Ethnic Cleansing of Christians from Benghazi Continues

While the media is maintaining an embargo on anything with the word Benghazi in it (aside from sneering references to that crazy McCain guy and his “insatiable appetite” for more information), the new developing scandal is the ethnic cleansing of Christians from Benghazi.

The Islamist militia that attacked the Benghazi mission is back in Benghazi. And attacks on Christians have mounted by both Benghazi authorities and militias.

Large numbers of Egyptian Coptic Christian vendors in a marketplace were rounded up and tortured for displaying crosses. One of the men appears to have died.

Ezzat Atallah, also Egyptian and Christian, who died last March 10 in a prison in the Cyrenaica capital in mysterious circumstances

“They forced us to pronounce the al-shahaadatayn – said one of them – the proclamation of the Islamic faith and spit on images of Pope Shenouda III.”

A security official was quoted as saying,  “We are a 100 percent Muslim country” and it’s hard not to read that as a mandate for driving out all Christians… the way that Mohammed commanded on his deathbed.

There have been multiple attacks on a church in Benghazi, the latest one just now.

Again this is a clear effort to drive Christians out of Benghazi.

While there was a great outcry over the supposed Burmese persecution of an itinerant Muslim group, there has been no response to this persecution.

What is even more troubling is that seen from this angle, the Benghazi September 11 attack was part of a larger effort to drive non-Muslims out of Benghazi.

Obama justified his Libyan War by claiming that he was defending the people of Benghazi. Did he mean all the people of Benghazi… or just the Muslims?

The easy way to tell is to see whether Obama will stand with the Christians of Benghazi, or whether he only stands up for Muslims.

  • JoJoJams

    He only stands up for muslims – the faith he grew up with and admires……

  • JacksonPearson

    Another of Obama's blunders that will continue to haunt his presidential mis-fitness.

  • @WolfyJam

    Once again, evil Islam picks on defenseless Christians and nobody bats an eyelash. these unfortunate people who are not allowed to raise their hands to a muslim are the remnants of a people who numbered in the hundreds of millions. Over time they were forcibly converted out of fear of further massacres and the inability to pay Jizzah to the parasitic Muslims. Islam brings death and despair wherever it goes. And now thanks to leftist hatred of America and Christianity, murdering muslims are pouring into this country with all the arrogance of a conquering army. maybe that's because they have conquered us. what a bunch of moronic idiots we are. we have such a hatred for ourselves that we gladly submitted to a religious people who practice extortion, rape, bestiality, necrophilia, and delve in sloth.

  • AdinaK

    These are the bitter fruits of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's illegal war in Libya, albeit "leading from behind" –

    Christians are their primary target and their blood is also on the POTUS's (and surrogates) hands!

    Adina kutnicki, Israel

  • Moran

    Hussein Obama is always a Muslim ! He just pretended to be Christian to occupy the White House.