EU Audit Finds Billions in Palestinian Arab Aid “Unaccounted” For

"I am not a crook. I am just a terrorist."

“I am not a crook. I am just a terrorist.”

Apparently this happens when you give criminals money. There’s no known solution except not giving money to criminals.

Billions of dollars in international aid granted to the Palestinian Authority may have been squandered, lost to corruption, or misspent, a new report by the European Court of Auditors, the Luxembourg-based watchdog, revealed, The Sunday Times reported.

Roughly €2.3 Billion ($3.1 Billion) made its way from Europe to the Palestinian territories between 2008 and 2012, but much of it is unaccounted for, the report said.

What’s a few billion between friends. So where did all that nice crisp Euro money go?

Transparency International, a Berlin-based watchdog monitoring corporate and political corruption, claimed that the state of paralysis afflicting the Palestinian parliament since 2007 has “given the executive unlimited management over public funds.”

That’s a fancy Berliner way of saying that President Abbas does whatever he wants with that giant pile of money, also with the Palestinian Authority which hasn’t elected him to anything since Justin Bieber was in diapers.

Similarly, a hearing held at the House of Representative’s Committee on Foreign Affairs in July 2012 accused the Palestinian political establishment of “chronic kleptocracy,” pointing the finger directly at Mahmoud Abbas and members of his family.

It’s almost like you can’t trust a bunch of ruthless murderers with piles and piles of money. What is the world coming to?

But don’t worry. The Palestinian Authority has a solution. (No, not the final solution. That’s for later.) They’re asking for more money.

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) will ask for 500 million US dollars from the international donors next week to cover its financial shortage, a senior PNA official told Xinhua.

The PNA have received around 500 million dollars from the international community in the past several months, but according to the official estimations, they need totally more than one billion dollars to solve its financial crisis.

“Besides asking the donors to devote a financial aid to help end the shortage in our budget, the Palestinian side is to ask the meeting to put pressure on Israel to stop all its steps that obstruct the growth of the Palestinian economy,” Abu Ramadan told Xinhua.

What are those Israelis doing to obstruct the growth of the Palestinian economy? Are they making it harder to steal cars, sell drugs and collect protection money?

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    Wouldn’t those euros be better used helping to solve financial problems in places like Greece and Portugal? The West has gone completely insane.

  • truebearing

    What a shock. After Yasser Arafat ran such a tight ship, with impeccable ethics, who would have thought that the Palestinian leaders would deprive their poor, victmized people of that aid? Better pound more sand down the rat hole.

  • motorsportsnz

    Irresponsible to give any funding to these hating demons. Who ever is giving best realise everyone of us are going to be accountable to Yeshua Jesus at the end of our lives. Not just words we have spoken but EVERYTHING.
    What will he say to those giving money of His to demonic people’s.
    Why isn’t this money given directly to the poor and hungry