European Study Finds Name “Mohammed” Linked to “Academic Failure”


Also to beheadings and bombings. (via Religion of Peace)

A study has just been done in Belgium tracing the statistical association of forenames with successful school results. It was found that the name Mohamed was strongly associated with lack of academic success. The method employed is to count the number of “Very good” grades as a percentage of the number of pupils bearing that name. As can be seen in the graphic, only around 3% of Mohameds achieved “very good” grades. The name appears in almost the leftmost part of the graph.




  • Bryan Schmick

    Not to surprising when you consider that the people named Mohammed have a greater likelihood of being recent immigrants not speaking the language so well. Anyone else tired of meaningless studies?

  • nhtom1

    Well, it’s obvious that the teachers are marking down the results of those students due to racism. The teachers need to be corrected.

    You can turn darn near any observation to your liking that way.

  • 1389AD

    American/British names didn’t do too well either. Unfamiliarity with the French language could have played a part in academic difficulties. The same may or may not be true of the Muslim youth; some of them may be second or third generation.

    That said, Islam approves of consanguinous marriages, and inbreeding leads to poorer academic performance.

  • Stephanie

    Are they testing other names as well. I think I agree with Bryan, those who have the name “Mohammed” may have the added challenge of learning english while trying to learn the curriculum as well.