbarisms. I’d applaud if you actually made an effort. But you enjoy Greenfield’s verbal stonings–especially of Muslims and liberals–too much to get up and take action.

  • csaba

    Here’s the original article with the original photo. Apparently the photo was taken in Brussels in 2010.

  • Nick Dyson

    Exactly, liberals are marching themselves to their ow slaughter in the name of tolerance. It’s really quite ironic the people with the most to lose (gays, feminists) are fighting the hardest for their own slaughter. Its says one of 2 things. either they are extreme masochists or extremely misinformed about islam.


      Or they are crazy fanatic liberals;
      I haven’t seen more fanatic than liberals;

  • Emily Jones

    Because Islam? This article was written because bigoted.